The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 497
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Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi stayed at the bottom of Heavenly Life Eastern Mountain for half a day before heading up the mountain.

The two of them should have been the first two to discover that prisoners had entered Heavenly Life Mountain. Presumably, there would be a large group of people who would be eliminated. When they encountered a few of these savage and terrible criminals, numerous young people would even lose their lives.

“What should we do now? Could it be that this breakthrough’s success or failure is determined by how many prisoners are killed?” Ye Qingzi asked Chu Mu.

“Let’s head up first. Half a day has passed, so somevthings have probably already occured.” Chu Mu rode on his Night Thunder Dream Beast in front of Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi began to head up the mountain when it was nearly evening. The sunset was shining on the ground, and the mountain shadow was growing longer, making it look like an enormous dragon living in seclusion there.

When the two of them began to walk up the slope, the smell of fresh blood began to waft down from higher up the mountain.

Chu Mu was extremely sensitive to the smell of blood and indicated for Ye Qingzi to stop first. He then rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast, agilely making his way around the higher ground.

“I couldn’t help but fight. I thought that the eighth realm young generation would be stronger. They’re only this much.” a crude laugh rang out.

Chu Mu looked on, and quickly found the owner of the voice. This was the same boorish prisoner who had been cultivating next to the pond. This person looked boorish, sloppy, and his facial hair hadn’t been trimmed in a long while.

This prisoner’s brown eyes were full of killing intent. Right now, this boorish prisoner’s eyes were staring at two pale faced young competitors.

The two of these young competitors had lost five soul pets, and the smell of blood had come from their five soul pets.

Next to the boorish prisoner were another three prisoners who were adjacent to soul pets that did not have weak aura. Clearly, with the cooperation with these four prisoners, he had easily defeated these young competitors.

“Release the signal, and have the competition authority guards throw the two of them out. That way each of our sentences will be decreased.” said the low-voiced man with a short jacket.

This short jacket man’s age was about thirty years old. Chu Mu could use use his soul remembrance to determine the strength of the other three soul pet trainers, but he was unable to determine this short jacket man’s strength.

Chu Mu was presently a fifth remembrance spirit master, and this was rather high in the second grade. Yet, this short jacket man’s soul remembrance was above his.

The four prisoners didn’t kill the two young competitors, but released a signal and had the competition authority guards to come here.

The competition authority guards were middle aged people. Their strength was much higher than the prisoners so even if the prisoners were wicked, the prisoners wouldn’t dare try and slight them when the guards landed.

“It’s best if you guys are well-behaved. If I find that you guys killed someone. The punishment will be determined accordingly and you won’t be able to escape!” the competition authority guard wearing silver armor swept his gaze over the four prisoners and spoke in a stern voice.

“But if these small things want to kill us and we kill them while resisting, does this also warrant punishment?” said the rather tall prisoner.

The silver armored competition authority guard wore a smile on his face as he said: “Did you really think that us putting you here was to truly lessen your sentence? A majority of people like you being sent here is equivalent to a death sentence. Prepare your minds, eh. You guys don’t have the qualifications to be of equivalent status to us and the competitors.”

“What are you saying!” the boorish prisoner immediately opened his eyes wide and looked extremely angry.

In reality, the competition authority guard’s words had angered the other three prisoners. After all, most of the prisoners who were released here died, so there was no need for them to go easy on the competitors. However, because the they were inherently unequal, the prisoners couldn’t kill the competitors while the competitors could kill the prisoners.

“You guys are merely a tool in the competition. Don’t place yourselves so highly.” arrogantly said the silver guard.

“One small thing. When your grandfather, I, was sweeping through Tianxia City, you hadn’t even started playing in the mud. If this was in the past, one of my secondary soul pets would be able to annihilate you!” the boorish man’s temper was very violent, and after he heard those words, his face immediately flushed red and he pointed at the silver armor man.

“What’s the matter? If you want to die, I can fulfill your wish.” the silver armor prisoner looked with contempt at this prisoner while his tone turned ice cold as he spoke.

“Zhang Tong, don’t be impulsive.” the short jacket man pulled him back while also having his soul pet suppress the boorish prisoner’s agitated soul pet.

