White-Robed Chief - Chapter 967
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Zheng Tianhe closed his eyes as he sat on the stone table, basking in the sun listlessly as a cat.

A knock was heard soon after.

“Come in,” Zheng Tianhe listlessly responded.

A middle-aged man pushed open the courtyard’s door and bowed when he drew near. “Clan Leader.”

The middle-aged man, dressed in green, had handsome features and carried himself in a casual demeanor. However, he presented himself humble towards Zheng Tianhe as he kept his body low and smiled at Zheng Tianhe, quietly waiting for a response without interrupting him.

He was Roaring Tiger Clan’s Vice Clan Leader, Hu Ya.

With Roaring Tiger Clan’s Clan Leader an official disciple of White Tiger Sect by name, he only handled affairs depending on his mood whereas Vice Clan Leader Hu Ya was in charge of all trivial matters.

Although he was an awe-inspiring presence before Roaring Tiger Clan’s disciples, he remained a humble servant towards Zheng Tianhe. He dared not utter a word of defiance as he carried out Zheng Tianhe’s orders and his role as Vice Clan Leader to a tee.

A while later, Zheng Tianhe listlessly asked, “Any news?”

“Clan Leader, there is still no news.” Hu Ya shook his head. “It’s very quiet in the Radiance Clan.”

“News of the trio’s death isn’t released?” Zheng Tianhe frowned.

“No,” Hu Ya answered.

Zheng Tianhe gently snorted. “They can’t possibly come back to life! Advance again to probe and send someone to the Radiance Clan. I want to confirm their deaths!”

“Yes!” Hu Ya replied, “I’ll personally bring some people over to stir up a scene. They’re weak anyway!”

“Mm, go then,” Zheng Tianhe dully said. “They’re just a bunch repulsive folks that are not worth my time. You should annihilate Radiance Clan!”

“This…” Hu Ya paused before he reluctantly voiced, “Clan Leader, this…”

“What?” Zheng Tianhe opened his eyes to stare at him.

Hu Ya had never defied him. As such, the usual response this time left him unease.

Hu Ya summoned up the courage to helplessly comment, “Why don’t we reconsider and act with discretion? Killing the three of them and annihilating Radiance Clan aren’t the same.”

“What are you afraid of?” Zheng Tianhe dully refuted, “Afraid of Radiance Clan seeking vengeance?”

“I’m not afraid of Radiance Clan but the Holy Church of Light!” Hu Ya lowered his voice, “If something goes wrong with Radiance Clan, the Holy Church of Light will not stand down. In turn, our Roaring Tiger Clan may be affected.”

In the battle between gods, the mortals were the ones to suffer the plight. If the Holy Church of Light was adamant on retaliating, Roaring Tiger Clan would have to bear the brunt and face total elimination should the Holy Church of Light spared no effort in their attack.

Before White Tiger Sect could fight back, Roaring Tiger Clan would already be eliminated along with him and his subordinates.

“I will assume all responsibilities if anything. Just follow my order!” Zheng Tianhe grimaced and narrowed his eyes on Hu Ya.

Judging by the look of it, Hu Ya knew he would be punished if he were to retort any further. He knew better than to cross the line. So, he added, “Yes yes, Clan Leader has thought well about it. I will do as you wish and I am willing to risk my life to fulfill your wishes!”

“Great, go now!” Zheng Tianhe waved his arm before he closed his eyes to bask under the sun.

As Vice Clan Leader, Hu Ya had the authority to command the subordinates. Soon, he led thirty masters towards Radiance Clan.

However, Radiance Clan had only taken in ten disciples. One of the reasons was due to the high requirement as they would only accept a perfected innate master to be a disciple of Radiance Clan. The other reason was due to the poaching from the other three disciples which made the recruitment of disciples really taxing.

However, the reputation of the Holy Church of Light did tempt disciples to join Radiance Clan.

