“Speed up!” Meng Hun waved his hand, and the enormous troop traveled a bit faster.

Jiang Pengji’s troops had rested long enough, but the Tsing Yi Army had endured a long-range raid. Exasperated and fatigued, they refused to give up. It was scorching hot. They depleted more energy than Jiang Pengji’s troops.

“Deputy General, I think they discovered us!” General Jiu’s trusted aide was leading the bandits. Upon seeing the situation, he thought, This is bad. “You mustn’t let them pass through the Longhu Boardwalk! Go after them! We’ll force them into a situation they can’t escape from!”

The Longhu Boardwalk connected Fengyi County and Chengde County. Many trade caravans used it to save on travel time. The road was repaired several times; however, the foot of the mountain was still narrow so only two carriages carrying army supplies and gear could pass through at the same time.

It would take a lot of time for hundreds of carriages carrying army supplies and gear to pass through. The Tsing Yi Army was getting closer and closer to Meng Hun and the others.

Meng Hun snorted. He commanded, “Line up. Take 50 steps forward, and get your crossbows ready! Escort the commoners to pass through first.”

The 200 troops obeyed his order and lined up. They blocked the foot of the mountain by having 50 people line up in a row. They stood in a line, grabbed their bows, and nocked their arrows.

By the time the people and the carriages carrying army supplies and gear had passed through, the Tsing Yi Army was less than 200 steps away from them.

“The first row, shoot! The second row, go forward!”

With a buzzing sound, 50 arrows, their momentum powerful, sped towards the Tsing Yi Army.

Of course, the leader of the Tsing Yi Army saw the troops’ actions, but he did not take them seriously. He continued forward.

A skilled archer with superior marksmanship was not even able to shoot precisely from such a distance.

Poof… Poof… Poof…

The next second, the sound of arrows piercing flesh was heard, and fresh blood spattered everywhere. The Tsing Yi Army pushed onward before they collapsed in a forward manner. Some arrows even managed to kill two people at once.

“The second row, shoot! The third row, go forward!” With Meng Hun’s instructions, the fourth row’s arrows connected perfectly. After a round of shooting, a significant number of people from the Tsing Yi Army were dead on the ground, obstructing them from charging forward. At that moment, the two parties were already less than 150 steps apart from each other.

When the fourth row shot their arrows, the first row had already nocked their arrows and returned to the front.

“The first row, shoot!” Meng Hun commanded calmly. His tone made the troops feel at ease. Even their hands, which were holding the arrows, were no longer trembling.

The troops had all seen blood before; Meng Hun took them to kill the bandits in the mountains. The gang of bandits, however, had killed infinitely more than they had.

However, there were 3,000 people in the Tsing Yi Army. Putting their combatant value aside, their numbers alone made people’s legs feel weak.

Fortunately, Meng Hun was a man who had seen the world. As the former county military chief of the Meng family, what battle had he not seen?

Under his personal command, two rounds of shooting went without fault.

In order to lure the enemy, there were only two or three arrows in each troop member’s quiver.

During the second round of shooting, the fourth row retreated in an orderly manner, leaving behind hundreds of dead bodies.

General Jiu’s trusted aide looked livid. They had no adequate defense against them. He was fuming with rage.

“They don’t have any more arrows in their quivers. Keep chasing after them!” When they caught up, he would kill them all! His words revived the confidence in the timid Tsing Yi Army. They went after them like a hive of bees to the foot of the mountain.

300 meters ahead, the people transporting the army supplies, the gear, and the commoners who fled, were chaotic. He was ecstatic upon seeing the situation.

“Wait for a while more… Wait until everyone has come in…” Jiang Pengji dangled a weed in her mouth, and a cold sneer hung on the corner of her lips. She crouched on the mountain’s edge, feeling very satisfied with her troops’ performance.

Luo Yue shuddered at the scene. He knew that Jiang Pengji’s troops were of good quality. They executed every order without fail, and they had the demeanor of established troops.

