The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 931
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Hearing this news, Diagram Supreme Ke Yin’s face went incredibly dark!

The senior elders all stared at each other in anger. Chu Fangchen was the hope of three palaces. In another year or two, he would definitely become a potential leader of three palace. If he died, they definitely couldn’t let off the killer easily, even if they were going against hero Mo Ling!!

The atmosphere instantly changed. End hero Mo Ling didn’t expect the three palaces to truly put this much on the line to kill him. Feeling the killing aura come, Mo Ling couldn’t help but take a step back.

Mo Ling was a small step away from being truly dominator rank and everyone knew that. His Tai Mountain Giant was stepping towards dominator rank. With special abilities, it could multiply its power. One could say that if the three palaces truly wanted to kill any of the four heroes, Mo Ling was definitely the first to die.

Feeling the killing intent of all the three palace experts, Mo Ling was becoming more and more uneasy. If he knew the three palaces would start a fight for a young generation member in wanxiang altar, Mo Ling definitely wouldn’t be here.

Mu Qingyi similarly felt the atmosphere growing tense. Three palace had many experts appear. Even Mu Qingyi couldn’t guarantee she could suppress everyone with just a single dominator rank. More importantly, Mo Ling did many things that crossed the line. Mu Qingyi, who was just angry, didn’t want to care about this matter at all.

Seeing Mu Qingyi doing nothing, Mo Ling truly started to panic!

“Fellow elders, I’m here.” Suddenly, a calm voice came just as the battle was about to erupt.

Everyone looked over and noticed that in tianxia palace a handsome figure slowly walked out. He unhurriedly walked by the kneeling Nie Yunbing and walked up to the three palace experts.

Nie Yunbing, Chen Fang, and Zhu Zizhan all lifted their heads and stared wide-eyed at the undamaged Chu Mu, their expressions incredibly strange, not being able to believe this!!

Nie Yunbing’s three poisons were enough to infect any unprotected lifeform and kill them. Chen Fang also had attacked multiple times in a region. If someone were anywhere in tianxia palace, they would have been hit.

Yet, they were looking at an unharmed Chu Fangchen!!

“Impossible!!” Chen Fang’s facial muscles started shaking!

This fellow wasn’t harmed at all. This meant that he destroyed tianxia palace all for nothing. Not only did he not reach his goal, he even angered the war goddess Mu Qingyi. Even End Hero wasn’t trying to protect him!

End hero Mo Ling’s face turned steely as he stared angrily at Chen Fang. He silently cursed, “This trash, he didn't even kill the person, and still caused this much trouble for me!!”

Soul alliance people all looked like they swallowed a ball of dead flies. Yet, all of three palace experts were happy!

The first to come up to Teng Lang was Chu Mu. His eyes were already red. Seeing Chu Mu completely fine, he ran up overjoyed, looking as if he would put his life on the line if anyone dared to touch Chu Mu again.

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin let out a breath of relief. He walked up to CHu Mu and asked, “Are you hurt?”

“No, I put down some dark illusions beforehand. These soul alliance fools never even found me.” Chu Mu said.

After Chu Mu spoke, the four soul alliance people’s expressions turned even worse. Especially Mo Ling, he never thought that he would get tricked by a younger generation!

Hearing Chu Mu’s words, the three palace’s people all burst into laughter!

Soul alliance spent so much effort trying to kill Chu Fangchen, yet not only did they not kill him, they didn’t even hurt a single soul of his. This caused all the elders and senior elders, who hated the scheming fellows of soul alliance, to laugh in contentment!    

“Haha, as long as you aren’t hurt!!” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin laughed loudly.

Ke Yin had heard of Chu Fangchen before, yet his recognition of this young man grew even further when he left behind Nie Yunbing and Chen Fang’s plots so easily!!

“Brother Chu, you truly are good at hiding your strength deeply! Hahaha, but also soul alliance people are all like this, each simple in both the head and body!!” Teng Lang laughed without restraint.

“Heng, let’s leave!!” Mo Ling gritted his teeth and turned around to leave!

Originally, he wanted to see the three palace people leaving in despair, but after receiving all this mocking, all he could wish for now was to leave.

“Mo Ling, leaving now, you really think us three palace’s people can just get bullied by you without any consequence?” Diagram Supreme’s attitude was extremely unyielding.

From what Diagram Supreme saw, Chu Fangchen was still alive. That was Chu Fangchen’s power. However, soul alliance trying to assassinate their younger generation again and again wasn’t forgivable!

