The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 701
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Mirroring Sword Mountain

The wind was volatile above the Departed World Gates. Indeed, the streams of air were even more biting than usual and seemed to be making use of the chaotic situation.

Light from the palm condensed into pillars of light that transformed into four dazzling sun swords. They floated in front of a white haired old man. The taut fierceness couldn’t help but cause Old Man Mirroring Sword from trembling!

Old Man Mirroring Sword lived in seclusion in Tianxia City. He was a truly virtuous hermit. The opening and closing of Departed World Gates was completely under his control. Even the four realm throne chiefs had to respectfully call him senior.

However, right now this old man, currently unmoving, respected by even the four chiefs was being pointed at by four sun swords.

On either side was a high class emperor rank soul pet, but they also didn’t dare move. This was because if he even made a small movement, the wielder of the sun swords would pierce his old body.

“Who permitted you to close Immortal City!!” a woman’s cold voice angrily rang out. Imperceptibly, it was the dignified pressure of an expert, that made it difficult for Old Man Mirroring Sword to breathe.

“Your Majesty, this old servant is just fulfilling his job. If I didn’t close the gates, this gate probably would never be closed!” respectfully said Old Man Mirroring Sword.

Her Majesty Liu Binglan’s chest heaved. It was ostensibly difficult for her to restrain her anger. Her entire body radiated a cold aura, and her beautiful eyes had transformed into sharp swords that pierced the old man’s mind!

Liu Binglan obviously couldn’t control her emotions because Chu Mu, under the identity of a patroller, was still in Immortal City!

“Open the gates!” Liu Binglan didn’t say anything else except for this. She wielded the sun swords and moved closer to the old man!

Old Man Mirroring Sword felt Her Majesty’s pressure and slightly shifted backwards.

“Your Majesty, this entrance cannot be opened again! Don’t you understand the consequences of doing so? What type of a calamity it will bring to the tens of millions of citizens in Tianxia City?

You are Soul Palace’s Female Majesty. Protecting humanity is your duty. How can you forsake this duty because of your selfishness?! This involves the lives of tens of millions or even the tens of billions in Tianxia Realm!” Old Man Mirroring Sword’s voice shook as he spoke.

HIs words struck Liu Binglan like a bolt of lightning and she stood there, stunned.

From a young age, Liu Binglan had received the teachings of Soul Palace to protect Soul Palace as well as the existence of humanity and civilization.

Her Majesty should not have any personal considerations. Yet, due to a series of events, she had become a mother.

In the past, she had attempted to forget her identity as a mother, and treated her own son without any feeling.

However, she gradually came to discover that the depths of her heart had actually been occupied by this person. Indeed, when she learned that Chu Mu had gone missing or perhaps even perished, she clearly understood how important her only child was to her!

Liu Binglan would never allow the pain from losing her son to come again...

Yet, this incorporeal gate was now forcing her to make a choice between the lives of tens of millions of people and her own son!

Thus, Liu Binglan who possessed ultimate power, abruptly realized how cruel of a choice this was.


Outside Immortal City was a chaotic region where there was no spatial undulations. Young Lady Shan was decrepitly sitting there having already lost all hope.

Perhaps this was because she never expected that death would arrive so suddenly.

“Is there any method to open the gate?” solemnly asked Chu Mu, next to her.

Regardless if it were the guardian creatures or the sealed creatures, they would all automatically attack foreign creatures. Right now the entire Immortal City was in chaos. The various powerful soul pets had taken over the city. Staying in this space was suicide!

“Old Man Mirroring Sword has sealed off the exit, and it cannot be opened. If it is forcibly opened, the space will crack. This is equivalent to opening another exit to Tianxia City for this city full of monsters.” stiffly said Young Lady Shan.

“How strong does one have to be to rip open a spatial crack?” asked Chu Mu.

“You need to surpass the emperor rank.” responded Young Lady Shan.

Chu Mu’s heart sunk. Originally, he planned on transforming into the half devil to use its peak emperor rank strength to forcibly rip open the spatial exit. He never expected the Departed World Gates to be so sturdy, requiring strength above the emperor rank in order to escape.

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!”

“Ao ao ao ao ao ao!!!!!!!!!”


Inside Immortal City, completely pervaded by an aura of death, palpitating cries rang out. It was as if a storm had arrived from outside the city!

The entire Immortal City had seemingly transformed into an enormous nightmare. Even Chu Mu who was outside the city, could feel the pressuring aura from this nightmare and it gave him an unprecedented feeling of unease!

Chu Mu could transform into the half devil and possess peak emperor rank strength.

However, even with the half devil transformation, he couldn’t guarantee that he could kill all of the prisoner soul pets that broke free from their seals as well as the guardian creatures.

Moreover, once the transformation ended, the heavily outnumbered Chu Mu would be subject to a terrifying group assault.

