Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 1220
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With the crowd following like an entourage, Xu Que and the others went to the Seven Stars Academy.

Lin Yuxi fell into the state of awakening of the Inheritance of an Ancient Skill previously sealed in her body, so she was placed in the largest Soul Gathering Array of the Seven Stars Academy for Secluded Meditation.

After being injured, Lord Zeng had been in a coma, and he was also sent to the Seven Stars Academy for recuperation. The Master of the Ming Family had also specially offered many Immortal Elixirs as compensation.

However, due to the large number of people from the Earth Continent who had arrived—it was a whole brigade of hundreds of thousands of people—even if the Seven Stars Academy had been big enough, it simply couldn’t accommodate such a large number of people. Eventually, only the big shots of the major forces stayed in the Seven Stars Academy, and the rest of their elite disciples settled down in the Seven Heir Cities.

The Emperor of Li Nation was thick-skinned enough to stay in the Seven Stars Academy; he wanted to get closer to Xu Que. He even hinted that he would send over some princesses to him. However, Xu Que wasn’t in the least bit interested. He shut visitors off and pulled Buttface and Duan Jiude over to talk in private. Hence, at this moment, the combination of Que, De, and Dog were sitting in a huge room and staring at each other.

“Teacher Duan, you go ahead!”

“This old man isn’t feeling well. You go ahead, Teacher Buttface!”

“D*mn, Your Holiness is your grandfather, I ordered you to speak, li-yi-si-o-ta!”

“Bah, what kind of language is that? I’m already not part of the Mighty Sect!”

Duan Jiude and Buttface were shirking their responsibilities, and they almost started fighting.

Xu Que’s expression was gloomy and his eyebrows were knitted. From their expressions, he knew that Jiang Hongyan and the others must be in trouble!

“Come on, hurry up and tell me what actually happened in the Heaven Continent!” Xu Que urged impatiently.

Buttface then scratched his *ss and said helplessly, “Dude, don’t be angry when you hear about this. There was really nothing we could do! When you were trapped under the Celestial Burial Valley, we searched everywhere for ways to rescue you. As a result, we met an old cunning *sshole in the Half-Celestial Stage who told us that there were authorities in the World of Near Celestials who could help you.”

“I know about this. Just tell me what happened after all of you went to the Heaven Continent!” Xu Que interrupted.

When he was in The Four Great Continents, he already knew that Jiang Hongyan had to break through the Mahayana, the Great Vehicle Stage, to levitate heavenward to the World of Near Celestials in order to save him. Hence, he was truly concerned about what had actually happened to Jiang Hongyan and the others in the Heaven Continent.

“Well, that’s a long story! Originally, Jiang Hongyan took us to the World of Near Celestials and we landed directly in the territory of Jade Lake. Someone came to receive us personally. Moreover, we also met Bai Cailing, the old woman we met at the Refined Moon Palace. She had recovered her youthful appearance. She was actually the Jade Lake Saint. Her status was extraordinary. She even personally arranged everything for us. That period of time was really pleasurable.”

At the mention of that, there was a trace of his recollecting the pleasant life in Jade Lake on his face. Obviously, life in Jade Lake was very enjoyable.

“What’s next?” Xu Que asked.

“And then…uh, then Jiang Hongyan was detected to be gifted. She had a body of Heavenly Kismet. If she went to the Heaven Continent, she was gifted enough to be the cream of the crop with her sovereign physique. And such news alarmed the Holy Mother of Jake Lake. She immediately started to groom her vigorously by providing countless natural treasures. And in just two years, Jiang Hongyan entered the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage, it was terrifying!” Buttface explained.

“That’s a good thing.” Xu Que nodded, but he was pretty shocked. Jade Lake must have pumped in a lot of resources. Their natural treasures must be extraordinary. In two years, Jiang Hongyan was able to enter the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage, which suggested that her physique and talent were natural endowments.

“Yes, it should be a good thing, but that was not the case after that! Bai Cailing voluntarily gave up her position as Jade Lake Saint and made Jiang Hongyan a new generation of Jade Lake Saint. Because she became the new Jade Lake Saint, she was qualified to study in the Heaven Palace Academy. That was a great piece of enlightenment! Most important, there are countless aces in the Heaven Palace Academy. Some people are especially good with spells. Jiang Hongyan agreed to be the new Jade Lake Saint in order to find someone to save you. When she entered the Heaven Palace Academy, bad things began to happen!”

At the mention of that, Buttface shook his head.

“Those who could study in the Heaven Palace Academy are people with extraordinary status and strength. Jiang Hongyan was so awesome that many lascivious men were casting greedy eyes on her. Hence, many people tried to woo her. After many fruitless advances, some of them resorted to using their power to reach an agreement with some people in the Heaven Palace Academy, they pressured Jade Lake to agree on a connection by marriage!”

“Hmph, this nonsense again. With my understanding of Hongyan, it would be impossible for her to agree!” Xu Que shook his head and snorted coldly.