The majority of these four peoples’ main pets had been killed or sealed. Obviously their main pets were not the competition authority guards’ opponents and if they made a move, it would be them that died.

“Behave yourselves!” the two competition authority guards let out a cold harrumph and each of them picked up a wounded young man as they flew into the air with them off Heavenly Life Mountain.

The two competition authority guards had wing type soul pets and flew very quickly. Not long after, they had reached high up in the air.

The four prisoners all looked coldly at the two arrogant guards. When they were finally far away, the prisoner called Zhang Tong indignantly said: “I knew we should have killed those two brats. That way we could vent some anger. Back then when I hadn’t entered hell yet, which person wasn’t respectful towards me…”

“Don’t talk about the past. Right now we’re prisoners. Each of us has to defeat five competitors, and our penalty will be lessened by half. It’s better if we’re more conservative. After all, even if we kill people, we’ll still be captured by the Tianxia competition authorities. We won’t be able to flee.” said the short jacket man.

When he got there, the short jacket man suddenly creased his brows, and his eyes darted to one side like a sword. Then he looked closely at the location Chu Mu was at.

“What’s the matter, Cai Ji?” asked the slightly bloated female middle aged soul pet trainer.

“There’s a person. Just now I sensed a soul remembrance pulse, but I thought it was the competition authority guard’s soul remembrance. But now that they’ve left, the soul remembrance still exists.” said Cai Ji in a low voice.

The boorish Zhang Tong was in fit right now, and when he heard that there was someone, he immediately jumped onto his Multi Colored Devil Tiger and charged in the direction Cai Ji had pointed in!!

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger had already reached the ninth phase low class monarch rank. Its strength would be among the stronger of the second grade. The Multi Colored Devil Tiger pounced forward and abruptly let out a roar!!

The roar carried a sound wave that expanded in all directions. It was an attempt to scare the enemy into making the mistake.

The roar reverberated on the hill. Zhang Tong rode on the Multi Colored Devil Tiger once around the area, but didn’t discover the traces of anyone.

“Boss Cai Ji, have you not fought for a long time or something and you’ve had a misperception? There’s no one there!” Zhang Tong was somewhat vexed as he spoke.

“Perhaps.” Cai Ji had immediately released his soul remembrance when he detected the movement, but he hadn’t detected anything. Added on Zhang Tong’s patrol and upon determining that there was no one else in the surroundings, he could only believe that it was a misconception…

“I’m in a fit of anger right now. Let’s just kill them now. There are definitely many things that need our spanking. If there’s a woman, I don’t care if there’s a punishment or not!” Zhang Tong clearly was a fellow with a violent temper. After speaking, he immediately rode up the mountain on his Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

The others didn’t think too much of it, and they all rode on their soul pets as they continued up the mountain to begin a competitor hunt.

Not long after they left, in a rock pit at the bottom of the slope, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi slowly appeared from within the shadows.

Beside them were the Night Thunder Dream Beast and Purple Robe Dream Beast. These prisoners were all middle aged, and perhaps their strength wasn’t much, but their perceptive abilities were very sharp. The two of their Dream Beasts had simultaneously used hiding techniques in order to barely escape their search.

“This a group of very adept soul pet trainers. We must be extra careful.” Chu Mu’s heart shook as he spoke.

Chu Mu’s hiding abilities were very strong, but was still discovred by Cai Ji. There indeed was a strength discrepancy between the young and middle aged generation.

“Yes, give them a bit of time to leave and then we’ll continue on.” said Ye Qingzi.

The reality was that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi could perhaps match these four prisoners in terms of strength, but there were four opponents. If they were to directly clash, prematurely expending their fighting strength was not wise. After all, the realm breakthrough lasted half a month.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi intentionally waited for a while. After ensuring that these people were a distance aways from them, they finally continue on.

The two of them didn’t determine the direction they wanted to head in for the moment so they could only follow the footsteps of the four prisoners. In effect, they were using the four prisoners to clear the path for them.

When night arrived, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were near a walkway when another dense smell of blood began to waft in from underneath the cliff away from the walkway.