Mo Ling was biting his teeth so hard they almost shattered. He had truly dug himself into a pit this time!

“This is the result of Chen Fang being angry, why does it concern me?” Mo Ling decisively decided to give up his pawn, leaving without another word and summoning a soul pet upwards!

Everyone saw end hero Mo Ling run away and their gaze fell on diagram supreme Ke Ying. With a command from Diagram Supreme, they definitely would stop Mo Ling without a second thought.

At this moment, Chu Mu opened his mouth, “Let him leave. Soul alliance experts are probably going to be here soon. If we kill him, we may have trouble leaving too.”

Chu Mu knew that fighting in wanxaing altar and killing Mo Ling was equivalent to declaring war against soul alliance. When their higher level power wasn’t enough to compete against soul alliance, such an impulsive move could cause very severe consequences.

Thus, seeing the two sides growing in tension again, Chu Mu walked forward to stop a battle from starting because of him.

Hearing Chu Mu’s words, Diagram supreme Ke Yin looked at him again, seeming pleasantly surprised. He never would have thought that this young man not only was outstanding in power, but also had great reason and sense of the larger picture. Any other young man would probably push for everyone to exact revenge for him!

Chu Mu’s words caused Ke Yin to be even more satisfied of Chu Mu. Finally, Ke Yin waved his and dismissed everyone from wanting to chase Mo Ling.

As for the three people kneeling there, seeing Mo Ling leave, their souls seemed to leave as well. Once Mo Ling left, it meant that the three of them were under the control of three palace, and they didn’t even have to think of what their punishments might be!

“Thank you Lady Mu for helping us maintain justice. Let us deal with these three people. Tianxia King is our respected king. Without him, tianxia city would be gone, and billions of civilians would be thrown into chaos. THus, we should have the jurisdiction to punish and sentence anyone who disrespects Tianxia King!” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin said formally to Mu Qingyi on her Crown Phoenix King.

Diagram Supreme’s words caused the three people kneeling to look dead. They quickly bowed down, hoping war goddess Mu Qingyi could help them.

Even if Mu Qingyi threw the three of them into the sealed tower, they would be everlastingly grateful!!

Yet, with Mu Qingyi’s casual nod, they fell into despair!

“Bring them away!” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin said coldly.

Quickly, the three palace experts casted mental restrictions on the three to restrict their summoning and then brought them towards wanxiang altar.

Nie Yunbing and Chen Fang were pretty decent experts of soul alliance. Taking the two down. Soul alliance would definitely suffer a sizeable loss, which was great for three palaces.

Beforehand, Chu Mu not going to the dinner they held for him caused many old fellows to be angered by the lack of manners. However, after today’s events, the young man seemed more and more likeable. One had to know that getting rid of a single top tier emperor rank could cause elders to lose many hairs!

“Chu Mu, Goddess Mu rode her crown phoenix king here to save you. Hearing news of your death, the anger in her eyes were real. Otherwise, why do you think breaking a palace was enough to throw Nie Yunbing and Chen Fagn into sealed tower. From what I see, she definitely cares about your life or death. Go thank her.” Teng Lang raised an eyebrow, and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu could tell that Mu Qingyi came to save him, but it wasn’t as exaggerated as Teng Lang made it out to be. After all, he saved her in the past.

Of course, thanking her was a must. Chu Mu walked aside Mu Qingyi but noticed her using her beautiful eyes to gaze at him. He was at a loss of words momentarily.

“Looks like you still had quite a bit hidden away.” Mu Qingyi said first.

“If they knew how to see through illusions better, I would be in great danger.” Chu Mu said.

“Oh, as long as you’re ok.” Mu Qingyi nodded but she secretly muttered to herself, “Just how much more is he hiding?”

Every time Mu Qingyi saw Chu Mu, his strength would change, and by drastic amounts. This caused Mu Qingyi to be incredibly curious.

“When do we head to demon realm?” Chu Mu asked with soul remembrance.

“Originally, we would leave immediately, but now I have some matters to attend to. I’ll contact you. You should go prepare in the meanwhile.” Mu Qingyi said and flew towards wanxiang altar on her crown phoenix king.

Chu Mu saw the golden and noble phoenix open its wings and fly headfirst into the clouds elegantly and couldn't help but feel envious.

“Stop feeling envious, I’ll have it soon too!!” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

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