Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 1222
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Buttface and Duan Jiude didn’t make their trip for nothing. They came back with a clue.

A Mystery Land Trial was being held in the Lin Nation, which was on the north end of the Xuanhuang Continent. All the people in the Xuanhuang Continent could participate in this trial. However, people from the Xuanyi Celestial Realm of the Earth Continent could also participate in this trial. So the competition between the people from the two continents was inevitable.

Someone who finished the trial said he had met a beautiful woman who was from the Xuanyi Celestial Realm in the Mystery Land. This woman said she knew the Exploding Heavens Faction’s Xu Que.

Same as always, Buttface and Duan Jiude interrogated that man after trussing him up tightly. But they failed to get any more useful information finally from the guy.

“The guy just passed that woman in the Mystery Land. He knew she was from the Xuanyi Celestial Realm and heard she was talking about Xu Que from the Exploding Heavens Faction. But he didn’t strike up a conversation with her. But you never went to the Xuanyi Celestial Realm! If a beautiful woman from there knows you, I guess she might be one of them!” Buttface said as he looked at Xu Que with a smile.

“Right! It is highly possible! But…what if that woman was telling a lie? Or it is possible that she knows me but I don’t know her!” Xu Que said with a faint smile. In fact, he was quite expectant at this moment. At least this was pretty good news!

“Heh, heh, little brat, you gotta be kidding me! How could a beautiful woman say she knows you without any cause?” Buttface sneered immediately.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows immediately, “Wow! Buttface, I didn’t expect you would be so arrogant now! Are you overconfident or am I too weak to punish you?”

“Humph! Little brat, mind your words when you talk to me! I descended from the Heaven Continent! So, I am quite distinguished! And…ouch! Brother Que, you are awesome, and you are becoming more and more handsome! My admiration for you is endless like the endless Yangtze River and rampant like the Yellow River!”

“Were those words uttered from your heart?” Xu Que asked, squinting his eyes.

Buttface shouted as he patted his chest, “Absolutely!”

Xu Que nodded his head, as he removed the knife from Buttface’s neck.

Then, they left for the channel between the Earth Continent and the Xuanhuang Continent from the Seven Stars Academy directly. When they arrived at that place, they would go back to the Earth Continent.

No matter whether that woman was Su Yunlan or Madam Ya, Xu Que had to go back to the Earth Continent. After all, they had searched all the places in the Xuanhuang Continent. Now they would search the rest of the five Celestial Realms in the Earth Continent.

However, the channel between the Earth Continent and the Xuanhuang Continent was not open for everyone. People could descend to the Xuanhuang Continent from the Earth Continent easily. However, if they wanted to go back, they had to at least have reached the Earth Cultivation Stage. Meanwhile, they also needed a lot of Spiritual Crystals to activate the channel.

This requirement totally embarrassed Xu Que and over 100,000 elite apprentices of the big sects like Litian Academy!

They didn’t worry about the Spiritual Crystals. However, all of them were just at the Human Celestial Stage! How could they go through the channel?

“Little brat, you can’t blame me for that! I just tried to get more reinforcements for you!” Buttface shirked responsibility immediately.

Xu Que ignored Buttface’s words. Anyway, he had earned over 1 million Acting Tough Points from the people brought here by Buttface. And he also had his way to go back to the Earth Continent because he had the assistance of the System!

He performed the lucky draw five times as he activated his Lucky Aura. After spending over 300,000 Acting Tough Points, he managed to get a Void Interface Spell. When he finished the preparation of the Void Interface Spell, he activated it and left for the Earth Continent from the Xuanhuang Continent taking Buttface, Duan Jiude, Lord Zeng, and more than 100,000 elite apprentices of different sects.

Lord Zeng could benefit a lot from going to the Earth Continent for he could complete the Rules of Life and Death. Also, his cultivation would be much faster in the Earth Continent because of the rich Spiritual Qi in it.

After several months, Xu Que and his teammates went back to the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm successfully. More than two years had passed since his departure. Many big sects in this place had experienced great changes. However, the rest of the things in this place were almost unchanged.

However, the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm was not Xu Que’s destination. He had to go to the Xuanyi Celestial Realm. But they were embarrassed again for only cultivators at the Earth Celestial Stage or higher could travel among the Celestial Realms. Other cultivators would be killed by the void strength between the Celestial Realms. So Xu Que had to get another Void Interface Spell and ask someone who had been to the Xuanyi Celestial Realm before to use it.

During the preparation of the Void Interface Spell, Xu Que stayed in the Litian Academy temporarily. He met Qin Susu again. This beautiful girl shouted as she saw Xu Que, “My younger brother!”

“My younger sister!” Xu Que replied with a smile.

“You are pretty good, my younger brother! I didn’t expect you would be so good at hiding your strength. You are so powerful, and you are even the leader of the Exploding Heavens Faction!” Qin Susu said as she looked at Xu Que with a thoughtful smile.

“My younger sister, you are also quite impressive for you have reached the summit of the Human Celestial Stage in several years! I, your elder brother, am very proud of you!” Xu Que said with a relieved expression.

Qin Susu rolled her eyes immediately. “I am still not as impressive as you! When I met you for the first time, you were just at the Half-Celestial Stage. Now, you have reached the Medium Stage of the Human Celestial Stage! What kind elixir did you eat when you grew up?”

“Milk Deluxe!”

“Milk…what?” Qin Susu was stunned by his reply.

“I was kidding! By the way, where is your great-great-grandpa? Last time he said he would take me to your parents so that I could give them my betrothal gifts. Why didn’t he contact me after that…?”

“Shut up! If you mention it again, I will beat you up!” Hearing that, Qin Susu was quite angry. She talked tough before running away.

“Hah, hah, my younger sister, you can’t do that! It is still negotiable!” Xu Que laughed loudly.

He didn’t want to marry Qin Susu. But he could always have fun when he quarreled with that girl, who could make him remember his younger sister Xu Feifei. Now, Xu Feifei was performing cultivation in Jiang Hongyan’s Good Fortune Jade Disk. Xu Feifei started her cultivation belatedly. So she would need more time for that. Although Jiang Hongyan was under house arrest in the Heaven Continent, Xu Que didn’t worry about Xu Feifei who was still in Jiang Hongyan’s Good Fortune Jade Disk.

Several days later, the preparation of the Void Interface Spell was finished. Standing outside the Void Interface Point, Xu Que, Buttface, and Duan Jiude fixed their eyes on Qin Sanli.

This time, Qin Sanli would lead them to the Xuanyi Celestial Realm. Litian Academy and the rest of the sects would send their people to the rest of the four Celestial Realms to search for Su Yunlan and the other people with her. In case Xu Que failed to find them in the Xuanyi Celestial Realm, Xu Que and his teammates would leave for the Heaven Continent directly.

However, Qin Sanli looked quite worried at this moment. He said as he looked at Xu Que with a wry smile, “Faction Leader, are you sure you won’t go there with more people? As far as I know, the Equipment Refining Sect has a powerful branch in the Xuanyi Celestial Realm!”

Hearing that, Xu Que looked at Buttface and Duan Jiude. Then he smiled.

I don’t need more people as long as the two of them go with me!

“What is the Equipment Refining Sect? Is it edible?” The next moment, Buttface asked curiously.

Duan Jiude also asked seriously as he stroked his beard, “Is it playful?

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