The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 370
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Chapter 370: Eighth Phase High Stage Night Thunder Dream Beast


The curved sword passed through. The moment the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil began to fall back down, the curved sword smashed into its skull, causing the skull to explode in midair!!


The enormous Centipede Tail Boulder Devil heavily smashed into the ground. A large portion of the low level dark crystal rock on its body had been shattered, and it resembled a brown boulder that had been blown up!

The rock splinters flew everywhere and struck the face of the stunned Luo Peng. At this moment, the New Hunting King was completely stunned. The Ghost King’s series of attacks had most directly displayed the difference between a true monarch and the pseudo monarch of the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil!

The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s skull had been shattered and, although this wouldn’t kill it, it had completely lost the strength to fight and lay on the ground without the strength to even crawl back up. In such a fight where one couldn’t switch soul pets while fighting, the moment a soul pet lost the strength to fight, winning would become extremely hard!

The entire audience went deathly silent. For a long time, there was no discussion. In front of an absolute display of strength, this silence was even more capable of expressing their shock at this violent monarch!

A moment later, Luo Peng finally returned from his shock. Having his confidence severely beaten, he grit his teeth and hastily chanted an incantation. He wanted to recall the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil into the soul pet space while simultaneously summoning his third pet!

Luo Peng was confident that once his main pet appeared, he absolutely had hope of turning the situation around!

“It’s over.” indifferently said Li Hen. Of everyone present, only he had remained calm as he had already expected the Ghost King to have such powerful strength!

“Although the the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil isn’t the Ghost King’s opponent, Luo Peng still has other powerful soul pets…” when Luo Peng’s comrades spoke these words, their confidence had clearly diminished because unless Luo Peng was able to pull off a tactic that the opponent completely did not expect in the subsequent fight, under such circumstances, he would ultimately lose.

The corners of Li Hen’s mouth rose. He didn’t explain any further to these fellows and instead stood up and walked towards the battlefield.

Luo Peng’s third pet summoning incantation was already being chanted. In a little while, his third soul pet would appear on the battlefield.

Only, when Luo Peng’s attention was fully absorbed by the Ghost King, he neglected an extremely vital problem. This happened to be the existence of the Night Thunder Dream Beast which had a powerful concealment ability!

The final chant was about to finish when a sleek black figure strangely flitted across the front of Luo Peng. Immediately, its black sharp-blade like mental blades attacked like a violent storm and violently attacked Luo Peng’s mind.

Luo Peng’s incantation was interrupted by the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s technique and his mind was also pierced by the sharp black swords. He let out a painful howl!

“Hurricane Fairy, Wind… Wind Dragon Bind!!” Luo Peng forcibly endured the pain and gave an order to the Hurricane Fairy!

Wind Dragon Bind was a low rank wind type technique and the Hurricane Fairy didn’t need to chant when it used it. Enduring the pain of having his mind pierced, Luo Peng was sure that, in the next moment, the loathful demon would be fiercely swept away.

However, the pain from mental piercing continued; this one second was incomparably long to Luo Peng, and by the time he discovered from the corner of this eye that the Ghost King had already appeared in front of him, Luo Peng finally abruptly realized that his Hurricane Fairy hadn’t used the technique!

“Hurricane Fairy?” a huge wave of emotions surged in Luo Peng’s heart. When he tried to connect with the Hurricane Fairy using his mind, he fell into complete despair.

A nightmare realm had completely filled the Hurricane Fairy’s consciousness. Luo Peng himself didn’t even know at what time Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream beast had used the Dream technique on his Hurricane Fairy that completely inhibited it!

“How is this possible?! How is this possible?! How could this Night Thunder Dream Beast get to my soul pet when I didn’t even detect it?!!” Luo Peng had been driven mad. Due to the pain of having his mind pierced and his confidence instantly shattered, his face became distorted!!

“It’s an eighth phase seventh stage Night Thunder Dream Beast. From the very beginning you looked down on your opponent, so how could you detect the existence of a soul pet which is most adept had concealing itself.” Li Hen had already walked onto the battlefield and indicated that Chu Mu didn’t have to continue fighting.

“Eighth phase seventh stage!!”

Luo Peng was stunned. He remembered back then the Night Thunder Dream Beast had only been at the seventh phase ninth stage. Even if it used spirit items to strengthen itself, it would have only been able to rise to about the eighth phase fourth stage.

Ting Lan’s eyes which were always as calm as the water also revealed a shocked expression. Eighth phase high stage. This Night Thunder Dream Beast’s strength increase was too terrifying, wasn’t it? One had to know that even Ting Lan had a few soul pets that were still stuck at the eighth phase high stage!

“How on earth did he increase its level? Could it be that he spent this entire time fighting?” Ting Lan muttered to herself.

Spirit items could increase a soul pet’s phase and stage, but a soul pet ultimately had to fight in order to unceasingly surpass itself. The only way one would be able to level up a soul pet from the seventh phase ninth stage to the eighth phase high stage in such a short period of time was through fighting without break. Moreover, it definitely had to be fighting those stronger than oneself because only by challenging creatures a higher phase and stage than itself could the most of its potential be stimulated!

