How could he ever forget that time…

He would never have fallen in love with Li Fanxing and become so foolishly devoted if it hadn’t been for that accident.

Tears trickled down Mu Li’s cheeks. “The girl you met that time wasn’t Li Fanxing…”

It happened when Qi Yanxi was 15. He had just come back from the elite school abroad and was wild as a buck. Even his own father couldn’t put a leash on him.

He spent his days hanging around with a few rich young heirs of Yu City and the group hit all the nightclubs in town.

Mu Li had been working part-time in a coffee shop back then and Qi Yanxi would give her a ride every now and then when he visited the nearby club strip.

Mu Li was enraptured by the arrangement at first. Qi Yanxi drove his sports car and his hair was dyed a flaming red. He still had a childish look about his face, but the sharp features were already beginning to show, and he attracted all kinds of girls who followed him around everywhere.

Back then, Qi Yanxi was wildly arrogant, unruly, and had a vicious tongue. He wouldn’t hesitate to bring girls to tears with his harsh words. As awful as that sounded, Mu Li somehow fell in love with him.

When she was bullied at school, it was Qi Yanxi who smashed a chair over the guy’s head as he said cockily, “She’s my friend and my responsibility now! Stay out of her way, you hear me?”

The attack took the guy by surprise. Scrambling to his feet, he fled the scene.

Afterwards, rumors began to go around the school which said that she had slept with Qi Yanxi or that Qi Yanxi had raped her — stuff like that. However, Mu Li was secretly delighted by the scandal.

For that was the only time when her name was mentioned alongside Qi Yanxi’s.

That day was no different from any other. Qi Yanxi was giving her a ride when he got a phone call on the way. He then took a turn and went to a bar first.

A bunch of rich second generation kids were waiting for him in the lobby. Seeing his car drive up, they all went up to greet him.

“Yo, Young Master Qi!”

“Why, you brought a chick? I didn’t know you were into the innocent type!”

“Tsk, tsk… little sister, is he your boyfriend? What’s with the scrubby outfit?”


It was the first time so many people were crowding around Mu Li and her cheeks flushed. Qi Yanxi couldn’t bear to watch and came to her rescue. “Enough! Leave her alone! Didn’t you say Sheng Yize is here? Where is he?”

“Gosh! You two are inseparable! Haven’t you had enough of each other after going to school together for so many years?” someone teased him.

“Screw you! I’m just asking.” Qi Yanxi was being a tsundere.

“He’s left already, saying he was going to his agency or something…”

“I don’t understand that guy. Why would the heir of the Sheng family go into showbiz?”

“Who knows.”

An unseemly female voice rang out at that moment, cloyingly sweet. “Your top is all balling up. Why are you still wearing it?”

All eyes turned to Mu Li in unison.

Utterly embarrassed, Mu Li wrung her hands in a fluster.

Qi Yanxi frowned and looked at the girl that had just spoken.

It was the elder daughter of the Li family, Li Fanxing.

“Since Sheng Yize has gone, I’m off, too,” Qi Yanxi said casually, which baffled the others. “Why are you in such a hurry? Aren’t you going to the party tonight?”

“I still have some errands to run.” Qi Yanxi left with Mu Li after that.

The car stopped outside a shopping mall and Qi Yanxi got out. He marched along with such long strides that Mu Li had to trot after him.

“Pick whatever you want,” said Qi Yanxi in a roguish manner as he pointed at a nearby store.

Mu Li pointed at herself dumbly. “You mean, me?”

“Of course.” Qi Yanxi shrugged. “Why else do you think I brought you here?”

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