The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 249
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Chapter 249: Cyan Hidden Dragon

“A commander rank Hundred Mother will spawn creatures that are a level lower in rank and phase and stage. In other words, this Hundred Mother could very well be a ninth phase commander. Furthermore, the strength of the creatures spawned aren’t all equal. Similar to what you said before; some of them can strengthen themselves, and others cannot.” said the old scholar.

If it was a ninth phase commander, then the city central city officials would be able to find a few experts to deal with it, and Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi felt that these people would be able to eliminate these monsters.

“Of course, this is merely the most conservative estimate… the attached pets of the Hundred Mother can also subdivide. For instance, what you encountered probably were foraging attached pets and their fighting strength isn’t too strong; within a Hundred Mother’s nest, there are also fighting attached pets, and the strength of these attached pets is comparatively powerful; they definitely aren’t on the same level as foraging attached pets. Although I expect this to only be a ninth phase Hundred Mother, without any mishaps, its strength could potentially be even stronger.” the old scholar continued to say.

Hearing the old scholar mention this, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi let out awkward expressions.

Chu Mu enjoyed to fight at his limit and challenge stronger soul pets. However, if the opponent’s strength was too terrifying, Chu Mu wouldn’t stupidly go and attempt the impossible.


After bidding farewell to the old scholar, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi quickly returned to the city government, and the two of them gave a realistic account to the city official Li Gu…

Upon hearing the news, Li Gu’s face turned even more worried, and he contemplated for a long while in a stressed state.

Li Gu himself was a spirit master, and had a few eighth and ninth phase commander ranks. His strength could barely reach what the old scholar described as the lowest level of the Hundred Mother. However, despite this, he potentially was not this monster’s opponent.

“No one has any solution?” Li Gu’s voice was heavy as he stared at all the captains present.

All of the captains lowered their heads. Faced with such a situation, they could only request assistance from above to resolve it. Unfortunately, right now was extremely untimely…

“Dong Qing, what exactly happened that such a large Li city cannot dispatch experts to deal with this matter.” asked Chu Mu.

Li City should be an extremely strong city, and the experts in it should have been like clouds and hard to count. What made Chu Mu feel rather strange was that with such a serious matter, Li CIty unexpectedly couldn’t find experts to deal with it. Instead, they had these young city officials resolve it. This truly was a bit outrageous.

Dong Qing revealed a bit of hesitancy and for a while, didn’t seem like he was intent on saying why.

Ye QIngzi was also curious like Chu Mu. Perhaps, aside from city official Li Gu, the other city guards were extremely curious about this matter. Why would Li City not place importance on this incomparably brutal thing?

Dong Qing didn’t immediately speak and instead retreated out of the room.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi followed. Just now, Dong Qing had used soul remembrance to tell Chu Mu this matter wasn’t something that could be rashly spread.

“This thing occurred two months ago…” Dong Qing eventually opened his mouth.

“Two months ago, our Li City discovered the tracks of a powerful soul pet. This soul pet should have been the hegemon of some place, and because of some reason, entered our Li City. At that time, a few of our city’s experts had a great fight with it and it retreated, wounded, underground, hiding underneath Li City.

This matter disturbed all of Li City’s experts. It can be regarded that right now, practically every expert’s attention has been placed on this soul pet underneath Li City, waiting for it to appear.”

Chu Mu’s gaze displayed an expression that he was at a bit of a loss. He felt that this matter seemed to be a bit too strange. Why would a powerful wild soul pet come into a human city?

The stronger a soul pet was, the higher its intelligence was. Bewildering World powerful soul pets would rarely enter human residences; after all, humans had many experts and them taking a risk to enter a society of humans would lead them to suffer from a group attack. Ultimately, they would definitely be cruelly killed.

“What creature is it that with so strong strength can shake the entire Li City?” immediately asked Ye Qingzi.

“This… ai… whatever. In truth, right now there are already many people that know.” Dong Qing’s expression turned more serious and he said, “If I’m not wrong, it should be an extremely strong mature Hidden Cyan Dragon.”

“Cyan Hidden Dragon!” Hearing this name, Chu Mu’s heart instantly began to violently beat!

Cyan Hidden Dragon. Could it be the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon? It appeared in Li City!

“Chu Chen?” Dong Qing and Ye Qingzi’s eyes fell on Chu Mu because his reaction had been exceptionally large, causing others to feel it was a bit strange.

Chu Mu naturally knew he had to keep the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s matters an absolute secret so he promptly fixed his expression and explained: “I’m only very astonished. I never expected such a powerful dragon species soul pet would appear in Li City.”

