The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 855
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Ye Qingzi had asked herself before how important this man was in her heart. However, she was unable to answer this question.

That is, until she heard about the news of him transforming into a devil. When the heart wrenching pain flooded through her, she finally understood how deep this man had walked into her heart.

Moreover, it was only because he had supposedly died that her own beauty and dignity no longer became important and were thus thrown away.

“The mask… the mask… my mask!” abruptly, Ye Qingzi realized something!

She became flustered and in a panic, began searching for her mask.

Fortunately, the mask wasn’t far from her. Her hands trembled, as she put the mask back on.

After using the mask to hide her terrifying face, Ye Qingzi finally calmed down. However, underneath the mask, she felt like her soul had left!

“Qingzi…” seeing Ye Qingzi put on the mask in a daze, Chu Mu’s heart felt as if it had been savagely pricked. He choked on his words, and couldn’t say anything!

She was able to throw down her dignity in front of tens of thousands of people and reveal her poisoned face. However, she was unable to bear it in front of him.

Chu Mu took in a deep breath. He really wanted to go and hug Ye Qingzi and wipe the tears off her face.

However, behind him were many enemies.

Chu Mu had to kill in order to pacify the raging anger in his heart before he could show his soft side and console this wounded woman.

Chu Mu turned around, and no longer looked at Ye Qingzi. Instead, he stared at the group of enemies that had already summoned their soul pets!

Most of these people were loyal to Soul Alliance because only Soul Alliance members dared take action against the three great palace’s Chu Fangchen!

Around ten soul pet trainers, four high class emperors and 12 middle class emperors!

These soul pets flexed their claws and bared their teeth. They surrounded the tall honor platform Chu Mu was on, glaring at him with disgusting appearances!

“This is your execution stage!” indifferently said Chu Mu.

A white clothed man, a white flaming devil person, and a silver sin fox. Their auras were completely different from one another, but when they faced the enemies that surrounded them, there was no trace of fear!


Liang Yu from the Thirty Two Scars was filled with anger, and his dark face couldn’t stop trembling. He glanced at the experts next to him and gave an angry shout, ordering his second main pet to charge at Chu Mu’s sin fox!!

After one person attacked, the others quickly followed suit!

There were a total of 16 soul pets, and they practically were all demon beasts, because only they could be released to their full potential on this stage. Indeed, none of them would be able to bear the consequences if a wave of energy affected the stadium filled with tens of thousands of soul teachers. 

The four high class emperors only needed to take one step before they appeared on the towering honor platform. Their immense auras pressured the entire honor platform that it seemed like it was going to collapse!

Mo Xie’s eyes were like a torch. Red flames emerged around her, forming a red flaming pattern that resembled an enormous flaming mural. It kept the four high class emperors ten meters away!

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!”

“Ao ao ao ao!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, seven of the middle class emperors charged at Mo Xie from behind her. From the looks of things, they were attempting to attack Chu Mu head on!

Two of Mo Xie’s tails transformed into snaking dragons that coiled around Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, forming a nine tailed sin seal around the two of them.

The other seven tails transformed into red flaming wild dragons which danced through the air!

The seven middle class emperors were not able to release techniques before mo Xie’s dragon tails locked them all up!

All of their attacks came to a halt!

Mo Xie indifferently turned around, and as if she was dealing with children, she lifted all seven of them high into the air!

“Wring them to death!” Chu Mu mercilessly gave an order.

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!”

Seven wild dragon tails began to dance, growing increasingly fast. The seven demons transformed into weeds in a violent wind as they struggled in the dancing killer tails!

Immediately, miserable cries rang through the entire plaza!

The seven wild dragon tails transformed into terrifying killer vortexes that turned the seven middle class emperors into mush that splattered all over the honor platform!!

Blood began to spill down the steps, and flesh and innards littered the floor. The ghastly wringing to death and the burning soul devil flames had frozen everyone, their eyes covered in fear!!

As Mo Xie was killing the seven middle class emperors, the White Nightmare had let out a crafty laughter. The other middle class emperors were unable to even use a technique before they were burned to a crisp. Even their souls didn’t remain!

The arena had transformed into a battlefield, and the honor platform transformed into an execution stage!

Successive shouts of horror rang out from the crowd as they fled in a panic!

Most of the people who had come here were soul teachers, and they understood that in a battle of this scale, a single technique could annihilate them all. If they stayed here, if energy were to spill over, they would be the ones to die!

Chu Mu’s mercilessly killing had sent the stadium into chaos!

Nonetheless, the spirit emperors in the stands were very focused. It was hard to believe that a young man would be so courageous that he dared stand here and fight against the whole Soul Alliance!


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