The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 338
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Chapter 338: Second Grade’s Strongest, Hunter Wang Xu

Upon leaving Soul Palace, Chu Mu immediately went to the Hunting Association

Perhaps it was because he had felt the two different majesties of the Realm Thrones and Soul Palace, when Chu Mu saw other constructs that should have made him exclaim in admiration, he was instead calm.

Upon entering the Hunting Association, Chu Mu thought of the young woman, Xiao Qin, who had enthusiastically helped him with the hunting information in Dun City.

Thus, when Chu Mu walked into the main hunting hall, he specially asked if this young woman was in the main hunting hall.

Indeed, a short while later, Xiao Qin came over wearing light pink clothing. As she jogged over, her face was rosym and she looked very cute, especially with four chain earrings falling from her pretty ears, they swayed around as she jogged, accentuating her graceful face...

“Young Master Chu Chen, you’ve finally come.” Xiao Qin raised her pretty face, putting on a very cute and obedient expression.

Chu Mu nodded his head and handed the soul capture ring in his hands to Xiao Qin. He said: “There should be about 10 soul pets in there. Help me get rid of them to the Hunting Association. I’ll go to the adjacent medicine shop to buy some medicine.”

“Oh, ok. I’ll immediately have an appraisal master appraise your ten soul pets.” Xiao Qin took the ring and dealt with the soul pets obtained in the wild as requested by Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had a total of 60 million on him at the moment so he had to gather another 40 million before buying the Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heart.

Although the Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heart could very well be a trap set by Xia Guanghan, Chu Mu really needed this spirit item. Therefore, he would gather the money first and Palace Lord Yu would help him buy it. Presumably with a grand Palace Lord, even if there was some conniver behind the scenes manipulating things, this person wouldn’t dare play any tricks.

Chu Mu bought about 50 seventh level healing medicine. Chu Mu also prepared to gather various seven level anti-poison medicines and spent money to buy 10 eighth level medicines.

10 eighth level medicines were 5 million gold, majubg Chu Mu’s heart hurt. Only, since he was going to head to the eighth rank bewildering world, these expensive medicines were necessary!

Spending approximately 7 million on medicine, he spent another 3 million on two months worth of soul pet cores thus spending another 10 million.

Thankfully, when Chu Mu was hunting, he gathered multiple spirit items, corpse materials, spirit crystals, soul crystals and soul crystal-like things. All of these things were worth about 10 million once sold and could resolve the considerable costs he spent just now.

Xiao Qin did things very efficiently and quickly. Chu Mu got rid of everything he needed to and Xiao Qin handed over a spatial ring with 40 million inside to Chu Mu.

“So quick?” asked Chu Mu as he was a bit astonished.

“Yup, I lived here when I was young, and I know many uncles. I gave the ring to them and they quickly bought them for normal value. Young master, you really trusted me. You gave me 40 million worth of soul pets.” said Xiao Qin shyly.

“Mhm, thanks. Oh, Xiao Qin, are there any missions for the Ancient Wasteland?” asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had already told Palace Lord Yu that it would be best for the eighth rank internal mission to be in the eight rank bewildering world, the Ancient Wasteland, he was going to. But, if the Hunting Association had a mission in the Ancient Wasteland, he would take that because he would take the money faster.

“Mhm, okay…” Xiao Qin nodded her head. However, she quickly realized something and opened her eyes wide. She looked at Chu Mu for a few seconds, “Young Master Chu Chen, the Ancient Wasteland is an eighth rank bewildering world. You’re going there?”

“I have a sixth rank title; am I not allowed to look over it?” asked Chu Chen.

Looking at Chu Mu’s expression, Xiao Qin knew that this man really was going to the Ancient Wasteland.

Xiao Qin obviously knew how terrifying the eighth rank bewildering world and practically all the missions there were of the eighth rank. She never would have expected that Chu Mu would have taken an eighth rank mission at the sixth rank.

“The rules say you can’t, but if young master wants to, Xiao Qin can probably still help you…” said Xiao Qin in a very soft voice.

Chu Mu’s face showed a pleasantly surprised expression, as he never expected this young woman from the Hunting Association to have such methods. If he could obtain an eighth rank mission in the Hunting Association, as well as Soul Palace’s palace mission, he could potentially even earn 200 million this trip. Zhan Ye’s equipment, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s spirit items and White Nightmare’s spirit items could all be dealt with in one go!


Chu Mu waited for a while in Hunting Association’s main hall. Then, very unfortunately, he happened to see Dun City’s New Hunting King, Luo Peng, walk in through the entrance.

Next to Luo Peng was a dark man. This man looked like someone who easily submerged into crowds. Carefully looking at him, he found that this fellow had brown pupils and always carried an imposing aura. When people glanced at him, they would unconsciously reveal a timid expression.

“Big Brother Wang, how can I compare to you when it comes to hunting? Right now you can completely rely on your own strength to roam an eighth rank bewildering world. On the other hand, I can only roam an seventh rank bewildering world.” Luo Peng walk while respectfully smiling and talking to the man next to him.

