The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 967
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“End hero Mo Ling brought the soul alliance army to the steps of soul palace and asked for the criminal Mu Qingyi, did you hear about this?” In a tea house, a thirty year old thin man said quietly to a few people beside him drinking tea.

“That commotion was huge, who wouldn’t know? I was in the outer city at the time, and saw the mountain like soul pet. At first, I had no clue what it was and asked an old soul pet teacher before I found out that was tai mountain giant’s soul pet!” The tea drinking man said.

“Yes, I was shocked at the time. I didn’t think this world had such a huge soul pet. It was like having a giant deity on earth. I heard inner city people say that the entire forest, business district, and the wealthy area all became deserts, even with the barrier protecting it. The scene would definitely cause your legs to shake nonstop if you saw it yourself.”

The tea drinkers all started gossiping. To them, being able to talk about some events they heard before or even seen before was what made a very pleasant afternoon.

“However, it was still defeated in the end. I saw for myself the tai mountain giant fall down.” A young man who lived in inner city said.

When this was said, everyone’s gaze fell onto the young man. The thin man who started this discussion stared wide eyed and asked, “Someone could defeat that soul pet?”

“Of course, inner city has been spreading the story like crazy, how do you not know? End hero Mo Ling’s tai mountain giant was defeated by a soul palace young man called Chu Fangchen and his white nightmare. When you were in outer city, didn’t you see nine devil swords hanging in the skies of inner city?” The young man started babbling and describing in detail.

Everyone quickly nodded. The appearance of the heavenly earth devil swords were seen by nearly half the entire city. The thousand meter long swords hung in the skies, creating a shocking scene that caused the entirety of wanxiang city to tremble. No one would ever be able to forget that scene!

“I saw it.”

“I saw it too.”

The young man laughed and continued, “The nine devil swords were released by the white nightmare. I heard that three swords pierced straight through the tai mountain giant and nailed it to the ground!”

The moment this was said, everyone burst into discussion. The unimaginable tai mountain giant getting nailed to the ground was already an image that was too hard for them to imagine!

“That means end hero really got defeated by the young man called Chu Fangchen.”

“Of course, this had spread through all of inner city already, yet you don’t know. You truly need to find a better news source. And, after end hero was defeated, three palace immediately started an assault. Soul alliance people all fled due to end hero’s loss, while end hero himself also ran away pathetically into wanxiang altar.”

“No way, even hero level characters have times where they have to escape pathetically…..”

Similar discussions spread through all of wanxiang city. Especially since the commotion yesterday was so massive, the entire city was still experiencing its effects. Presumably, after everything returned back to peace, no one would ask about what happened.

Wanxiang city was massive, so the rumors in each city area may be slightly off. Most of these were due to people exaggerating on purpose, but the reality of the situation was there. At least end hero Mo Ling running away was something everyone knew.

Thus, Mo Ling who went and hid in wanxiang altar, heard the laughter of three palace and realized that three palace wasn’t trying to start a war and simply wanted to see him embarrass himself. Running away so fast at the bluff, Mo Ling was nearly internally bleeding from anger, nearly wanting to strike back.

However, Tai mountain giant was in lethal danger, and he didn’t dare to waste a single extra second, so he decided to retreat back to wanxiang altar.

Presumably, in the following period, Mo Ling’s life would be very sad.


As for Chu Mu, who made a name for himself in wanxiang city, he spent most of the following afternoons drinking tea and reading in his fixed courtyard. Occasionally, some elders would come and meet him out of respect, and Chu Mu would give them a seat and ask these experienced old men some questions he had about his readings.

Three palace elders sighed in satisfaction at the man’s humble attitude towards his achievements. Not only was he powerful, he was so humble and studious, it was truly rare. They decided that all of their children had to follow Chu Fangchen’s example.

Chu Mu’s massive knowledge of soul pets were due to Old Li muttering by Chu Mu’s ear constantly. Now that Old Li disappeared to who-knows-where, Chu Mu had to be studious himself and not be afraid to ask questions.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t truly have nothing to do. He simply realized that he had been a little too high profile in wanxiang city.

There were still people stronger than him in wanxiang city. If he stayed this high profile, he wouldn’t have a good end. So, Chu Mu felt like it was time for him to disappear, and only reappear once his strength was another rank higher.

