The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 568
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White Nightmare and Zhan Ye let out a call simultaneously. Clearly, they didn’t want to just watch, but instead wanted to continue fighting!

White Nightmare plundered the White Nightmare princess’s hidden energy. Reaching top tier monarch rank, facing same species Xia Guangahn’s White Nightmare, White Nightmare definitely wouldn’t shrink away. It had made clear that, even if Mo Xie could species mutate, she wouldn’t be able to steal the kill of Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare from him!!

Zhan Ye constantly received healing from Ye QIngzi’s soul pets. With the life force addition, its strength was already high class monarch rank level!

High class monarch rank and top tier monarch rank was two ranks apart. With Zhan Ye’s powerful life force, it didn’t mind fighting till the last breath with the top tier monarch rank Gold Evil Insect either!

Chu Mu naturally believed his own soul pets’ strengths, so he nodded, letting them lock onto their own opponents!

“Then the remaining four……” Chu Mu’s gaze swept onto Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan’s other four top tier monarch ranks!

“Wuwuwuwu!!!!!!” Mo Xie stepped forward, four hooves instantly creating a burning flash of sin flames. The powerful aura again assaulted Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye’s four top tier monarch rank soul pets!

Xia Guanghan’s three top tier monarchs were White Nightmare, Bloodsucking Terror Wolf, and Destructive Wind Fairy.

Qin Ye’s royal Mo Ye died, hurting one of his souls. He also summoned three top tier monarch rank soul pets, respectively Gold Evil Insect that was restricted by War Court Black Beast, as well as a Violent Ice Beast between pseudo emperor rank and top tier monarch rank!

Violent Ice Beast was immediately smashed away after being summoned by Qin Ye, losing its ability to move.

After being able to move again, this Violent Ice Beast cast a frenzy of attacks of War Court Black Beast, hurting War Court Black Beast!


Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast similarly didn’t show weakness. Its pair of death eyes stared right at the demon monarch, not becoming any less cruel because of the wounds and weakening!

“Looks like there’s only three left.” Chu Mu smiled. War Court Black Beast was ready to completely attack, and his target was the demon!

Qin Ye’s eyes were constantly on Mo Xie. Suddenly, Qin Ye noticed something, and his grave expression eased a little.

“So its an emperor rank that hasn’t reached tenth phase!” Qin Ye said.

Ninth phase middle stage emperor rank, but its strength was comparable to top tier monarch. After all, ninth phase middle stage to tenth phase was three rank differences apart!

At this point, Xia Guanghan noticed that Chu Mu’s Mo Xie hadn’t reached tenth phase. Without reaching tenth phase, their emperor rank strength was greatly discounted. Let alone, Qin Ye was still an ice type Violent Ice Beast!

Qin Ye’s Violent Ice Beast was tenth phase top tier monarch rank and closer to emperor rank. Under a type counter, his Violent Ice Beast may be able to deal with the emperor rank!

Qin Ye cast an incantation and a cold air surrounded him, slowly merging into the Violent Ice Beast!

Qin Ye clearly was using an ice type strength soul technique. When the ice formed, the Violent Ice Beast’s aura again increased, raising his strength by a rank!

Violent Ice Beast’s strength increased, adding onto the type counter, Qin Ye finally had the confidence.

Attacking first, Qin Ye first commanded Violent Ice Beast to attack. Its nearly pseudo monarch rank Violent Ice Beast let out a snowy roar, stepping forward with her ice type body and ran towards Mo Xie!

Mo Xie calmly watched as these violent ice beast ran over quickly. Seeming to know that her sin flames would be countered by the ice type energy, Mo Xie’s sin flames slowly dimmed away!

Sin flames disappeared. Without the flames blocking, Mo Xie’s silver body’s bold sin imprints were even more striking now!

Suddenly, the sin imprints blinked evilly. Soon, these sin imprints disappeared, and every time the sin imprints disappeared, Mo Xie’s demon aura grew!

Suddenly, Mo Xie disappeared, so fast no one could see when it disappeared!


After a while, the six inferno monarch shadows appeared. These shadows were almost exactly the same as their real bodies. Even their auras weren’t any different, completely as if six evil fox monarchs!!

Every split of Mo Xie’s body could be seventy percent of her body. This seventy percent of the energy was enough to get tenth rank!

Which means there were six tenth rank power techniques!!

Sin flames was only Mo Xie’s subtype. Seven sin fox’s truly terrifying power was beast type energy. One claw was enough to break the ground!

The six splits all used sin imprints attack. The evil claws and air ripped two dark red marks out in the space from the friction!!