The dark man’s position wasn’t average and when he entered the Hunting Association’s main hall, the hunting affairs members and hunting members greeted him as he calmly walked past them.

“It’s Wang Xu. I heard that he brought back a middle class monarch rank child pet from Huikui Forest not long ago and sold it for 200 million. I’m sure this gold can raise his soul pets by a level!” the few people beside Chu Mu began to talk in a soft voice.

“He’s the strongest person in the second grade Battle of the Realm this time. There’s still nine months before the Battle of the Realm and the team he leads this time should be able to obtain a high ranking this time, garnering honor for our Hunting Association.”

“That’s right. Oh, I heard that Wang Xu used to be just a regular servant in the Hunting Association before?”

“This isn’t a secret anymore. He has no background and he relied solely on his own strength to reach this level.”

The dark man called Wang Xu who walked into the Hunting Association’s main hall became the focal point and everyone beside Chu Mu was talking about him.

Since he was a second grade expert, Chu Mu naturally had to pay attention him. After all, he would become his competitor in nine months.

“Oh? You’re here too? I really was unable to find you.” quickly, Luo Peng discovered Chu Mu comfortably sitting in the Hunting Association’s main hall.

Chu Mu didn’t actually regard Luo Peng as his competitor and merely glanced at him, indifferently. He didn’t say anything.

“Big Brother Wang, this is Soul Palace’s Chu Chen, who I mentioned to you before.” Luo Peng didn’t realize Chu Mu had ignored him; instead, he specially pointed him out to Wang Xu.

“Oh, you’re the person that defeated Luo Peng. Soul Palace indeed had many hidden experts.” Wang Xu stood there and his brown eyes stared at Chu Mu.

Wang Xu’s gaze wasn’t pejorative; rather, he looked at Chu Mu with the expression of an elder. His gaze also made people uncomfortable, especially because this fellow seemed to be deliberately talking for Luo Peng. His eyes nurtured by many battles and slightly beastialized seeped with an imposing intent.

Chu Mu’s gaze turned cold. When other people displayed their fangs, Chu Mu’s savage tendencies would also flow from his eyes.

Wang Xu felt Chu Mu meet him head on, and promptly wasn’t polite. He completely released his aura!

When the black pupils met the gaze of the brown pupils, it was like two ice cold swords crossing blades. Killing intent virtually pervaded the air, dropping the temperature of the surroundings!

Luo Peng stood to the side in a daze as he stared at these two wild beasts. One had to know that Luo Peng himself would often roam savage bewildering worlds, but he felt that these two people were even more terrifying than those savage and powerful soul pets.

“Isn’t this Brother Wang... eh?” Xiao Qin walked in, unaware of the situation. She was about to greet Wang Xu, when she was suddenly scared pale by the ice cold faceoff between Chu Mu and Wang Xu.

Seeing the cute Xiao Qin walk in, Wang Xu was the first to withdraw his overbearing pressure, and he put on an expression as if nothing had ever happened...

“Sister Xiao Qin, have you been well recently?” laughed Wang Xu.

“Yes...yes…” Xiao Qin still hadn’t recovered from the shock. Her face was pale, and she looked at the dark Wang Xu before looking at Chu Mu who was releasing his savage aura.

“Big brother still has stuff to do. I’ll leave first.” Wang Xu gave a greeting, but didn’t say anything more. Promptly, he walked towards the inner hall of the Hunting Association.

Xiao Qin still had a confused expression, while Luo Peng’s expression was rather strange.

“Chu Chen, I want to fight you again. You pick the time and place.” Luo Peng naturally wouldn’t just leave like this. He recovered from his shocked state and then immediately spoke to Chu Mu.

“I also happen to be going to train in the seventh rank bewildering world. When I return, we’ll fight again. We’ll set the time to be two months later and you can pick the battlefield.” Luo Peng was rather confident in himself.

After speaking, Luo Peng seemed to have things to talk about still with Wang Xu and he hastily followed behind. He also ignored whether Chu Mu actually agreed to his fight.

Chu Mu didn’t care. His gaze fell on Xiao Qin who was slowly recovering. He was silently baffled and surprised that this young woman seemed to have many capabilities and didn’t seem to be as simple as a normal Hunting Association affairs member...

“Are there mission in the Ancient Wasteland?” Chu Mu didn’t investigate Xiao Qin’s circumstances and instead asked about what he cared about.

“There is. It’s a 100 million reward, but…” Xiao Qin hastily nodded her head.


Hunting Association’s inner hall

“No wonder you lost to him. This Soul Palace brat clearly is one of Soul Palace’s abnormal young people.” Wang Xu glanced at Luo Peng as he spoke.

“Big Brother Wang, back then I only summoned one main pet. Moreover, in two months, I’ll have two main pets that can increase to an eighth phase pseudo monarch. When that time comes, he definitely won’t be my opponent.” Luo Peng was a bit unreconciled as he spoke.

“When you lost to him, you didn’t lose to his opponents. His coldness and calmness was cultivated through an extremely long period of abnormal training. Even if your soul pets are stronger than his, the chances of you losing are higher than you winning.”

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