“We can seal ourselves in a seal somewhere and wait for these creatures to break through our seal. Once we’re released, will we be viewed as enemies by those creatures?” Chu Mu immediately thought of the method they used back in the Blood Beast Altar.

Young Lady Shan shook her head and said: “Unless we’re sealed for over a year and breathe in the rotten aura from Immortal City, our bodies will not obtain the immortal scent of Immortal City. Only with this scent will we be viewed as allies. However, with the pace at which the seals are being destroyed, there’s no way we’ll be able to seal ourselves for a year.”

“Then Immortal City definitely has another exit. Didn’t Hao Ting and the others brazenly enter Departed World Gates? Moreover, with their speed, perhaps they wouldn’t have been able to leave Immortal City before us?!” said Chu Mu.

“They have a rotten scent on them. I smelt it earlier.” said Young Lady Shan.

Chu Mu immediately creased his brows. This meant that Hao Ting and the others had sealed themselves in Immortal City for a year! The defector young woman’s plot was unexpectedly so complete!

“Long long long long~~~~~”

A rumbling sound rang out from inside the city.

Chu Mu swept his gaze over Immortal City and discovered that a wave of smoke was staring in his direction. Along with it was a torrential imposing aura as well as killing intent!!

“It’s… it’s the guardian creatures you awakened!!” yelped the deathly pale Young Lady Shan.

There was an enormous amount of guardian creatures. The strength of those guardian creatures Chu Mu had defeated was also very powerful. Even if Chu Mu had emperors, dealing them would be extremely strenuous…

Right now, Chu Mu was faced with an unprecedented pressure and his heart began to speed up.

In the past, Chu Mu had always been able to calmly think before facing his desperate straits.

But this time, Chu Mu truly felt a feeling of weakness and powerlessness. The enemies he had to face were too many!



Suddenly, a special fluctuation appeared in the chaotic space behind Chu Mu!

This fluctuation was caused by striking the space. It was extremely obvious!

“There’s… there’s someone who’s attempting to break the seal!!” Young Lady Shan shockingly watched the chaos which was unceasingly morphing!

Only at least a high class emperor could strike two separated spaces, only a peak emperor could barely create a fluctuation in the space and only an existence that surpassed emperors could truly rip apart the space!

Right now, the space was fluctuating, meaning that on the other side of space, a peak emperor rank soul pet was striking the Departed World Gates!!

Young Lady Shan was completely stunned. She had no idea who would possess a peak emperor rank soul pet!

“Mu Er…”

An anxious voice rang out from the fluctuating space!

Chu Mu was shocked. He thought he heard incorrectly, but the next time the space fluctuated, he heard the anxious voice once again.

“Young master, when space fluctuates, soul remembrance can pass through. Hurry and communicate with Her Majesty. She is outside the Departed World Gates.” Old Li hastily told Chu Mu.

“Mu Er, are you inside the Departed World Gates? Hurry and respond to mom…”

“Mom, I’m here!” Chu Mu quickly responded.

"That’s… that’s really good…” Liu Binglan seemed to be crying.

“I’m trapped here. How can I get out?” hastily asked Chu Mu.

“Listen carefully, and don’t miss a word!” said Liu Binglan.

“Yes.” Chu Mu took in a deep breath.

This was a matter of life or death and Chu Mu’s heart seemed to jump with each spatial fluctuation!

“The Departed World Gates cannot be opened. Find a sealed place in Immortal City, and use your soul remembrance to commit suicide. This way, the guardian creatures and sealed creatures will not smell your scent. Nor will they attack you.”

Commit suicide?

When he died, he obviously wouldn’t be detected by the other creatures. Could it be that suicide was his only option?

“Don’t worry, mother won’t let you die. The bodies and souls of people who use soul remembrance to kill themselves will be preserved. You also need to tell your soul pets to remain in the soul pet space and not to break off the soul pact…”

“Once the crisis ends, mother will immediately go to Immortal City to find you, and use a secret technique to revive you. When that time comes, you will still be you and there will be no injuries to you!”


On Mirroring Sword Mountain

Old Man Mirroring Sword had clearly heard the words Liu Binglan had told Chu Mu through the spatial fluctuations. His expression was extremely unsightly.

“Your Majesty, this absolutely will not do. Although those who use soul remembrance to commit suicide will experience secondary death, it is still death. If you want to revive him, you need to sacrifice the life of a family member. If you cannot find Chu Tianmang, you can only sacrifice your own life to revive him.” Old Man Mirroring Sword’s face was full of shock as he spoke.

“I know.” Liu Binglan calmly replied.

After speaking, Liu Binglan decisively turned around and flew to Tianxia City.


In the howling wind, Liu Binglan’s long hair fluttered about. Her proud and graceful figure slowly disappeared under the setting sun…


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