Chu Mu wanted naturally to disappear into the demon realm. After Mu Qingyi’s mental damage and white tiger healed completely, Chu Mu would leave immediately. Every time he thought of riding the black dream-like phoenix through the skies, Chu Mu would get even more impatient.

“Brother, I’m back.”

A string of clear laughter came in from the viney courtyard. Following it was a nimble and pretty figure, her hand holding the hand of another graceful and elegant woman.

Chu Mu saw them walk over beautifully and simply smiled. However, when he noticed the four servants behind them holding a myriad of different flashy items, his smile went stiff…..

“Don’t you know the existence of a thing called a spatial ring?” Chu Mu looked at the four poor servants with their hands full, and laughed helplessly.

“If we put it into a spatial ring, we’ll forget what we bought.” Ning Maner said with reason.

Chu Mu didn’t care about Ning Maner’s fallacious reasoning, and glanced at the newly dressed Mu Qingyi and asked, “You seem pretty well.”

“En, we can leave in a few days.” Mu Qingyi nodded.

Mu Qingyi didn’t seem to want to expose her love for shopping like most other women, and she blushed slightly. She quickly told the servants to put the items in her room as she escaped into her room as well.

After Mu Qingyi left, Chu Mu called Ning Maner over and gave her a stare, “Why are you being reckless again, don’t you know Mu Qingyi was the one that wanted to capture you in the past?”

Ning Maner looked wronged and muttered, “She never saw me before, and you never play with me. Sister Ye was also busy, so I went to find Sister Mu to play. She’s a really good person, or else brother wouldn’t help her.”

“This doesn’t matter whether she is good or not. I’m saying that you have to tell me the next time you go off by yourself or else I’ll throw you back into dark sky ocean.” Chu Mu said.

“Brother you said that a few hundred times already.” Ning Maner said.  

“......” Chu Mu was speechless. This damn girl, learning to talk back. It looked like Ye Qingzi truly spoiled her!

“I’m going to demon realm in a few days, stay within soul palace.” Chu Mu couldn’t do much, and could only change the topic.

“Sure, sure, how about Sister Ye?” Hearing Chu Mu about to leave, Ning Maner became even happier, as if finally no one could restrict her.

“She needs to continue her training, don’t disturb her.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi seemed to have completely understood Ying Rong’s inheritance, so even Chu Mu had a hard time seeing her these days.

However, seeing her so focused, her strength was sure to break through after this session.

Of course, Chu Mu was very curious. The soul arts that Ying Rong left seemed to far surpass human realm soul arts, able to let Ye Qingzi break through even at high class emperor rank and top tier emperor rank. This caused Chu Mu to be curious as to the true source of the arts.

“Ah? Then wouldn’t brother and Sister Mu be alone……. Aiya, sister Ye truly is too lax on brother…… Even I can tell that after this time brother helped sister Mu, she definitely will be especially grateful and even promise her own body in return…..”

“What is this nonsense!” Chu Mu glared at the unfiltered young girl and continued, “We’re also going with young prince, Shen Mo, Teng Lang, and Pang Yue.”

“Say that sooner! Sister Ye truly loves brother, you can’t disappoint her.” Ning Maner said.

“Go play by yourself.” Chu Mu said grumpily.

This young girl was truly getting more and more misbehaved. What was all this that she was saying- did he need a young girl to tell him this?

Ning Maner laughed evilly and ran over to Mu Qingyi, probably to check out everything they bought.

Chu Mu rubbed his temples and muttered, “This wild little girl seems to be getting odder recently.”

Shaking his head, Chu Mu didn’t give it further thought, and leaned back against his chair. Picking up a yellow old book, he continued to study the descriptions within.

Laying on Chu Mu’s shoulder, little Mo Xie woke up. Stretching out into a nice long yawn, she then peeked her head over Chu Mu’s shoulder to stare wide-eyed and curiously at the messy lines of text on the book, occasionally tilting her head back to glance at the focused Chu Mu, looking utterly confused and lost…...

The fall breeze blew through the courtyard filled with falling leaves. The man, half laid down, reading with a cute yet confused little fox on his shoulder created a special and memorable scene, quiet, pleasant, and overflowing with the advent of autumn.

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