“My father didn’t think this event would occur. In reality, this Cyan Hidden Dragon had a goal by coming to our Li City.” said Dong Qing.

“Goal? What goal?” immediately asked Chu Mu.

“This… I’m not too sure. I only became of it from my father.” helplessly said Dong Qing.

“You mean that right now everyone’s attention is focused on the Cyan Hidden Dragon hidden underground, and they don’t have the effort to pay heed to the Western Street matter?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“That’s pretty much it. Although the size of that Cyan Hidden Dragon is enormous, its hiding abilities are extremely strong. We’ve already been searching for two consecutive months and we still haven’t found it. Afterwards, I don’t know who leaked the information, but the Soul Alliance’s people were informed and recently, a few Soul Alliance experts have entered our Li City.” said Dong Qing.

Chu Mu was silent. He presently really wanted to know why the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon that had fled suddenly returned to a human city. Could it be that there was some vital object that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had to obtain?

“You guys think about it. What expert doesn’t want to see a Cyan Hidden Dragon and join in on the liveliness, even if it’s hard to tame? Who would still pay attention to strange occurrences happening on Western Street? Moreover, since the Cyan Hidden Dragon could appear at any time and its fighting strength is extremely powerful, it can easily cause very terrifying destruction. Li City patrol members always have to guard their post while also finding this Cyan Hidden Dragon’s tracks. Therefore, it’s very hard to dispatch people…” said Dong Qing.

“Why are you guys certain this Cyan Hidden Dragon is still in the city and that it hasn’t fled to another place? After all, this was something from two months ago.” asked Ye Qingzi.

“I’m not too clear about this. However, my father is sure it’s still in the city. Further, the moment we lower our guards, it will come out from underground. The situation is like this: the Cyan Hidden Dragon is the important matter among important matters; this Western Street matter can only be resolved by us.” said Dong Qing.

Originally, the Cyan Hidden Dragon matter had to be kept extremely confidential. Dong Qing told Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi because he trusted them. After he finished speaking, his gaze fell on Chu Mu, and he found that Chu Mu seemed to have been quiet for a rather long time.

“Chu Chen, why do I feel you’re acting strange?” asked Dong Qing.

Chu Mu woke up and apologetically laughed: “It’s nothing, I just suddenly thought of something.”

“What thing?”

“You said the Cyan Hidden Dragon is hidden underground. The Hundred Mother we’ve presently encountered is also living in the sewers. Moreover, they number an extremely large amount. Previously you said that a soul pet trainer is controlling these Li City savage creature, so I was thinking if that sinister soul pet trainer was a person attempting to find the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Using his Hundred Mother’s unique ability, he could have the attached pets that enjoy living underground search; in other words, during the day, they try and find the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s tracks, while at night they forage in the city.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s words made Dong Qing open his eyes wide and he abruptly slapped his thigh. With sudden realization he said: “What you said really could be a possibility!”

“Your thinking truly is sharp.” praised Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu merely laughed. Just now he had been thinking about the question of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon appearing here. After hearing Dong Qing mention that everyone in the city was looking for it while strange things had occurred on Western Street, he discovered that if he linked the two matters together, it was rather logical. After all, a few sinister soul pet trainers would do such heartless things for a benefit.

“We’re incapable of participating in the Cyan Hidden Dragon matter. However, no matter what, we can’t let this fellow run amok on my territory either!” said Dong Qing as he grit his teeth.

“Actually I have a method. However, this method won’t necessarily be able to get rid of the Hundred Mother and that soul pet trainer. At most it will be able to eradicate those attached pets, pretty much weakening that Hundred Mother’s strength.” said Ye Qingzi.

“What method?!” Dong Qing was a bit excited as he looked at Ye Qingzi. He was clearly a hedonistic child of rich parents, yet he was extremely responsible towards his job.

Ye Qingzi lifted her head and pointed at the pattering curtain of rain as she slowly opened her mouth and said: “Although those things can stay underwater, they evidently cannot go without breathing for long. Since a large number of them are gathered in the sewers underneath, we can probably search for a map of the city’s underground composition and block up Western City’s underground sewers. Afterwards, have all soul pet trainers that control water type soul pets pour water into the sewers under Western Street, completely filling that area up with water. Even if they’ve dug up a safe secret room, with so many attached pets, after a day, the oxygen left in their secret room won’t be enough. This way we’ll be able to directly suffocate these things to death…”

Ye Qingzi’s words made Dong Qing’s eyes suddenly light up!!

“This is a great idea!! How did I not think of it?!!” Dong Qing immediately began to praise.

Unable to directly face them they had to outsmart them. Chu Mu felt that Ye Qingzi’s method was very practical!

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