Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 1221
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Open it by force?

Xu Que was stunned a bit. Could the thing which couldn’t be solved by the Space-Breaking Spell be solved by brutal force?

Buttface explained, “I know a place that is the weakest point between the two continents. Its name is the Interface Point. I planned to come here through that place, but I didn’t expect to be ambushed on the way. With having to drag Duan Jiude along, who is a totally cumbersome burden, I had to change routes. At last, we managed to come here through the channel between the Heaven Continent and the Earth Continent because of my intelligence and wisdom! So, we haven’t been to the Interface Point yet!”

“As you said, you think you can go to the Heaven Continent by breaking through at the Interface Point?” Xu Que asked suspiciously. Although Buttface’s physique was quite tough, he didn’t believe the Interface Point could be broken with brutal force.

“Of course! But I have felt sick recently so it was not a good time for me to do it. I believe you can do that! You can definitely break it with your Act-Tough King’s Fist!” Buttface said proudly.

Xu Que rolled his eyes immediately. Buttface’s reaction meant it was highly possible that he was not able to break the Interface Point.

When Buttface mentioned the Act-Tough King’s Fist, Xu Que remembered his Act-Tough King’s Leg.

“Maybe I really can have a try!” Xu Que exclaimed. Maybe the Act-Tough King’s Leg is the key to break the Interface Point! If I can really break it, the problem of going to the Heaven Continent could also be solved!

However, he had to search the Xuanhuang Continent and the six Celestial Realms in the Earth Continent before doing that. If Duan Jiude’s speculation was right, Zixia Fairy should have risen immortally, together with the entire Mystery Land of the South Continent, after reaching the Half-Celestial Stage. Now, they could all be somewhere in the World of Near Celestials. Su Ling’er, Su Xiaoqi, Madam Ya, and Xiao Rou had been in the Mystery Land. So many people couldn’t disappear without any reason. He had to find them even if he had to turn over the World of Near Celestials.

At the thought of this, Xu Que said, as he looked at Buttface and Duan Jiude with a smile, “OK! I have an assignment for you!”


That day, all the sects in the Celestial Realms of the Earth Continent left the Seven Heir Cities and the Seven Stars Academy. At this time, their strength in numbers was a great advantage! The Xuanhuang Continent was vast and had a lot of nations. However, over 100,000 people from the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm of the Earth Continent, who were led by Buttface and Duan Jiude, were sent to different places of the Xuanhuang Continent. Even the nations in the Xuanhuang Continent had to send their people to join the search task. During several days, they practically searched all the corners of the Xuanhuang Continent.

At the same time, Xu Que searched the Seven Stars Academy and the Ming Family residences for anything which could supply Celestial Core Power. If his World of Green Lotus couldn’t finish its three growths, he wouldn’t regain his full strength. Even after Xu Que had found all the treasury items in the Seven Stars Academy and the Ming Family residences, he felt it was still not enough! The Celestial Core Power he needed now was too large. Even all the elixirs in the Li Nation couldn’t satisfy him, let alone from the Seven Stars Academy and the Ming Family.

“What a bottomless pit!” Xu Que sighed and shook his head. Nobody could cultivate this Chaotic Green Lotus easily. However, if he could cultivate this lotus till its maturation, it would be invincible. At that time, he would also be invincible between the Heavens and the Earth!

The Heaven Continent, the Holy Sect, and the Heaven Palace Academy will be nothing to me at that time!

Standing in the Seven Stars Academy, Xu Que looked up at the sky and said in a low voice, “Hongyan, wait for me! Those people will regret what they have done to you!”

“My young friend!” At this time, a familiar voice called out from behind him. Xu Que turned around and saw Lord Zeng was walking up slowly, with a string of Buddhist prayer beads in his hands and a smile. After several days of treatment and cultivation, most of Lord Zeng’s wounds were healed. After taking the elixirs given by the Ming Family, he had reached the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage from the Half-Celestial Stage. His foundation was even firmer than before. Actually, he got some good out of his misfortune.