“Did they get rid of competitors again?” Chu Mu was somewhat surprised as he spoke. These prisoners weren’t weak as they had gotten rid of another few young competitors.

This time, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi heightened their vigilance and didn’t rashly near the four prisoners.

They stayed there for a small period before Chu Mu had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use its advantage in the night to head down the walkway cliff to see where the smell of blood came from.

“Each of them must defeat 5 competitors to reduce their sentences in half. If there are four of them they must defeat a total of 20 young competitors. The Battle of the Realm Competition, having already reached the eighth realm, is already near the top of the pyramid in terms of strength. There are probably 20 Soul Palace competitors on Heavenly Life Mountain. That means that if all four prisoners are to cut their sentence in half, there’s a high chance they’ll bump into the strongest competitors of a large faction. The reality is that any of a faction’s top three will be difficult for them to deal with. Thus, the probability of them being able to reduce their sentences in half is extremely extremely low.” Ye Qingzi softly said to Chu Mu.

“Yes. The prisoners are definitely not just limited to them. If there are many groups of prisoners competing, and they all defeat these rather weak members, then there will ultimately have to be many of them that face stronger competitors in hopes of halving their sentences. I would presume that the Tianxia competition authorities have calculated it already. The strength of each competitor cannot be predicted by the Tianxia competition authorities, but they can use the data from past years to estimate the average strength of the eighth realm’s competitors. Then, according to the data, they can release a certain number of prisoners that is enough to eliminate most of the competitors while also ensuring that a good majority of the prisoners themselves are defeated or killed…” said Chu Mu. After speaking, he thought of something and added, “The eighth realm’s battle is very intense because if the number of prisoners and competitors are very uneven, the competition will undergo a “you die and I live” type of battle to even out the number on each side…”

Chu Mu’s words caused Ye Qingzi to begin pondering. Suddenly, a smile blossomed on her face and her beautiful eyes looked at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu saw Ye Qingzi smile at him. Her smile was beautiful but also gave people a feeling of intelligence. His heart slightly shook and he subconsciously reached for Ye Qingzi’s soft white hand to pull her closer to him.

“What are you doing?” Ye Qingzi was a bit embarrassed and her beautiful eyes glared at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was growing more and more improper and the moment he had an opportunity, he would make a move.

“Hehe.” Chu Mu laughed. His intentions were already very clear and there ostensibly was no need to explain.

“Straighten up a bit, I’m trying to talk about something serious.” Ye Qingzi seriously said.

“You talk, I’ll listen.” Chu Mu seriously said. Of course, he didn’t loosen his hand. Ye Qingzi’s hands were small and delicate, white and soft. Squeezing it felt like squeezing soft jade.

“You said just now that the number from each side would trend towards equilibrium. Thus, I feel that this should be a crucial part of the realm breakthrough. Half a month is capable of causing numerous competitors and prisoners to meet each other in various places, and the chances of fights breaking out is very high. The prisoners want to eliminate the competitors in order to decrease their sentences while also ensure that they are not killed by the competitors. Therefore, they will not go and provoke stronger competitors. This will gradually cause a group of stronger prisoners and competitors to remain on Heavenly Life Mountain, and it is this group that will successfully breakthrough the realm…” Ye Qingzi’s face was slightly red as she spoke.

“Ya, that makes sense. For each five people a prisoner kills, the prisoner’s sentence is lessened. Thus, if the competition authorities control the number of prisoners, they will be able to determine the number of successful competitors.” after listening to Ye Qingzi’s analysis, Chu Mu finally understood the competition authority’s goal!

“I wonder which competition authority higher up thought of this…” said Ye Qingzi.

“It really is ingenious. It’s very likely that numerous competitors won’t understand how to successfully breakthrough the realm even at the very end.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was silently praising the competition authorities for coming up with such a unique realm breakthrough method when the Night Thunder Dream Beast returned.

“What’s the situation like?” Chu Mu asked.

“Hui~~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast informed Chu Mu of what it saw using soul remembrance.

After listening, Chu Mu’s face changed!

Chu Mu had thought that it was the four prisoners who had eliminated some competitors, but the reality was that of the four prisoners, three had been killed. Only Cai Ji remained alive!!!

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