The glow of both the Great Five Elements Divine Light Barrier and the Golden Dragon Inferno Kill seemed to be growing dimmer. This meant that the energy unleashed by the two opponents was starting to weaken.

Everyone had their limits, even Limit Douluos. Although the Five Elements Divine Needle had penetrated the Dragon Emperor’s shoulder, it did not do much harm to Tang Wulin thanks to his Golden Dragon Inferno Kill. Given their self-healing abilities, this battle did not seem like it was about to end.

Were they still evenly matched?

When the battle had progressed to this point, Tang Wulin was at a stage where he could not lose. It seemed that both contestants were evenly matched.

On the platform, the Smiley Face Douluo was sighing with relief. He admired his Sect Master from the bottom of his heart. He never expected that he had something like this up his sleeve. His ability to unleash such powerful combat strength took his breath away.

Just when everyone thought that their energies would be depleted and the battle would proceed to the final stages, a sudden change occurred.

The Five Elements Qilin raised his head, and in that moment, Tang Wulin suddenly noticed that his bright eyes had dimmed. Indeed, they looked gratified. It was a look of satisfaction and relief.

He was…

Tang Wulin did not have much time to mull over this phenomenon. Suddenly, the Great Five Elements Divine Light Barrier which was forcibly suppressing his Golden Dragon Inferno Kill crumbled without warning, becoming sparks of light which dissipated in the air.

The Dragon Emperor Claw which had already reached the Five Elements Qilin’s chest was suddenly unchallenged. The full might of the Golden Dragon Inferno Kill’s erupted like a geyser.

“Puhh!” Tang Wulin’s Dragon Emperor Claw instantly penetrated the Five Elements Qilin’s chest. The terrifying destruction power was suddenly infused into the Five Elements Qilin’s body along with Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Inferno Kill. His body had been flickering with a mixture of five colors, but now it was covered in a crimson hue.

‘This is bad! This…?!

Even in that shocked state, Tang Wulin instantly unleashed his Time Backtrack domain. However, just then, the Five Elements Qilin suddenly raised his head and fixed his gaze on him.

Tang Wulin felt his spirits being rammed into. He was already like an arrow at the end of its flight, thus, his spiritual power and soul power had been nearly exhausted. The spiritual domain which he had just mustered fell apart instantly. He could not complete his Time Backtrack.

Tang Wulin’s Time Backtrack domain had its limits. With his current cultivation base, he could only reverse the events that had just occurred, and not something that happened further into the past. This was especially true for a battle at their level. To reverse time even for an instant, the spiritual power he would have to use was immense.

“Boom!” Two colossal bodies fell onto the ground together. The entire coliseum was filled with exclamations of surprise.

Even the Star Luo Empire citizens who hated this Qilin Douluo very much could not help but stand up.

Today’s battle was mesmerizing. The incredible strength displayed by the Qilin Douluo and the dazzling five elements radiance had amazed them.

Nobody expected such a sudden change to happen. Everyone thought that this would be a match where the two contestants were evenly matched, but the Qilin Douluo had suddenly collapsed at the final moment.

Tang Wulin’s mind was blank. There was only a single thought in his head. ‘Why? Why did he stop me from saving him?’

Given his latest cultivation, the suppression from the Ice God Pearl, as well as the Holy Spirit Douluo’s Holy Light Baptism, which he received before the match started, he was completely capable of controlling his own emotions while under the influence of his Golden Dragon Inferno Kill.

He had fought with all his might from the beginning until the end. At first, he viewed his opponent with a hostile gaze, but in the end, he learned to appreciate him. His attitude had been changing all this time. He could never forget the time when his opponent had shown him mercy when his life was on the line.

This powerful Title Douluo was nothing like his hideous outer appearance suggested. Tang Wulin did not wish to kill such an expert in the Battle of Five Gods.

However, all his plans could not keep up with the sudden changes in the progress of the battle. His mind was filled with questions.

The two colossal bodies dropped down from the sky. As they crashed heavily onto the floor, their martial soul avatars were already undone. They had returned to their original forms.

The Qilin Douluo was lying in Tang Wulin’s embrace. Tang Wulin had caught him in the nick of time so that he would not fall straight into the ground.

However, a fist-sized wound was clearly visible on the Qilin Douluo’s chest. Even more horrible was that no blood flowed out from it, despite its size. The opening was dark red and the color was spreading throughout his body.

The color was filled with destruction power. It gave off a suffocating sensation.

Being so close to him, Tang Wulin could clearly feel Tong Yu’s life energy quickly dissipating. However, what he saw on Tong Yu’s face was a smile of relief.

“Thank you,” Tong Yu pressed Tang Wulin’s shoulders. He did not seem to be affected in the least. He stood up straight.

The wound on his chest could even allow light to pass through. His entire body had turned dark red and he looked more hideous than ever, but he still stood with his back straight. He did not seem like one who had just lost in the least.

With a flurry of movements, En Ci was already standing within the competition grounds. He made to charge toward Tong Yu, but Tong Yu raised his arm and shouted, “Don’t come. Nobody come near! I have something to say.”

At this moment, a hush fell on the entire coliseum. Everyone’s gaze was fixed upon this Title Douluo.

As a Limit Douluo, there was no way that En Ci could not feel Tong Yu’s life force rapidly declining. This was also a scenario which he had never expected to happen.

‘Why is this happening? How did it come to this?’

“Why? Why did you have to do this?” En Ci could not stop himself from shouting furiously.

Tong Yu turned to En Ci with a gentle gaze and gave him a deep bow. “I’m sorry, Teacher. I’ve let you down.”

Teacher? Other than Long Yue, who was already standing on the platform, everyone else looked shocked when they heard this.

Nobody knew that the notorious Qilin Douluo was the Holy Dragon Douluo En Ci’s disciple.

Yes, he was not only En Ci’s disciple, he was En Ci’s great disciple.

“Teacher, don’t worry, I won’t let you be disgraced. I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long. There are some things which you can forgive me for, but I can never forgive myself. All these years, I’ve been waiting for such an opportunity. There are some things that I must do, and there are some things that I must say. At this moment, when my life is at its end, I humbly ask you, and His Majesty, to allow me to finish saying what I have to say.”

Just then, Tong Yu’s aura started changing. Standing in front of Tong Yu, Tang Wulin felt a powerful repelling force coming from him, and his body was sent flying, beyond a hundred meters.

What was this?

Such a powerful aura!

This was different from what Tang Wulin had felt during the match, as he had only felt an aura like this from a handful of people.

The few persons were the Atlas Douluo, the Heartless Douluo, the Amorous Douluo, the Dragon Emperor Douluo, the Bright Mirror Douluo, and the Boundless Sea Douluo. They were all experts of Limit Douluo-rank.

This Qilin Douluo was truly a Limit Douluo?

The more terrifying thing was when he pushed Tang Wulin away, scores of figures started appearing around him. The images were clearly visible. They were like scenes being projected onto their surroundings that told several stories.

This was…

Thought projection! It was the mark of a Limit Douluo!

The ordinary citizens did not know what thought projection was, but there was no way that the various high-ranking soul masters in the coliseum would be oblivious to this.

A Limit Douluo. He had become a Limit Douluo.

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