Sheng Yize’s face went dark. Keeping his countenance, he cast a stern look at He Jiayu, saying with his eyes, “Get your woman out of this room, will you?!”

He Jiayu cleared his throat and tugged Su Xiaomo’s sleeve. “Momo, I just remembered that I still have something to tell you.”

“Damn it, what else are you not telling me?” Su Xiaomo smacked the table, her tone intimidating.

He Jiayu wiped his cold sweat as he dragged her out. “Come out and I’ll tell you…”

After Su Xiaomo was gone, Sheng Yize nudged Qi Yanxi with his foot. “Why are you still here?”

“Where else should I be? Are we comparing sizes now? It’s not like we haven’t done it before! So what if yours is longer! I’m telling you…”

Sheng Yize couldn’t take it anymore. He picked Qi Yanxi up by his collar and threw him out. Only then did the ward quiet down.

Ahem —

An Xiaxia sensed the awkwardness, too. She retreated back under her duvet, feeling the skin behind her ears burn.

Sheng Yize said, “Get some rest. Don’t imagine things.”

Before he could say another word, Qi Yanxi stuck his head into the room. “So what if yours is bigger? The bigger ones don’t give as much pleasure~ Bite me~ Bite me!”

After that, he shut the door and promptly fled the scene.

An Xiaxia felt so awkward. After what Qi Yanxi said, she really began to think of what she had touched the other night…

Hm… it was… quite…

She stole a glance at Sheng Yize, only to find him looking equally embarrassed. Sensing An Xiaxia’s gaze, he turned to look at her.

Awkward! SO AWKWARD!

“I’m going to take a nap!”

“I’ll take a walk outside…”

Both of them then looked away, one playing dead and the other running away.

When An Xiaxia was healthy enough to be discharged, An Yibei took An Xiaxia back home despite her protests.

“I can take care of my own sister!” After that cocky declaration, he dragged An Xiaxia, who was holding onto Sheng Yize’s clothes, into the plane and they went straight back home.

As soon as they got home, An Xiaxia picked up her phone and chatted non-stop with Sheng Yize online. An Yibei, the overprotective big brother, was jealous!

“Xiaxia… Wind and Cloud has updated to a new version. Wanna try?” An Yibei adjusted his glasses and asked in an earnest tone.

As expected, that caught An Xiaxia’s attention right away. “Sure! I’ll give it a go!”

“You can use my computer.” An Yibei offered his computer to An Xiaxia, acting like the perfect big brother.

An Xiaxia immediately sat down in the living room and started playing. As for Sheng Yize, she had long forgotten about him.

An Yibei smiled with satisfaction. That fellow was still too green to challenge the big brother!

He sat down beside An Xiaxia, instructing her while making small talk. It was what he called “enhancing the bond between siblings.”

Two hours later, An Xiaxia felt tired and yawned. An Yibei rose to his feet right away. “I’ll cook. What do you want to eat?”

“Meat…” An Xiaxia’s eyes sparkled. An Yibei said sarcastically, “You are what you eat!”

“That’s ok. Sheng Yize doesn’t think I’m fat~” An Xiaxia looked infatuated.

“All men are liars!”


After An Yibei left for the kitchen, An Xiaxia turned back to the computer screen, but the game had just crashed.

She restarted it and saw that a software patch was needed. After downloading it, she had to find the file to unzip it.

An Xiaxia had no choice but to search each drive in turn. She finally found the file in D drive, and next to it was a folder named “Her.”

What the heck? Had her brother found a girlfriend?