Back in the ward, the goofy Qi Yanxi had somehow come up with a mahjong set and was nagging Sheng Yize to play with him.

Sheng Yize snorted haughtily. “Why should I do that?”

“Little Dummy Xia needs her rest and we’re one person short. Who else can I go to?” Qi Yanxi sounded very righteous.

Sheng Yize was speechless.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes! Where are Su Xiaomo and He Jiayu? With those two, we’ll have four players,” Qi Yanxi mumbled as he made a phone call to Su Xiaomo.

He Jiayu and Su Xiaomo arrived together, practically surrounded by pink bubbles. Something must have happened!

A girl’s instinct told An Xiaxia that it wasn’t normal!

She gave Su Xiaomo a “what’s going on” look and Su Xiaomo smiled shyly at her. An Xiaxia understood right away!

Aaah! Her Momo was awesome! She had scored He Jiayu!

Qi Yanxi carried a table into the room, put down the mahjong set, and announced in a gallant tone, “Come! Let’s fight on this mahjong table as real men!”

Su Xiaomo chimed in, “What shall we bet on?”

“The loser of each game owes the rest a meal,” proposed He Jiayu, which everyone agreed to. Sheng Yize darted a look at Qi Yanxi. “Flower Qi, no excuses if you lose!”

“Damn it! What kind of person do you take me for? I’ll be struck by lightning if that happens!” Qi Yanxi said indignantly.

Rumble —

Streaks of lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Qi Yanxi was dumbstruck and froze on the spot.

“Pffft…” An Xiaxia couldn’t keep back her chuckle. Qi Yanxi looked embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

The others managed to stop themselves from bursting out in laughter. They shuffled the mahjong tiles after taking their seats.

Each round consisted of four games. In two rounds, nothing was out of the ordinary. Sheng Yize and Su Xiaomo won most of the time.

Halfway into the ninth game, Qi Yanxi began to try things. “Hey, that was the wrong one. Let me take that back!”

Under the disdainful gazes of the other three, he took back the piece and put down another one.

Sheng Yize swiftly showed his hand. “I won.”

Qi Yanxi was dumbfounded. “Seriously? You must be kidding.”

“You’re the one who’s kidding. Xiaxia, write it down. That’s another meal from him.” Sheng Yize waved his hand and An Xiaxia recorded the result in her notebook.

Qi Yanxi wouldn’t have it and went on to try other things.

“This seat has terrible fengshui. Brother Mo, can we switch seats?”

“F**k off. I don’t want to.”

“Oh my, babe, please~” Qi Yanxi switched to his ultimate mode — playing cute.

Su Xiaomo made a retching sound. “That’s enough! Fine! Let’s change seats!”

Qi Yanxi got a new position as he wished, only to run into yet another fiasco.

He said grumpily, “You must all be cheating! How can you just keep winning? Sheng Yize, let me see what you have…”

Sheng Yize said indifferently, “Why blame others for your own stupidity?”

“Screw you!”

“Isn’t it a fact that I’m smarter than you?” Sheng Yize went on.

“I’m taller!”

“I’m sorry, but that was only true when we were little. I’m now two centimeters taller than you.”

“… I’m better looking!”


An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say. “So, you boys compare with each other as well.”

He Jiayu smiled. “That’s right. Boys compare everything: muscles, height, strength…”

Su Xiaomo blinked. “How about who can piss the furthest?”

“…” All three boys fell silent.

“And what about size? Do you do that? That’s what the comics say…” Su Xiaomo was determined to make every word count. Even An Xiaxia was shocked and turned to look at Sheng Yize with mouth agape.

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