White-Robed Chief - Chapter 968
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As Zheng Tianhe understood the magnitude of Chu Li’s Light Blade, he knew that widening the distance between them was key because the treasured clothing was no use against the Light Blade. After all, his head was without protection of the treasured clothing. The Light Blade was simply too fast.

Chu Li snorted. “Isn’t it too late to escape now?”

While he took a step behind Zheng Dahe, a white light flashed past.

Zheng Tianhe immediately lowered his head. With that, the blade energy swept past the back of his head and chopped off several strands of his hair, leaving Zheng Tianhe in cold sweat.

“Wham wham wham wham!” Chu Li swung his hands, firing blade energy after blade energy at Zheng Tianhe.

Following that, Zheng Tianhe flew to the air, too powerless to order a solidified quick-witted tiger shadow.

The tiger shadow was smashed into the wall with a bang. The impact was so terrifying that it could possibly cause harm to Chu Li.

The Light Blade rained down on Zheng Tianhe but he was unable to dodge it. Although his treasured armor could keep him out of harm’s way from the flying blades, the blade energy was coming at him like flying boulders. Instead, it had churned his spirit and disabled his inner energy circulation to bring his martial arts to full play. All he could do was hold on and take the beating.

Chu Li’s inner energy was boundless as he struck blade energy after blade energy at Zheng Tianhe.

Zheng Tianhe continuously took flight before he landed on the ground again, without any means to retaliate.

A while later, Chu Li put down his Light Blade and stood before Zheng Tianhe.

With his mouth spewing out blood, Zhen Tianhe widened his eyes and glared at him angrily.

Chu Li shook his head. “You still want to kill me even if you’re like this?”

“You…” Zheng Tianhe gritted his teeth and wiped away the blood on his lips. “Kill me if you have the guts!”

Chu Li burst out in laughter. “I have killed a few of your White Tiger Sect’s Elders. What makes you think I don’t have the guts to kill you?”

As he said this, he punched Zheng Tianhe in the abdomen, crippling him of his martial arts.

“You…” Zheng Tianhe’s eyes widened. He wished he could kill him instead.

At this point, there was no difference between killing him and crippling his martial arts.

Chu Li sneered. “Did you think I won’t dare to kill you because you have a good father?”

He knew from Zheng Tianhe’s mind that Zheng Tianhe’s father, Zheng Yanwu was a reclusive master of White Tiger Sect who was over a hundred years old.

Once past a hundred-years-old, masters no longer ventured in the mortal world and would instead choose solitary cultivation in sects or mountains.

Zheng Tianhe was only over twenty years old. As a child conceived later in Zheng Yanwu’s life and endowed with talent, Zheng Yanwu had nurtured him with great effort.

When Zheng Tianhe heard of Zhao Dahe’s reputation, he could not accept it and thought that he could take down Zhao Dahe. If and after he killed Zhao Dahe, the others would no longer refer him as Zheng Yanwu’s son. Instead, they would refer to Zheng Yanwu as Zheng Tianhe’s father. Zhao Dahe may be gifted but he was no match for Zheng Tianhe!

As Zheng Yanwu’s youngest child, Zheng Yanwu had spoiled him into this stubborn nature — the thought that without Zhao Dahe in Gale City, nothing would pose as a threat to Zheng Tianhe. Hence, he yielded and allowed Zheng Tianhe to come to Gale City.

Zheng Tianhe said, “My father will leave the mountain to kill you if you kill me!”

“I really want to meet your father!” Chu Li replied.

At the swing of his arm, a blade struck Zheng Tianhe in the forehead.

Zheng Tianhe widened his eyes in disbelief as the light in the eyes dimmed to the last of his breath.

At the extension of Chu Li’s arm, the flying blade that was stuck on the ground flew to his hand. Then, he wiped the blade on Zheng Tianhe before he glided out of the courtyard.

The crowd were fiercely engaged in battle with the ten Radiance Clan’s masters encircling the Roaring Tiger Clan’s disciples, launching attacks like moving gears.

Chu Li raised his voice, “Zheng Tianhe’s dead. Resistance is futile. Just surrender and leave Gale City!”

“Impossible, Clan Leader can’t be dead!” someone cried out.

