They were off to a good start, but Lu Li and the Deaf Taoist were disappointed by what happened next. For 12 whole days, they did not find another piece of Spring Gold.

They even changed directions and on the eighth day, Lu Li joined the digging himself. Still, they found nothing.

The black rocks could affect psychic powers. The two could only dig blindly since they did not know where the Spring Gold was. They had to rely entirely on their luck.

Back in the castle, that old man once said that if they were lucky, they could get what they needed for several months in one month, but if not, they couldn’t find one piece of Spring Gold for months…

They were required to hand in 10 pieces of Spring Gold every month. Till now, Lu Li had only found one piece. He had thought that he could let the Deaf Taoist consume several pieces they could find first so that he could recover. By the looks of it, Lu Li couldn’t collect enough to fulfill the target, let alone give some to the Deaf Taoist.

If Lu Li could not turn in enough Spring Gold at the end of the month, the term of his service would be extended for an extra year. If he could not finish his job for two months, he would have to stay here for another two years. At this rate, he would have to stay here for the rest of his life…

“Blood Claw!”

Lu Li used his Bloodline Skill and crushed the black rocks. Lu Li nodded and said to the Deaf Taoist, “Let us split up. It will be more efficient. Help me finish the job first.”

Lu Li did not wish to stay here for the rest of his life. According to his original plan, he would stay here for a year and upon earning the right to become a citizen, he would figure out ways to earn Divine Sources.

Eventually, he would go to the Swords Mountain and look for Emperor of Heaven Reverse.

Emperor of Heaven Reverse was the chief of the Sword Sect, a mighty warrior, a ruler. Lu Li believed that going to Emperor of Heaven Reverse could elevate his abilities, and it would be easier to search for Lu Ling.

Yan Tiangang was a mighty warrior in the Divinity. Given his current ability, Lu Li could not defeat Yan Tiangang. Lu Li had other enemies in the Divinity, including God of Wings, God of Barbarian and God of Sorcerer. Only by going to Emperor of Heaven Reverse could Lu Li gain a firm foothold in the Divinity. Only by doing so could Lu Li win his place to develop and figure out his future.

Emperor of Heaven Revere once said that he would accept Lu Li as his protégé as long as he could find the Swords Mountain when he ascended to the Divinity. Lu Li admired Emperor of Heaven Reverse, the forefather of the Heaven Reverse Universe. To be able to work alongside Emperor of Heaven Reverse would be an honor for Lu Li.

Lu Li and the Deaf Taoist split up. They dug toward different directions from the same starting point. About a mile and a half later, they would change direction. Their paths would converge, and they would split up again.

It was much more efficient this way. Yet, the outcome was not promising. Seven days later, they merely found one more piece of Spring Gold…


When Lu Li was about to put the piece of Spring Gold into this Interspatial Ring, he failed to do so. This Spring Gold seemed to be a special one and could not be put into the Interspatial Ring.


Lu Li took out the Wicked Bead. This time, the piece of Spring Gold could be put in. Lu Li wondered if his Interspatial Ring’s level was too low. Maybe only Interspatial Ring from the Divinity could store the Spring Gold.

“It has been 19 days, but we only got one piece of Spring Gold!”

Lu Li felt bothered. He dashed into the Wicked Bead. He took a look at Little White and fed it a Divine Source. Then he sat down on the side, rubbing his temples; he was tired.

“Master, something troubling you?”

The immortal’s body, who was standing next to him, suddenly moved. Lu Li heard Blood Fairy’s voice. Lu Li looked up at the immortal’s body. He nodded and told Blood Fairy what was bothering him.

Blood Fairy replied soon, “Master, can I have a try?”


Lu Li was surprised, but he shook his head. “You cannot go outside. The immortal’s body is special. We will be in trouble if people see you.”

“Ha, ha, the immortal’s body doesn’t have to go outside.”

The Blood Fairy said with a smile, “I can let my tentacles reach out from the Wicked Bead directly. I will see if they can get into the rocks. If so, I will be able to help you find Spring Gold.”


Lu Li’s spirit was lifted. He dashed out from the Wicked Bead and sent a message to the Blood Fairy. “Have a try.”


The Wicked Bead glowed in Lu Li’s hands. Then a shadow of red emerged and reached toward the rocks on the side. The Deaf Taoist and Lu Li followed with psychic power. Soon, they were delighted.

Through psychic power, they sensed a red vine spreading through the rocks. In an instant, the vine had travelled over a mile.


Lu Li was overjoyed. But soon, he realized something. “Blood Fairy, be careful. Many people can use psychic power to check. Do not be spotted.”

Blood Fairy’s vine immediately turned in a different direction and reached downward. In the time for half an incense stick to burn, Lu Li had heard her voice. “Two miles to the left, there is one piece.”


Lu Li was pleased. He told the Deaf Taoist to go that direction. After digging for two miles, they did find a piece of Spring Gold.

“Thank god, great!”

The Deaf Taoist smiled from mouth to mouth. With the Bloodvine’s help, finding Spring Gold would be a piece of cake. Bloodvine’s vine seemed to be able to reach out without limitation. Finding Spring Gold for Bloodvine did not need the slightest effort.

Lu Li felt he could put his mind at ease. The Bloodvine had offered great help. Later, if there were better corpses, Lu Li could get Bloodvine a new body. Or he believed when he was strong enough, he could kill a powerful immortal and let Bloodvine take that immortal’s body.

“Three miles to the right and then one and a half miles downward, two pieces of Spring Gold.”

“Keep going down three miles ahead…”

“There’s one on that side…”

With Bloodvine’s guidance, Lu Li and the Deaf Taoist worked quickly. In a bit over a day, they had found 10 pieces. Lu Li had finished his job for this month.

“Moving on!”

Lu Li and the Deaf Taoist were excited, especially the latter. Lu Li had fulfilled the target for this month. The other Spring Gold they could find would be for the Deaf Taoist to consume to recover.

Lu Li was not powerful among the immortals, after all, he had just become an immortal. The immortal’s body could not be let out easily. The Deaf Taoist knew he must recover as soon as possible or else if Lu Li were killed, the Deaf Taoist could not live either.

The Deaf Taoist was a creature from the Region of Doom. While the average immortals could not realize this, the more powerful prefecture warriors could. Once the Deaf Taoist’s identity was revealed, death would be the only end for him. For this reason, once a fight broke out, they must eliminate their enemies so that the information would not be leaked.

Eight hours later, Lu Li and the Deaf Taoist stopped. The Bloodvine returned to the Wicked Bead. During those eight hours, they had found six more pieces of Spring Gold. The Deaf Taoist could not wait to consume them.

Lu Li sat beside the Deaf Taoist to monitor the situation. As the Deaf Taoist consumed more and more Spring Gold, Lu Li could clearly feel that the Deaf Taoist was growing stronger. By the fourth one, Lu Li was already overwhelmed by the Deaf Taoist.


When the Deaf Taoist started on the fifth piece of Spring Gold, a gentle breeze of psychic power reached over. Lu Li trembled and shouted out in alarm, “No, psychic power. Deaf Taoist!”

The Deaf Taoist stopped consuming the Spring Gold at once, but it was already too late. From behind them through the path, they heard several people coming. Lu Li used psychic power to check. Three men were coming over. The cold glare in their eyes indicated that they had come with ill intentions.

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