Duan Jiude laughed bitterly, “It was, but because she refused to agree, Jade Lake suffered. Although Jade Lake is a first-class force in the Heaven Continent, one of the sovereigns who was pursuing Jiang Hongyan has a mightier origin. He’s from the most powerful force in the Heaven Continent, the Sage Sect. The Sect Leader of the Sage Sect is his grandfather. Moreover, that man has the Divine Being of Taoist Fetus, it’s a rare occurrence of one in a million years. He’s the Divine Son who was favored by the Heavens as soon as he was born. He’s extremely extraordinary!”

“Those from the Sage Sect hoped that he could come together with Jiang Hongyan, and their combination would produce the Divine Being of Heavenly Kismet & Taoist Fetus; it would be the strongest physique in history. Hence, the Sage Sect had united with the Heaven Palace Academy to pressure Jade Lake. Now the whole of Jade Lake had fallen apart. Eventually, in order not to harm Jade Lake further, Jiang Hongyan gave an ambiguous promise. She informed the Sage Sect that their marriage could be discussed again after she had entered the Earth Celestial Stage.”

Speaking of that, Buttface added, “In fact, she wanted to stall for time, before she entered the Earth Celestial Stage, she wanted to find someone to rescue you and then escape from the Heaven Continent. But since you made such a big commotion on the Heavenly Tripod List, she already knew you were out of trouble.”

“Unfortunately, she was restricted. She was accompanied by numerous aces even when she was outside. They said it was to protect her, but in fact it was a house arrest. And that dude with the Divine Being of Taoist Fetus went over to the Heaven Palace Academy to disturb her every single day. Your Holiness and Teacher Duan certainly couldn’t control it anymore. We went to the Sage Sect wanting to go against them, but we were chased down instead!”

Upon hearing that, Xu Que was already gloomy, and there was a feeling of death in the air. He knew very well how excellent Jiang Hongyan was. But those people in the Heaven Continent really had no idea of death or danger. How could he possibly tolerate such coercion?

As for Duan Jiude and Buttface, they mentioned that they were going against them, but Xu Que could only believe half of what they said. With their booger-sized bravery, how would they dare provoke the Sage Sect? They must have been stealing or doing other illicit acts and were hunted down after they were discovered!

“What about Liu Jingning and the others?” Xu Que asked again. Those who had left with Jiang Hongyan included Liu Jingning and a group from the Utmost Happiness Faction.

“Demonic Woman Liu was doing fine. The ancestors of the Utmost Happiness Faction have survived in the Heaven Continent till now. They’ve set up a small force. They’ve naturally acknowledged and returned to their ancestors. Although there were a lot of lascivious men eyeing Liu too, she hasn’t paid any attention to them. Moreover, with her talents, it wasn’t worth the coercion from those forces in the Heaven Continent, so her circumstances are pretty good!” Buttface nodded.

Subsequently, Xu Que also asked them if there was any news of Zixia Fairy and Su Ling’er, Madam Ya, and those who had disappeared from the Mystery Land of South Continent.

Buttface shook his head helplessly, “Don’t ask us this, dude. Do you know how big the Heaven Continent is? You haven’t even been to the Six Major Celestial Realms in the Earth Continent, let alone the Heaven Continent. Compared with the Heaven Continent, the Six Major Celestial Realms in the Earth Continent can only be counted as a tiny piece of land. It’s only a little debris that the Heaven Continent has discarded in the past! Hence, even if they’re in the Heaven Continent, we couldn’t find them unless they took the initiative to go to the Heaven Palace Academy to find Jiang Hongyan!”

“Not necessarily. The old man here guessed that they may have followed my master and levitated heavenward to the World of Near Celestials. As for which continent, it’s hard to say!” Duan Jiude touched his chin.

“It seems like we still have to search the Xuanhuang Continent first, then the other Five Major Celestial Realms in the Earth Continent, and then we have to hurry up to the Heaven Continent. We’ll get rid of the Heaven Palace Academy and the Sage Sect!” Xu Que squinted as he said lightly.

“More than that, in addition to the Heaven Palace Academy and the Sage Sect, there are several other forces that can’t be spared. They’re all those who have wooed Jiang Hongyan crazily. They’re so arrogant, and I must break their pr*cks!” Buttface said excitedly, as if they had been badly bullied in the Heaven Continent. He was brimming with resentment and anger. Duan Jiude also nodded repeatedly in agreement.

“Yes, I’ll certainly not let a single one of them off! But…I guess they’ll come to me without me looking.” Speaking of that, Xu Que had a cold smile arise from the corner of his mouth.But then the smile gradually faded away.

He shook his head and said solemnly, “The key question now isn’t how to get revenge on those people, but how we should get to the Heaven Continent?”

He was aware that Buttface and Duan Jiude already knew that the passageway from the Earth Continent to the Heaven Continent was sealed, so he was worried about it.

If even the Space-Breaking Spell didn’t work, he couldn’t think of any other way.

Just then, Buttface stood up, threw a fist, and said, “Dude, there’s only one way to go to the Heaven Continent, fight our way up!”

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