Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1314
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“Turns out the truth is like this! Even though this fat woman is hateful, that Ye Yuan is even more abominable!”

“Think about it, that’s true too! I heard that even though this fat sow is domineering, she is still very affectionate towards Liang Mingyu.”

“Stepmother and stepdaughters don’t get along well; every family is like this. If that’s really the case, it makes sense too!”

“This way, Liang Wanru was wronged? Pity about this girl!’

“Didn’t that new guest alchemist have the ability to cure the poison?”

“Cure my ass! The Poisonfeather Thousand Night’s poison, the Lin Family and the Lu Family have researched for God knows how long and were unable to crack it. A cripple can cure the poison? Do you believe it?”

Wang Pianran’s act was clearly prepared for a very long time already. Playing it out at this time, the effects were not bad.

She did not hide her ‘wicked mother’ nature, attributing the source of the conflict to the conflict between a stepmother and stepdaughter. The credibility was very high.

Adding on that, even though her reputation spread far and wide these few years, she had indeed contributed considerably for the Liang Family.

Therefore, this excuse was very believable.

With her wisdom, she clearly could not come up with such a flawless excuse.

These were all planned by Wang Lingbo at the back.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Wang Pianran was very pleased with herself inwardly, prostrating in admiration towards her elder brother.

This way, the Myriad Treasure Tower and Ye Yuan became murderers!

While they became the targets of sympathy instead.

She did not believe that Ye Yuan could still stay on in the Myriad Treasure Tower!

Facing everyone’s criticism, Su Linpu’s expression became incomparably ugly, but he was already long tickled with joy in his heart.

“Keep on acting! The more ruthless you do it, the more refreshing it will be in a while!”

He suddenly gave a cold snort and said, “Wang Pianran, don’t feign innocence! Actually, Miss Wanru has already woken up! But she’s already utterly disappointed with your Liang Family and will never return to the Liang Family from here on! You guys go back! If we really get into a tussle, it won’t be good for anyone!”

The more Su Linpu said so, the more Wang Pianran naturally felt it was to cover things up.

Actually, not just her, the rest similarly had this feeling.

It could not be blamed on them either. It was true that the Poisonfeather Thousand Night’s prowess entered too deep into the people’s hearts.

They totally did not believe that the Myriad Treasure Tower had the ability to cure this poison.

“Su Linpo, don’t give this old lady that! Today, I want to see the person if alive, see the corpse in death! Wanru is my Liang Family’s daughter, what’s the deal with being at your Myriad Treasure Tower? What does everybody say?” Wang Pianran asked everyone.

“Yeah! Putting aside that your Myriad Treasure Tower is an accomplice to the murder, you even want to detain people’s corpse! Simply shameless!”

“Already at this time, does your Myriad Treasure Tower still want to puff oneself up at your own cost?”

“Hand over the person! Hand over the person!”

For a moment, the public sentiment actually roused up.

Inside a teahouse’s reserved room opposite the Myriad Treasure Tower, two middle-aged man were currently sipping tea.

“Lu Jinghao, I knew that you definitely won’t miss this great show today! This tea … is pretty good!” one of the men opened his mouth and said.

Lu Jinghao smiled and said, “Wang Lingbo this person, you and I both know. Forbears when not making a move. The moment he makes his move, it must see blood!”

These two people were none other than precisely the other two great families’ family heads, the Lu Family’s Lu Jinghao and the Lin Family’s Lin Zaitian!

“Wang Lingbo really had a fine ploy! This time, the Myriad Treasure Tower has thoroughly tumbled!” Lin Zaitian said.

“Yang Rui’s ploys all don’t have any cause for much criticism. But this time, he still made an error of judgment in the end. I was rather perplexed why he would back a cripple up,” Lu Jinghao said.

“No way of knowing this! But this time, the Myriad Treasure Tower will definitely suffer a great loss in vitality,” Lin Zaitian said.

“Heh, once the Myriad Treasure Tower falls, you and I will have to be more careful. Wang Lingbo that guy, his ambitions aren’t small!” Lu Jinghao said.

Lin Zaitian nodded, deeply feeling that way too.

While at this time, a mysterious smile suddenly appeared on Su Linpu’s face.

He suddenly let out a long sigh and said in a clear voice, “Miss Wanru’s remnant poison isn’t cleared and originally needs to recuperate. Who asked you all to bully people too far, I can only invite her out! Come, men, invite Miss Wanru out!”

Su Linpu’s words made the seething crowd instantly quieten down.

They were all very doubtful about the authenticity of Su Linpu’s words.

“Su Linpu, don’t talk rubbish here! Delaying the time is useless!” Wang Pianran shouted at the top of her voice.

She did not believe even if she was beaten to death, that the Myriad Treasure Tower could really revive Liang Wanru.

Su Linpu gave a cold laugh and said, “Heh, wouldn’t you know if it’s real or fake once the person arrives? What’s the hurry?”

Before long, two beautiful figures slowly walked out from inside the Myriad Treasure Tower.

Hong Yin supported Liang Wanru. Her current situation was really bad, and not Su Linpu talking nonsense.

When Wang Pianran’s gaze landed on that hateful to the extreme figure, her entire person was instantly petrified.

She rubbed her two eyes, wondering if she saw wrongly or not!

But focusing her eyes and looking, who could it be if not Liang Wanru?

“I-It’s really Liang Wanru! She … She actually didn’t die!”

“My eyesight isn’t failing, right? The Poisonfeather Thousand Night’s poison was really cured?”

“My God! How in the world did the Myriad Treasure Tower do it? With this, there’s really a fine show to watch!”

Liang Wanru’s appearance aroused the crowd’s violent commotion.

When everyone all thought that she was already dead, she actually stood in front of everyone while still alive!

The Poisonfeather Thousand Night’s poison was really resolved!

The Wang Family had tremendous deterrence by relying on this poison.

But now, it was actually resolved!

Of course, the one with the most fascinating expression still had to belong to Wang Pianran.

The flesh on her face was plenty, her mouth not large, but currently, her mouth was opened even larger than a fist.

“I-Impossible! This … How is this possible? The poison that I personally administered, how can she possibly still be alive? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Wang Pianran muttered under her breath.

Seeing her appearance, Su Linpu said with a mocking smile, “You seem to be very disappointed that Miss Wanru is alive! Didn’t you say just now that you didn’t hope for her to die?”

Wang Pianran froze and said stammeringly, “I … I … I …”

For a long time, Wang Pianran did not know how to follow up with this sentence either.

Liang Wanru stood still. The gaze that looked at Wang Pianran was filled with indifference.

Toward the Liang Family, she was really utterly disappointed already.

She gestured to Hong Yin a few times. Hong Yin understood and said to a servant, “Serve pen and ink!”

Very soon, the servants fetched pen and ink, and placed in front of Liang Wanru.

Liang Wanru took up the paper and pen rather strenuously and wrote: The venomous woman harmed Ru greatly, and often beat and scolded. This time, because Ru sponsored Ye Yuan divine essence stones, in her fury, she threw Ru into the dungeons and administered poison in the food, plotting to kill Ru. She, as a stepmother, this action was understandable. But Father was greedy and actually left Ru alone to her devices. Ru’s heart is already dead, this life already returned to Father, the remaining life bestowed by Ye Yuan, This day forth, Ru makes a clean break from the Liang Family, and no longer has any connection!”

Writing finish, Liang Wanru put down the pen, her eyes already filled with tears.

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