The two Grandmasters and eight perfected innate masters in Radiance Clan were not to be underestimated. As such, Hu Ya brought along thirty masters to ensure the elimination of Radiance Clan was executed smoothly.

In fact, he was concerned. Although the number of masters was small, many in the association may be many keeping watch. Fortunately, they did not have any enemies apart from Radiance Clan. It also seemed that they had reached a tacit understanding with the other two sects as only minor troubles were stirred between them. The aspiration of the disciples should not be neglected.

Hu Ya was sure that by leading these masters for an ambush, Radiance Clan would be no more.

Since he could not defy Clan Leader’s orders, he had to carry it out without having two minds about it. If he had failed to do so, he would suffer the consequences from the Clan Leader. More so, not only would this lead the Clan Leader to think he did not put in the effort because of his disagreement, but they would still be on bad terms with Radiance Clan. It would be ridiculous if he was at odds with both sides!

When they arrived at Radiance Clan in an imposing manner, the place empty, without a person in sight.

It was as though everyone in Radiance Clan had retreated and abandoned the place.

Even if they had to attend to a matter outside which required all of Radiance Clan’s disciples to be on the move, at least two would be left behind to keep watch. The door would not be wide open like the situation now.

“Clan Leader Hu, why don’t we raid the place?” One of Roaring Tiger Clan’s disciple smiled.

The people may be gone but their things were still lying around. They should give the place a good search to see if they could find the Radiance Clan’s hidden treasure. This would make the trip worthwhile.

“Alright, raid the place!” Hu Ya gritted his teeth. As they were already at loggerheads with the clan, they should retaliate thoroughly. From here on out, the war was waged between Roaring Tiger Clan and Radiance Clan; they were irreconcilable enemies now.

“Yes!” The masters were excited.

They were able to loot the place with ease since the items did not need to go back to the Roaring Tiger Clan. It was rare for them to come across a great thing like this.

They had spread out to raid the place when suddenly, a long bang exploded in the sky where a vicious tiger portrait appeared.

Under the bright sunlight, this black design appeared rather conspicuous, like thick dark clouds floating in the air. It was visible to everyone below.

“D*rn, return to base!” Hu Ya’s face turned pale.

The rest had felt something amiss as well.

With the majority of the clan masters here, there were only two masters amongst the hundred over that remained in the clan and none of them were Grandmasters.

It was not hard to imagine what would happen if those from Radiance Clan intruded the clan instead.

Zheng Tianhe stared at Zhao Dahe who was standing in the courtyard. His face was scrunched up.

He could see the signal in the sky from his courtyard as well as hear the screams and cusses coming from within Roaring Tiger Clan. He could imagine the turmoil faced by Roaring Tiger Clan’s disciples.

He glowered and stared at Chu Li. “Who are you?”

With alarms raised within him, instincts told him to flee as he was confronted by a top-notch master but he forcefully suppressed it. He could not back down especially when the enemy had appeared at his front door. His only choice was a fight to the death!

“You don’t know who I am?” Chu Li stared dully in a commanding position. “Didn’t you send people over to kill me? The White Tiger Sect doesn’t have my portrait?”

“Zhao Dahe!” Coming to a realization, Zheng Tianhe coldly blurted, “What’s going on out there?”

“You wanted to destroy Radiance Clan, so why shouldn’t Radiance Clan return the favor?” Chu Li coldly retorted, “Let’s see if you can eliminate my Radiance Clan. Or else, Radiance Clan will eliminate your Roaring Tiger Clan!”

Zheng Tianhe smirked. “You think you can destroy Roaring Tiger Clan with just ten masters? How foolish!”

“Who knows if we don’t try!” Chu Li calmly answered, “Your White Tiger Killing Skill’s phenomenal, so why don’t you try me!”

“Mm…” Zheng Tianhe retreated back like a jumping shrink while he put his palms together. In a flash, a shadow of a tiger appeared as solid as a living breathing tiger that was filled with great vigor and it pounced towards Chu Li. With it moving as fast as his flying blade, it was hard to evade the attack.

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