“Lord Zeng, thank you very much for your help!” Xu Que said with a smile.

If Lord Zeng hadn’t helped them, Lin Yuxi would definitely have been killed by Ming Cheng. Therefore, Xu Que must express his gratitude. After all, people like Lord Zeng were quite rare in the World of Cultivators.

“My young friend, you are welcome! I could rise immortally to this place because of your burger. So I needed to repay you for your kindness! Anyway, my young friend, the one you should say thanks to is that young lady!” Lord Zeng said with a smile. Xu Que waved his hand. A burger was nothing for him. But Lord Zeng’s grateful heart was a precious gift!

As for Lin Yuxi…

Xu Que didn’t know how to face her. Should he say thanks to her? What should he say?

“My young friend, this is a letter for you from that young lady!” Lord Zeng took out a letter at this time. On the envelope, he saw three words—To Xu Que.

“For me?” Xu Que was surprised and confused.

“I guess something happened between you and that young lady! I don’t know when she gave this letter to me. When I woke up this morning, I found it outside my door. Just now, someone told me that young lady has left the Seven Stars Academy!” Lord Zeng exclaimed. It seemed he also had a similar experience.

Lin Yuxi has left?

Xu Que was surprised because he didn’t expect it at all.

After sending Buttface and Duan Jiude out, he focused on repairing the World of Green Lotus these days while Lin Yuxi was performing her secluded cultivation. Xu Que didn’t want to interrupt her. But he didn’t expect she would leave without saying good-bye.

Xu Que tore the envelope open and tried to find out why Lin Yuxi wanted to leave. When he unfolded the letter, he was surprised for the paper was totally blank.


Xu Que was stunned. Then he shook his head with a wry smile.

Lin Yuxi didn’t know what to say to him, just like he didn’t know what to say to her.

He had let go of the things that happened all those years ago. He didn’t expect that Lin Yuxi would come here from Earth. Although he didn’t know how she accomplished that, the process would be very difficult. However, before he had time to ask her about it, Lin Yuxi had left again.

“My young friend, before she left here, I saw she wandered in front of your door hesitantly. At that time, you were not in your room. After hesitating for a long time, she didn’t knock at the door but turned around and left!” Lord Zeng said with a smile.

“Did you talk with her after that?” Xu Que asked.

Lord Zeng nodded his head, “When she left, I saw her. So we talked for a short time!”

“What did she say?”

“She said she did wrong to you and pushed you away from her. Now, when she wants to go back to you, she found the distance between you and her is so large!” Then Lord Zeng sighed, “Alas! She said she will go to find an opportunity from her memory. It seems it is an inheritance. I didn’t ask her about it. But I didn’t expect she would leave instead of asking help from you!”

Hearing that, Xu Que shook his head with a smile again, “This…is just her style!”

He knew Lin Yuxi very well. This girl had strong self-esteem and was eager to excel as usual. She knew here she was too weak. According to her character, she didn’t want to seek shelter from Xu Que, because she didn’t want to be a vase which was pleasant to the eye but of no use.

“Alas! What a…” Xu Que shook his head.

Lin Yuxi was quite independent, but she was also too naive! The Xuanhuang Continent was too dangerous for a young girl at the Original Infant Stage to be in alone!

“Lord Zeng, please tell the Dean of the Seven Stars Academy to search for Lin Yuxi. This girl’s cultivation stage is quite low. So she can’t be far away now! When they find her, don’t bother her but just protect her in secret!” At last Xu Que asked Lord Zeng.

“OK!” Lord Zeng replied, as he nodded his head with a smile. Then he left.

Several days later, the Dean of the Seven Stars Academy came to Xu Que and told him they had found Lin Yuxi. And the Dean had arranged some people to protect her in secret.

Half a month later, Buttface and Duan Jiude also came back. Buttface, who was fatigued from the journey, rushed to the Seven Stars Academy. When he saw Xu Que, he said immediately, “Little brat, we have news about the Mystery Land of the South Continent!”


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