Unconsciously, Ting Lan grew even more curious about this mysterious Chu MU.


This time, Luo Peng hadn’t even been able to summon his third pet before defeat!

Moreover, he had lost in a situation where there was such a huge difference in strength. The entire course of events didn’t even last that long!

A few months ago, Luo Peng felt that his strength was comparable to Chu Mu’s, only that his usage of soul pets was inferior to Chu Mu’s. In this period of time, he had doubled his requirements for himself and continuously trained in the bewildering world in hopes that he would be able to rely on hard work to surpass Chu Mu who had made him feel humiliation.

Only, the situation turned out completely different from what he had expected. Not only had he failed to beat Chu Mu, the difference in strength with Chu Mu had grown even wider; moreover, he no longer was an opponent on the same level as Chu Mu!

A mere few months of time, yet his strength had increased so quickly. Then, in another half a year, wouldn’t he stand at a height that he would have to look up to? Where on earth did such a person come from? Why had he been in Tianxia City for so long but had never heard of Soul Palace’s Chu Chen!

“Young Master Chu is much stronger than Li Hen when I was your age. This subordinate came this time to talk with you about ultimate honor of the third grade. With the strength Young Master Chu has displayed, there probably aren’t many people who have the qualifications to compete with you.” lauded Li Hen to Chu Mu.

Li Hen was already very happy with this young master beforehand. After witnessing his fight, he looked at the Young Master Chu who had walked out of the most dangerous area of an eighth rank bewildering world with even more respect.

“I’m not interested in the third grade honor.” Chu Mu shook his head and recalled the Night Thunder Dream Beast and Ghost King.

“Oh, why is that?” Li Hen silently felt confused. As a young generation expert, there was no reason not to participate in the Battle of the Realm. The third grade’s ultimate honor was something that countless people would be willing to embark down the bloody path of becoming an expert in order to obtain this ultimate proof of authority!

“No, you must participate in the Battle of the Realm!” suddenly, the defeated Luo Peng began to loudly shout!

If Chu Mu didn’t participate in the Battle of the Realm, then he would never be able to emancipate himself. He was unreconciled, absolutely unreconciled. This clearly was a young man whose strength wasn’t very different than his, so having to watch him walk towards even higher strength levels was something he couldn’t do!

“The third grade ultimate honor belongs to me, Luo Peng. I will definitely step on you and obtain victory!” Luo Peng’s entire face was flushed red as evidently, his emotions had reached their limit!

“That Wang Xu, bring him back to your Hunting Association. This little bit of ability has no qualifications to shout and scream in my Soul Palace!” Li Hen creased his brows. What he hated the most was people who didn’t understand their own circumstances. In his opinion, since he had been defeated, he should have obediently shut his mouth, gone back to wherever he should go back to, properly reflect there and continue to work hard instead of shouting and screaming here!

“Who are you?! What does a fight between the young generation have to do with you?!” Luo Peng had already lost a bit of control as he angrily spoke.

Luo Peng had his own middle age experts who supported him at the Hunting Association, so even if he was in front of Li Hen, this Soul Palace expert, he simply didn’t fear him!

Wang Peng had just jumped into the battlefield from the audience when he suddenly heard Luo Peng’s words. Instantly, he began to break into a cold sweat!

Hearing those words, Li Hen’s entire being immediately turned icy cold. His eyes were like icy sharp swords that pierced into Luo Peng’s eyes. Abruptly, a terrifying and vicious aura filled his entire body!

Li Hen’s entire body began a piece of frosty ice and his eyes became imposing. This aura of strength was much more powerful than that of Soul Alliance’s Qin Ye that he had encountered back then!

“I’ll give you one day to bring your teacher of elder to Soul Palace!” LI Hen’s voice was even able to lower the surrounding temperature!!

An expert!!

Chu Mu who was standing next to Li Hen was even stunned. He never expected that this subordinate of Palace Lord Yu to have such a powerful grandeur!! He absolutely was an expert that would garner the respect of others!!

“Senior Li Hen, Senior Li Hen, Luo Peng is young and hot headed. Please don’t blame him. Please calm down, please calm down…” Wang Xu was so scared his face was pale. As a second grade expert, even he didn’t have the least bit of drive at this moment and was completely like a lowly peasant!

“Big brother Li, just leave it. He just couldn’t control his emotions for a moment.” at this point, Ting Lan’s voice slowly rang out.

Luo Peng stood there stunned. A cold sweat was breaking out on his body like water and had completely soaked his clothes.

Li Hen’s grandeur made him feel as if he had stepped into the boundaries of death. His entire being had been filled with terror and even his soul was shaking!! Luo Peng had the support of Hunting Association experts, but of all the people he recognized, none of them had reached the level of the man in front of him!!

“Scram!!” coldly said Li Hen. Li Hen seemed to only be about thirty years old, but he no longer cared about fights between the young generation. However, if a young person who thought he was hot stuff kept on jumping about, Li Hen wouldn’t mind teaching a lesson to the person backing this young man as well to prevent people from forgetting his name!!

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