Meng Hun suddenly became aware of the solution and he understood why Jiang Pengji had become silent: The solution really was not moral.

With that reminder, everyone came to the theory of her solution, which was to trade Meng Liang for grain.

However, their County Military Chief needed to kill Meng Liang. If they traded him for grain, didn’t they just spare the demon and make more trouble for themselves?

“I don’t think it will work… Are we really going to let him go? If we keep him hostage and request grain from the Meng’s, he will bear a bigger grudge towards them, which could involve Langjun and County Military Chief. It would basically be impossible for us to take this son of a b*tch’s life if we miss this shot.”

“I don’t want to let him go.”

“Me, either.”

All the people gabbled about it, but they were on the same page. They were hesitant, too. Meng Hun was reluctant to accept the decision and he tightened his fist.

Meng Liang’s heart hammered and it felt like he was riding a roller coaster while he was listening to their conversation. At first, he felt assured that he was about to be killed, then the next second, he believed that there was a chance to live.

According to my knowledge of Meng Hun, the chance of me being kept alive is fairly high. Hem! Just wait until I locate my entourage or I get back home… I will slaughter every single one of the pariahs one by one.

No! I’m not going to show mercy to them. Instead, I will make them suffer first to ease my anger.

After a while, Meng Hun let his fist loose. His palm was bleeding from his fingers sticking into it, but he wasn’t even aware of that.

“Make him write the letter asking for grain!” He ground his teeth and swallowed down the blood surged that had up in his throat. His eyes were red as he said, “He will keep his life for now. We will still have a chance to capture him again…”

Meng Liang almost laughed his head off after hearing his words.

Jiang Pengji re-examined herself in introspect after everyone’s complaints…

Am I really that evil?

Host V: “Sinister Smile emoji. This group of guys is so upright and honest that it makes me feel guilty.”

The viewers started to realized that Meng Liang was not going to die, and that filled them with anger and disappointment. The moment they saw the bullet screen from Jiang Pengji, however, some sharp-minded ones swiftly lit a candle for Meng Liang.

Yiye Chengzhou: “Almost laughed my a** off. I’m not going to deny that I was swindled by the host. I was so convinced that Meng Liang was not going to be killed.”

Laosiji Lianmeng: “I must confess––I humiliated my own ID. A heartless person like the host would never fail at something she promises. She did say she was going to make him die gracefully and that he would not live to see the sunrise of the next day.”

Wo’ai Dashen Yunji: “I was wrong about her. I should have stuck with the faith that she was never nice.”

Suiyue Zaizhijian Liushi: “The host is such a villain. That poor Meng Liang probably still reckons that he has a big chance of staying alive.”

Aizhai Huohuo: “A row of candles to memorialize Meng Liang for his death… And at the same time, I feel truly sorry for the dignified and upright guys.”

Jiang Pengji was always good at her expression management. She kept a serious look as she picked up some ink and a brush from the other room.

She said to Meng Liang, “Start writing if you don’t want want to have a rough time––and don’t play games.”

Meng Liang disdained them and showed arrogance. He stared at Jiang Pengji with his malicious eyes.

Once I’m free, I will make Meng Liang and all his people pay. I will castrate every single one of them in order to deprive them of their right to be a man, and then I will dump them in the man whorehouse to force them to pick up low class johns. I will send them to hell after I’m done torturing and taunting them.

And this, Liu Xi, who is standing right in front of me, I will make sure his end will be a hundred times worse than the rest of them. And as for the Liu’s, his family will be buried with him.

Meng Liang had been acting unscrupulously all along. Even though he was under restraint, he was somehow sure that Jiang Pengji didn’t dare to put her hands on him. He didn’t even try to hide his anger and the hatred in his eyes; he felt like it was going to burst out of his head. It seemed like he was going to jump on the others and take a chunk of meat out of them.

Some of the crowd felt timid when they saw Meng Liang’s reaction.

You shall all wait for my revenge! Meng Liang swore in his mind.

Jiang Pengji saw through him. She mocked him by giving him a glittering grin.

Meng Liang grunted as he prepared to write, but when he was about to tell them his wrist went to sleep and he had issues writing, his powerless right hand came back to consciousness. He rubbed and twisted his hand gently. It felt like his hand again and like it was just an illusion before.

He didn’t have spare chance to think. He picked up the brush, tried to get used to the feeling of holding the brush, and started writing.

It was undeniable that, regardless of Meng Liang’s characters, his handwriting was rather spectacular.

All the viewers in the stream room found that that fact was not acceptable.

Wo’ai Dashen Yunji: “I will slap anyone’s face if he tells me that someone’s handwriting reflects that person’s personality.”

That line held so much sarcasm––as if it could prove Meng Liang’s behavior and the way he conducted himself in the world.

In short order, he finished the letter and stamped his name on the letter.

The contents of the letter were concise and transparent; there were no obvious falsehoods or anything outstanding. He was overly confident and he felt assured that Jiang Pengji didn’t have the guts to hurt him at all.

What was the point of playing tricks with them if he knew nothing would be harmful to him? It was only several hundred dans of grain, and it was not comparable to the grain that rotted in the Meng’s granary annually.

Jiang Pengji sealed the ink on the bamboo slice with candle fire and then rolled it up after she double and triple checked it for anything underhanded.

The County Military Chief seemed a bit lost, and his face was extremely pale compared to Jiang Pengji’s satisfied face.

No kidding––his foe was within reachable distance and it would be possible to strangle him to death with his bare hands, but he couldn’t. How could he not be mad?

However, the next words from Jiang Pengji shattered his dreams and made him fall from hell to heaven.

“Here we go. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Let’s get down to the business.”

Meng Hun wasn’t sure what she just said. Neither was Meng Liang.

What? Did I hear that wrong? That was literally everyone’s thought.

She looked at them, bewildered. As she waved the bamboo slices at them, she said, “I only asked him to write a letter asking for grain, but I never promised to not get revenge. It is natural law to pay kindness back for kindness, and pay animosity back for animosity. Future trouble will be boundless if we spare his life.”

People’s minds were mangled by the complex information. They were so baffled that they were going to have severe headaches.

“But Langjun, how are we going to get grain from the Meng’s if Meng Liang is dead…”

Jiang Pengji replied, “Let’s mail it and request them to ship the grain over. We kidnap the hostage for ransom––that’s the protocol, right? About Meng Liang… It will be our own decision to keep him alive or not. They might have the probability of him being alive after we receive the grain, but if there is no grain, he is guaranteed dead. And it will be up to the Meng’s if they want to give us the grain or not.”

How long would it take a man to fall from heaven to hell?

The viewers counted for them. Based on how quickly the host spoke, it was about seven or eight seconds.

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