Every dark red sin imprints claw broke the space. In fact, it caused the entire seal to rip apart clearly. The long sin imprints caused long caused rips to appear from the center to the ends of the entire sealed space!!


The Violent Ice Beast just leaped up when the ripping sin imprints claw appeared, yet the Violent Ice Beast fell down the air without getting obstructed!

The massive ice hammer lifted up high, the Violent Ice Beast was just about to bring all this violent ice energy.

Except, this Violent Ice Beast didn’t notice the dark red marks that appeared on the ice white body. These shocking marks, other than its head and arms, spread onto its entire body!

If the Violent Ice Beast didn’t attack, its body still wouldn’t feel any stranger. However, once it used energy, the sin imprint marks grew even crazier, destroying the Violent Ice Beast’s entire body!

Finally, the Violent Ice Beast still lifted its large arm and dropped it. Except, before the ice energy fell, the Violent Ice Beast’s body suddenly blew up!!


The Violent Ice Beast’s iced body became countless shards that spread every direction. Its body was so weak it couldn’t even withstand the power of itself!

“Once sin imprint’s energy has infiltrated every part of its body, it would directly destroy its bones, muscle, and skin! Now, seven sin fox was no longer the soul pet that was completely at the seal’s mercy; it could utilize the sin imprints to its own advantage!” Old Li said.


Violent Ice Beast’s body completely shattered. At that moment, one could clearly see the patternless bizarre sin imprints still remained in space, like a branching sin imprint flower!

The sin imprint flower had six petals, each formed by one of the six clones. Once the sin imprint flower disappeared, the Violent Ice Beast completely lost its life aura!

“So strange, such terrifying energy!” Ye Wansheng saw with his own eyes the appearance and disappearance of the sin imprint flower. The entire process was unpredictable and inexplicable. In fact, he had no clue whether the Violent Ice Beats was shattered by the claw’s energy or the sin imprint’s energy!

“This…...this……” Xia Guanghan was dazed!

Violent Ice Beast was at least near pseudo emperor rank soul pet, so there was no way it was this pitiful!

“Low class emperor rank! Sin imprints power could cause its attack to be low class emperor rank!” Finally, Xia Guanghan realized!

Low class emperor rank!

Pseudo-emperor was already difficult to defeat for them, and now that low class monarch rank, three ranks higher, was here…...

This is clearly a monarch rank soul pet, yet why would it be able to surpass that and even reach low class emperor rank!

“Sin flames and sin imprint, seven sin fox is rumored to be a being beyond emperor rank. Even if it were sealed to become lower rank, Mo Xie is definitely invincible in her own territory! How could a clumsy ice beast beat a seven sin fox, truly laughable!” Old Li said.

Old Li’s praise for the seven sin fox was at its peak. Very rare was it to see this fellow have such praise for a soul pet!

Sin imprints!

Seven sin fox’s inheritance gave it the second power, which also signified countless years, the atonement of the seven sin fox for a thousand generations was near its end!

Qin Ye’s face was very terrible, but he didn’t feel the backlash from breaking a soul pact!

“If you want to kill my Violent Ice Beast this easily, you are the laughable one!” Qin Ye humphed. From his side, he could tell the soul pact hadn’t shattered, meaning the Violent Ice Beast hadn’t died!


Suddenly, all the corpse pieces of the Violent Ice Beast started shaking. Soon, these pieces started moving as if they had life, gathering in a certain direction!


The ice gathered extremely quickly. First it was the Violent Ice Beast’s powerful lower limbs; the ice pieces was slowly creating the Violent Ice Beast again!

In a short time, all the ice pieces merged together to create a complete Violent Ice Beast!

The Violent Ice Beast that Mo Xie shattered actually revived! Though it had many cracks on its body, it seemed good as new!

“Don’t think only your soul pets have special abilities. No matter how many times my Violent Ice Beast is shattered, it can be remade. No matter how powerful your inferno monarch is, it can be killed!” Qin Ye laughed out loud!

Chu Mu furrowed his brow. He actually hadn’t thought that the Violent Ice Beast had such a recombobulating ability!

“Young master, this is the ice type Ice Resurrection. Usually, it only appears on ice type elemental world soul pets. To have this technique, this Violent Ice Beast must have an insane type talent too!” Old Li said.


As he spoke, Mo Xie again attacked!

This time, Mo Xie used her sin imprint tails. These tails were powerful enough to break through mountains. Passing through, the nine dragon like tails waved around with vigor, causing the very space to shake!

No matter how many times it could reconstruct itself, Mo Xie could break it as well, until it was permanently rendered rubbish!!

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