The Great Thief - Chapter 1330
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The first was the Nightslayer Bracer. This equip was made by March Rain and it was a Fine Epic. The Molds that existed in Dawn were divided into four levels – Superior, Fine, Exquisite and Perfect. These provided increasing benefits to the Attributes of the item.

Superior was currently the most common among the players, and most Molds were of this level.

If you searched the keyword ‘Superior’ in the Exchange Hall, many results would come up. The properties of these equips were quite ordinary, but the price was also quite low. Players who were selling these items just wanted to make back the material cost.

Fine was already quite decent, but after the numbers were finetuned by the Game Company, the drop rate of Fine Molds significantly decreased.

If a player could help another to craft a set of Fine grade items, they would immediately feel indebted to them. In the future, they would introduce their friends to come over to do the same. As such, the ability to make Fine equipment was something that you could make a name for yourself with.

This Bracer’s Attributes were quite good and Lu Li was very satisfied with the item.

Nightslayer Bracer (Fine Epic) : Armour 120, Agility +80, Strength +60, 2 slots, Attack Speed +10%, Special Effect 1: Slashing Skills +1. Special Effect 2: When hit, there is a certain chance that a Fear effect will be applied to the attacker. Special Effect 3: Knock back and apply a curse to the target, reducing their movement speed by 60% for 20 seconds. 6 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirements: Level 60, Durability 250/250.

The bracer that he had currently equipped was just an ordinary item that he had picked up. When he upgraded to the level 60 Nightslayer Bracer, there was a significant increase in his Strength.

This bracer also gave him 120 Armor, which was almost inconceivable.

The fact that it was a Fine Epic and part of a set determined its Attributes. This also contributed to its Agility and Strength bonuses and the 10% attack speed bonus.

Attack speed was the same as Critical Hit, as it couldn’t be accumulated indefinitely.

Lu Li’s attack speed couldn’t be any higher because of the Shard of the Defiler, so this bonus was actually useless to him.

Fortunately, the Special Effects compensated for this. The first was a buff to his Slashing skills. This also served to increase attack speed, but it was a skill effect and was unaffected by normal attack speed buffs. As such, when Lu Li cast his Slashing skills, there would be an attack speed buff applied.

There was no Thief that would be upset with increased attack speed, as a major part of a Thief’s strength came from this.

When hit, there was also a certain probability that a Fear effect would be produced. When Lu Li thought about it, he was satisfied with this special effect. After all, it was a passive crowd-control skill. A Thief also couldn’t have too much crowd-control, but Lu Li didn’t know how high of a chance this was.

The third special effect was rathe powerful. The knock-back was already pretty useful, but the slow debuff made it even better.

This kind of special effect would be very useful for Lu Li when he needed to retreat and wait for his cooldowns. Once he knocked-back and slowed his opponent, Lu Li would have the opportunity to retreat if he so wished.

This was truly an item worthy of a T1 set. Most players were still working hard to acquire a T0 set while professional players were building T0.5 sets. Lu Li’s T1 set put him on a whole new level.

If the T1 equipment’s Attributes were not good, then that would truly be unexpected.

The remaining two pieces of equipment were no worse than the Nightslayer Bracer.

Nightslayer Breastplate (Exquisite Epic) : Armour 150, Agility +100, Constitution +80, 2 Slots. Special Effect 1: Armor increased by 10%. Special Effect 2: After using this skill, damage received by the user is decreased by 40%. Teammates within 30 yards of the user enjoy half of this damage reduction effect. 60 second cooldown. Special Effect 3: Remulos’ Protection, Nature magic is stored in this item for the wearer. When the wearer’s HP drops below 20%, a shield will appear that can absorb no more than 50% of the user’s max HP. 60-minute cooldown. Level Requirement: Level 60. Durability 300/300.

The Armor was similarly very high. This was the highest Armor that Lu Li had ever seen on a piece of equipment.

Because it was a Breastplate, it provided bonus Agility and Constitution. The bonus amount was substantial, even for this level of equipment. Obviously, it couldn’t provide too little, or selse the Game Company would be sabotaging themselves.

The first special effect increased his Armor by a certain percentage.

If the Bracer improved Attack Speed, then the Breastplate served to increase in Armor. Lu Li’s current total Armor value was about 600. With this 10% increase, he would receive an extra 60 points, which was equivalent to having an additional piece of equipment.

Of course, no matter how much Armor he acquired, it would be incomparable to Plate Armor or even Chain Mail Armor.

Azure Sea Breeze’s breastplate alone had an Armor value that was three or four times that of Lu Li’s.

There were many Cloth Armour players who had accumulated a significant amount of Armor, but certainly not as much as Azure Sea Breeze. Dawn’s number one Main Tank also probably had the most exquisite items.

The second Special Effect wasn’t too strong; the 40% damage reduction was quite ordinary.

However, this special effect could also help his teammates, which was crucial in Boss battles. After all, it was sometimes dangerous to use your damage reduction skills too early. Everyone had their strong personal abilities, but Lu Li’s special effect could effectively serve as an area of effect heal. Lu Li also felt like it had a very short cooldown – it was only 60 seconds.

