Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 887
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Su Mo’s words sounded like thunder in their ears.

Throughout the whole kingdom, no one dared to insult the Emperor like this.

Everyone felt cold and could not breathe. The Emperor would kill a bunch of people if he was angry.

They noticed that the Emperor’s face darkened instantly as soon as he heard Su Mo.

The Divine Martial Emperor was enraged.

Completely raged!


With a loud explosion, the Divine Martial Emperor rose up and slapped his seat into dust.

“You are asking for death!”

The Divine Martial Emperor was filled with killing desires and enraged. He had been here for 20 years. He was the God of the Divine Martial Country. He was invincible in the Divine Martial Country. He was admired by hundreds of millions of people and no one dared to contradict him for a long time, let alone insult him!

“Insult the Emperor. You are a dead man already.”

A group of Divine Guards surrounded Su Mo before the Divine Martial Emperor took action.

The middle-aged Divine Guard at Lv 3 Martial King Realm drew out his long saber and cleave toward Su Mo.

He was angry and gloated because killing Su Mo would be his opportunity.

As long as he could catch Su Mo or kill him, it would be a contribution.

The people looked at them and sighed. If Su Mo was killed, he could avoid suffering of being refined.

The chill saber radiance rose up into the sky as fast as lightning with impressive power, tearing space and approaching Su Mo’s forehead.

Facing the attack, Su Mo even didn’t look at the guard. He stretched out two fingers and clip upward.

Su Mo still looked at Bai Yin’er in his arms. He sighed and then put her into the Divine Map.

At this moment, people who saw this all began to wonder.

“What is he going to do?”

“He actually stops the saber with two fingers?”

“How is this possible?”

All the people in the field, including the Divine Martial Emperor were all confused.

A man at the Half Step to Martial King stopped the saber of an Lv 3 Martial King Realm experts.

“Does he want to die!”

The middle-aged Divine Guard was stunned seeing this, and then he sneered.

It would be better for him and he could just chop his head off like this.

Between breaths, the saber fell down and hit Su M’s fingers.


The explosion sent out a shockwave, spreading out widely.

However, what they expected didn’t happen because Su Mo was not chopped into halves.

And the saber was stuck between Su Mo’s two fingers.


“How is this possible?”

Many people screamed out loud and looked at the scene astonishingly.

This was incredible. A Half Step to Martial King man stopped the Lv 3 Martial King Realm expert’s saber.


At the moment, the most shocked person was the middle-aged man. He opened his eyes widely as if he was looking at a ghost.

He could not imagine why this incredible thing happened!

Just then, Su Mo had put Bai Yin’er into the Divine Map, so he turned to the middle-aged man.

“Go to die!”

Cold words came out from Su Mo and he punched him on his chest.

The fist was like a shell, with rolling Dark Force and rushed to him.


The middle-aged man wanted to withdraw the long saber when he saw this, but he found that no matter how hard he tried, the long saber could not move as if it had taken root.


With an explosion, Su Mo punched him, and the middle-aged Divine Guard was slagged.

Then, Su Mo immediately urged the Devouring Martial Soul and began to absorb his Dark Force and blood.

He was close to the Martial King Realm and this would be an opportunity for him.

Moreover, with his current strength, he could not beat the Divine Martial Emperor before he broke through to the Martial King Realm.

The mighty Dark Force and blood were absorbed by Su Mo, turning into the divine elixir of the earth property.

The middle-aged man was killed that surprised everyone in the scene, so they all stood up.


A dozen Divine Guards surrounding Su Mo were also terrified and they began stepping back.

They never dreamed that this young man could be such a horrible existence.

“Is he so strong?”

“He killed a guard with one punch. Is he really at the Half Step to Martial King?”

“Where is the dead concubine? How did she suddenly disappear?”

People talked while being scared of Su Mo, wondering where Bai Yin’er was.

How could such a woman just disappear?

They had never been out of the Mist Mountains and they knew nothing about a Spacial Device.

However, the Divine Martial Emperor had his eyes opened widely and lightened.

“A Spacial Device.”

The Divine Martial Emperor murmured to himself. Bai Yin’er’s disappearance reminded him of the Spacial Device, otherwise, she could not disappear like this.

Since Su Mo talked about the “Central Continent”, he had known Su Mo was an outsider. He got more excited when he knew Su Mo had a Spacial Device.

Even in the Central Continent or the whole Firmament World, Spacial Device was the best and rare treasure.

“Haha! How lucky I am!”

His subordinates were killed, but the Divine Martial Emperor turned happy and he laughed.

“Go to die!”

Then, the Divine Martial Emperor stopped the people who were going to kill Su Mo. Pointing at him, he would kill him in person.

In a flash, a white finger of Dark Force condensed in the air, puncturing the space and rushed to Su Mo.

The finger looked powerful, whose Dark Force crashing the space around and the ground. Even the flowers in the garden suddenly puffed into ash.


The voices sounded before the Divine Martial Emperor moved. All the people in the scene retreated rapidly as quickly as possible.

Everyone knew the Great was powerful, so they didn’t want to stay here anymore.

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