They knew Zheng Tianhe was one of the few geniuses of White Tiger Sects. It was impossible for him to die like that.

Chu Li snorted. “If he’s not dead, why won’t he come out then?”

He took a few steps to the door and noticed Hu Ya’s group rushing over.

At the sight of Chu Li, Hu Ya’s heart sank.

He swiftly waved his arm to halt everyone from advancing forward. Instead, all of them stood beside him to give Chu Li the dead stare.

Zheng Tianhe may not recognize Chu Li, but they did.

When Chu Li barged into Roaring Tiger Clan, he was already filled with such might and splendor. Now, with his return after joining Great Light Peak, there was no doubt that his martial arts had become more powerful. They were no match for him.

Chu Li shook his head. “Clan Leader Hu, you’re too late. Zheng Tianhe’s dead!”

“Dead?” Hu Ya glowered. “Clan Leader Zhao, you made a big mistake!”

Chu Li snorted. “It’s only Zheng Yanwu. Look at you all scared. Do you still want to fight?”

“What do you want?” Hu Ya gnashed his teeth.

Chu Li answered, “Roaring Tiger Clan will now fall under Radiance Clan!”

“Impossible!” Hu Ya shook his head.

Chu Li burst out laughing. “I’m not negotiating with you.”

He took out and placed a flying blade between his fingers that drifted along his fingers like a canny snake. The blade cruised between his fingers as though its body was flexible.

Hu Ya glared at him coldly. “Do you know what you have done, Clan Leader Zhao!”

“All I know was that you were out to eliminate my Radiance Clan today!” Chu Li snorted. “If I didn’t come here today, Radiance Clan would have been destroyed by you again. What can I do but to destroy you if you’ve never learned your lesson? You think the Holy Church of Light is afraid of your White Tiger Sect?”

“This incident will lead to the war between White Tiger Sect and the Holy Church of Light!” Hu Ya coldly blurted, “At a crucial time like this, we should come together to resist outside forces such as Qiu Dynasty, yet you’re here instigating war between two sects! What is your motive?”

“I don’t give a d*mn!” Chu Li waved his arm in annoyance. “I’m asking you again, are you submitting?”

“…Fine, I agree!” Hu Ya stared at him before he finally nodded.

Chu Li nodded too. “You have brains… Are there those who refuse to submit?”

“I will not join your Radiance Clan!” A middle-aged man solemnly replied, “I am of Roaring Tiger Clan, dead or alive!”

“Swoosh!” Chu Li swung his hand out and soon, the middle-aged man grabbed onto his throat and fell back with his eyes fixated on Chu Li.

Looking as though he did not throw the blade, Chu Li calmly added, “I’ll fulfill your wish to be of the Roaring Tiger Clan, dead! Does anyone wish to be his companion? I’ll fulfill your wishes to save us time!”

Everyone looked at the middle-aged man who was on the ground, twitching and gasping for air. Out of fear, they remained quiet and did not utter a word.

He was a mad man who could commit murder at ease. Whoever dared to defy him would face death!

“…Great, it seems like you know your place. Move along and report to Radiance Clan!” Chu Li dully implied, “I’ll only be taking thirty of you in because the remaining Roaring Tiger Clan’s disciples are useless. I won’t be keeping them!”

“Clan Leader Zhao, heaven forbids committing too many murder. Just let them go,” Hu Ya replied with a glum.

“This matter is beyond you. Leave now!” Chu Li waved his arm.

Hu Ya stared deeply at Roaring Tiger Clan’s doorway. From within, the horrifying screams of battle could still be heard. It was as though they were at two different worlds.

Chu Li waved his arm. “You’re a traitor of the Holy Church of Light if you revolt once you’ve entered Radiance Clan. You know how Holy Church of Light treats traitors. As for White Tiger Sect, don’t worry, they won’t dare to lay a finger on you!”

“Yes.” Hu Ya gestured a fist salute before he turned around to lead twenty-nine masters away.

Chu Li shouted, “You better run quick if you plan on fleeing. As a traitor of Holy Church of Light, I’ll see how far you can run from being hunted down!”

Upon hearing that, they paused before they continued their journey with Hu Ya.

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