As for the third, Lu Li was willing to bet that this was no ordinary effect.

Not all T1 breastplates in Dawn would have this special effect. In Dawn, this was quite a common occurrence, especially when it came to equipment rewarded as part of a quest. These equips would often come with extra features tied to the quest.

Remulos had awarded the equipment, so Remulos’ Protection was added to it.

When the user’s HP dropped below 20%, a shield would appear. This could absorb no greater than 50% of the user’s max HP.

There were chance-based effects, casted effects and conditional effects in Dawn.

Chance-based effects, as their name suggested, would trigger at a certain probability. Some had a higher probability which made them trigger more frequently while others had a low probability. Some of these effects had such a low probability that the user would never see them triggered.

Casted effects were quite self-explanatory, which left conditional effects.

Lu Li’s Remulos’ Protection would only be triggered when Lu Li’s HP reached below 20%. This was a necessary precondition for it to activate.

As for the cooldown, the normal rules applied.

If there was no cooldown, then that would great. Every time Lu Li’s HP reached 20%, it would trigger the special effect. At the end of the effect, after he had regenerated some HP, when he reached 20%, it would trigger the special effect again…

If that happened, Lu Li would really become unkillable.

The last piece of equipment was the Nightslayer Cloak, which was also an Exquisite Epic. Unless you had special items like Lu Li did, it was difficult to craft a Perfect grade item. Among the three items he received, the fact that two of them were Exquisite was already quite a blessing.

Nightslayer Cloak (Exquisite Epic) : Armor 115, Agility +120, Strength +60, Special Effect 1: 20% bonus Movement Speed. Special Effect 2: Poison Master, increases the damage dealt by your poisons by 20% and increases the non-damage effects by 10%. Special Effect 3: Strengthen Cloak. Whenever the user casts Shadow Cloak’s effect, the user will regenerate 3% HP for each effect that is nullified by it. Equipment Requirements: Level 60, Durability: 320/ 320.

The practical value of this cloak was not much higher than the Breastplate, but it was definitely more expensive.

As the player-base’s equipment and level improved, various strategies would emerge. At the current time, Blackrock Mountain was the ideal location for farming. This was also the case before Lu Li had experienced Rebirth.

T1 wouldn’t be considered rubbish, but it wasn’t difficult to buy if you had the money.

However, he recalled the ridiculous price of the T1 cloak at the time. The reason wasn’t even because of its Attributes, but because it looked cool.

In reality, the original purpose of wearing clothing was to protect yourself from the elements. However, some clothes were worth hundreds or even tens of millions of dollars. In these cases, the monetary value far exceeded functional value, and the Nightslayer cloak was the same.

An ordinary person such as Lu Li wasn’t very eye-catching, but once he put on this cloak, he would instantly become a male God.

However, he didn’t want to be so high-profile, so he planned to take the equipment from March rain and send it to the modification shop. He wanted to make it ugly so he couldn’t be recognized.

The modification shop was something that the System provided, and it mainly sold luxury fashion items.

Modifications had always been in the game. The equipment in the game could be styled in any way a player wanted – they just had to pay for it. It was more expensive than buying a fashionable item outright, but those items couldn’t be converted into equipment.

Unfortunately, before he sent it, he thought of Water Fairy.

Lu Li suddenly realized that the equipment Water Fairy was wearing was very beautiful. This girl considered the aesthetics of an item before even looking at its Attributes.

He suddenly abandoned his plan to modify the Nightslayer Cloak.

Lu Li suddenly felt that even though he didn’t want to stand out like a firefly in the night, he also didn’t want to look like rubbish. However, he still didn’t want to discriminate those who were worse off, as that was how he had raised his younger sister for a long time.

Perhaps it had just been overshadowed by the way it looked, but the properties of the cloak were actually not bad.

The Armour and attributes were at least worthy of their Exquisite Epic status. The 20% move speed bonus also allowed Lu Li to run faster.

The Poison Master effect was actually an inferior version, but it was a decent special effect at this stage. The damage caused by poisons was increased by 20% and non-damage effects were increased by 10%. Twenty percent was quite a significant amount for a Thief’s poison damage to be increased by.

The non-damage effect buff might not have been of much use to an ordinary Thief, as it would mainly apply to slows and healing reductions.

However, Lu Li was not the same. He was an expert in the development of new poisons. There was potential for a whole range of effects in future and it was very useful to have the 10% buff.

The third Special Effect was a way to regain HP, but it depended on Lu Li’s timing.

The most important aspect of this skill was that the ‘effects’ were the magical effects that were going to hit the user.

If only one magic effect nullified, there would only be a regeneration of 3%. This was better than nothing, but it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

If there were ten people attacking Lu Li before he cast Shadow Cloak and he nullified seven or eight skills, he could recover more than half of his HP. This effect had the potential for significant HP regeneration.

Of course, it was practically quite difficult to nullify that many magical effects.

Lu Li put the three pieces of equipment into his warehouse. They could only be used when he reached level 60. At the present, all he had to do was farm EXP, so it would be a waste of Level Reduction Gems.

For the sake of the three pieces of exquisite equipment, Lu Li embarked on a journey of power-levelling.

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