He also knew that almost every troop member carried a crossbow with a strange shape. They valued the crossbows as if they were their wives.

However, he never would have thought that the troops would have been able to extrude such powerful combat capabilities.

Even well-trained imperial guards were not guaranteed to falter under such circumstances.

“You have a serious gambler’s personality. It’s not a good habit.”

Feng Jin glanced at the situation below them. The Tsing Yi Army was less than 100 meters away. If they messed up in the slightest, the 200 troops would be exterminated by the Tsing Yi Army.

“Danger can’t be overcome without taking risks. I don’t plan on letting the Tsing Yi Army make it back alive,” Jiang Pengji scoffed.

She did not care about the members of the Tsing Yi Army. How dare they try to occupy her Xiangyang District. They all deserved to die!

“Nock your arrows!” Meng Hun commanded. “Carry on the fight while you retreat!”

The troops, who originally did not have any arrows left, took some out from the bottom of the carriages one by one. They nocked their arrows skillfully and lined up.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

The arrows whizzed by and shot members of the Tsing Yi Army, who had unknowingly rushed into a hornets’ nest.

The foot of the mountain was narrow. The deeper into the mountains they went, the more spacious it became.

30 members of the troops could stand side-by-side, but only ten members of the Tsing Yi Army could stand side-by-side.

In order to lure the Tsing Yi Army into the mountains, the troops shot their arrows in an orderly manner. As they shot, they retreated to make more space for themselves.

However, the Tsing Yi Army was not stupid; they picked up the dead bodies in front of them and used them as shields. They quickly closed the distance.

“Drop the rocks!” Jiang Pengji snorted. Countless rocks tumbled down the mountain. “Block the entrance!”

The blow stunned the Tsing Yi Army. Horrifying screams filled the narrow foot of the mountain. The Tsing Yi Army realized that they were caught in an ambush. Many of them wanted to escape.

The foot of the mountain was narrow, and Jiang Pengji’s troops threw huge rocks from above. The rocks blocked the foot of the mountain, as well as the retreat path.

“Nock your arrows and shoot!” Jiang Pengji commanded. The 800 troop members that were part of the ambush obeyed her command. The entirety of the Tsing Yi Army was dead after a round of shooting.

Red blood, flesh, and body parts covered the foot of the mountain. The tragic, deafening cries gradually subsided.

Jiang Pengji had streamed the entire battle. The audience could clearly see the situation at the foot of the mountain through their ultra-high-definition cameras.

Even in their death, many members of the Tsing Yi Army had looks of horror and fear in their eyes. Their eyes were wide open.

Some were completely smashed, while others had most of their body parts damaged. Stumps and broken bodies were strewn everywhere.

Blood stained the rocks. Some blood seeped into the mud, and some of it merged into a blood-red creek. It looked like a crawling, red snake.

The strong, pungent smell of blood permeated the air in the valley, silently denouncing the tragic slaughter and killing that happened not long ago.

Xihongshi Chaojidan: “I hugged the toilet bowl and vomited just now…”

Laosiji Lianmeng: “There are corpses everywhere over a battle for land. There are dead bodies everywhere over a battle for a city… This is only 3,000 people. If you can’t handle it, then stop watching the streaming as soon as possible. You don’t want to be traumatized…”

Qingshui Chu Furong: “Does such a bloody and cruel streaming room really need to exist? Won’t it inspire a large number of criminals? Why isn’t it blocked yet? The streamer has killed people. The viewers are executioners as well!”

Jiang Pengji lowered her eyelids, and a cold sneer hung on the corner of her lips.

Host V: “@Qingshui Chu Furong, If you can’t stand watching it then get lost!”

Did people really think that she was a good-tempered streamer?

The audience members were simply onlookers watching a show. In situations where matters of principle were not involved, she got along quite well with some of the viewers. That did not mean that she liked every viewer in the streaming room.

There was no need to criticize her indiscriminately with such superior attitudes! She had to survive in the current world. It was impossible for her to spend her life attempting to satisfy their Virgin Mary-like benevolence.

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