The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 1230
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Stirring in Sleep!

A stirring in sleep caused Chu Mu to almost be scared to death.

And, this ancient dragon person was truly too scary. Just because it was sleeping, it forced so many high ranking organisms to sleep with it. Were these organisms just useless slaves to him?

“It says up there that on the hundredth full solar eclipse, it will truly awaken. If we count from the moment it went to sleep, it’ll wake up the next full solar eclipse.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“Full solar eclipse?” Chu Mu furrowed his brows and seemed to think of something.

Humans counted with year, mostly using the seasons. In reality, most organisms didn’t count time with that and instead use the sun and the moon.

The so called sun and moon cycle wasn’t day and night. It was a cycle of Moon Tide and Solar Eclipse!

The Moon Tides were when the moonlight is the fullest. Many plant type organisms in the world would emit reproductive pollen only when the moonlight reaches a certain height.

And the flower pollen floating through the air would also have arousing effects, causing the natural world to reproduce at a higher rate.

This period covers a long period of time, usually over two decades. It is said that ancient humans used the Moon Tides to count time too.

After one Moon Tide, there would certainly be a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse marks the end of the mass reproduction. After that, the number of organisms will decrease.

Chu Mu entered the south forbidden realm before the independence battle and fought a war for the south forbidden realm. That south forbidden realm was in the moon tide period where soul pets were reproducing like crazy!

The moon tide marks the start of reproduction, so the overpopulation must have been ten or twenty years after the start. This means the moon tide is about to end soon.

After the moon tide ended, the solar eclipse would happen. The solar eclipse should be set to happen in the upcoming few years!

Ancient Dragon Person’s strength was terrifying beyond Chu Mu’s imagination. However, he knew for sure that the moment it appeared, all of New Moon Ground, no, a large portion of the human territory nearby would fall under the ancient dragon person’s rule!

Just thinking about it scared Chu Mu!

More importantly, why was he born at this exact moment? It had been asleep for over three thousand years!

“The wind palace was likely created by the civilization at the time. Those that wrote these words down probably wanted to remind the people of this land that disaster would strike when it awakens.” Princess Jin Rou explained.

After he got there, Chu Mu’s mind started swimming with scenes.

Because these scenes come from a long time ago, Chu Mu sometimes would see them in his dreams, but would always forget about them once he woke up.

For some reason, Chu Mu felt these images slowly become clearer in his mind…...

It was a running beast that had a powerful fighting strength, and the reputation to command an entire army. Yet, Chu Mu saw it running away begrudgingly, running for its life as if something were chasing it!

This time, Chu Mu remembered!

Chu Mu’s heart shook. Can it be that the organism that was chasing this powerful beast was the ancient dragon person?

The scenes started appearing in Chu Mu’s mind continuously. Chu Mu saw this beast run through the plains, through forests, over the great ocean, continuously running, but also seemingly searching for something.

“The mural seems to say there is something in the ocean that can continue the ancient dragon person’s slumber.” Princess Jin Rou said.

With Princess Jin Rou’s reminder, Chu Mu understood. Presumably, the beast had found the special item that put the ancient dragon person into a slumber that lasted 3000 years…...

However, what was it, and if the ancient dragon person woke up in another solar eclipse, what could they use to stop the disaster this time?

“En, there’s something hidden below it.” Princess Jin Rou knelt down and found a hidden groove at the bottom of the wall painting.

Chu Mu touched it, and found that the hidden groove slowly opened up.

“To those that have received favor, please repay the favor.” The string of ancient words floated into Chu Mu’s ears.

After the hidden groove opened, a dazzling gleam came out from within!

The brilliant brown created a beautiful halo that interlaced and fell around the crystal core. The soul core laid there silently, filled with a sacred aura.

Chu Mu took the soul crystal out, and put it on her palm to examine.

“My god!!” Suddenly, Old Li yelled out at the top of his lungs.

When Chu Mu was still immersed in the glory of the glow, he was forced out of the mental state by Old Li’s yelling.

“What are you yelling for!” Chu Mu yelled back, clearly annoyed.

“My god….. Heavens….. Young master, do you know what you’re holding in your hands?!” Old Li yelled again.

“Isn’t it just a soul core?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow.

“Of course it’s a soul core, but can’t young master use your brain for a second and see what rank it is?” Old Li yelled.

“I feel like its rank is high, but I really don’t know its rank.” Chu Mu said.

Soul cores are valuable, but not extremely. If it were a soul crystal, Chu Mu would be much happier because those could be used directly to strengthen soul pets.

“This is a soul core of an organism beyond dominator rank!”

Old Li said this and Chu Mu finally realized!

A soul core’s value was approximately a hundredth of a similar level soul crystal. A low class dominator rank soul crystal is worth 500 xuan, a low class dominator rank soul core is only about 5-25 xuan.

5 to 25 xuan was not much for Chu Mu’s rank.

However, for any emperor rank, it would be a massive wealth!

By the same principle, if the thing in his hands was truly the soul core of an organism beyond dominator rank, then to him, a person in dominator rank, it is a top tier xuan item!

“Beast, bug type soul core. Young master can go tell Ye Qingzi to split it up and create a xuan item. Zhan Ye’s middle class, high class, and even top tier dominator xuan items would all be available then!” Old Li yelled excitedly.

Of Chu Mu’s soul pets, Zhan Ye’s xuan items were the hardest to find. After all, the many types of Little Hidden Dragon could now be improved through battle. Mo Xie’s strength grew directly with his soul remembrance. Zhan Ye was low rank because he had no xuan item!

And now, beast and bug type beyond dominator rank soul cores could perfectly solve this. Chu Mu just had to tell Ye Qingzi to combine the dark sub type and Zhan Ye’s strength would raise!

Chu Mu’s heart was beating heavily. This time, it wasn’t because of danger, and purely because of excitement.

If Zhan Ye was top tier dominator rank, just how powerful would Zhan Ye become?

Holding the sacred aura’s soul core, Chu Mu’s hand was slightly shaking!

Indeed, there were sacred items!

Chu Mu truly didn’t expect that after they deciphered the mystery of New Moon Ground’s Heaven Boundary Monument, he would get a Sacred Item! After having the sacred item and raising the strength of his soul pet, no matter how large the world is, where did he not dare to go?

“Chu Mu…. it says that those who receive the favor should also repay it….” Princess Jin Rou reminded Chu Mu in a small voice. She seemed to understand this already. Glancing at the excited Chu Mu, he continued, “If you take this soul core, it means you must get rid of this ancient dragon person’s awakening.”

Princess Jin Rou’s words caused Chu Mu to become much more awake.

The ancient dragon person was incredibly powerful. At least, one could see that from the sealed top tier species there.

If it awoke, new moon ground would have to migrate because no one would be its foe. Possibly even divine sect would have barely anyone stronger than this ancient dragon person.

“The monument tears have already awoken me once. This was bound to be my duty anyways.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu was quite understanding of this.

If there’s a cause, there’s an effect. The heaven boundary monument would never help a human for no reason.

However, this mission truly was a little too difficult.

“Young master, the most powerful species of every type is here. It may not be the most powerful water type in the world, but it definitely has one of the highest species ranks and lives at the top of the organism pyramid. This fellow isn’t going to be easy to deal with. I suggest you tell this to the divine sect.” Old Li said.

“Tell divine sect- would they solve it?” Chu Mu asked.

“Of course, you think a small place like New Moon Ground could contain this disaster? The reason heaven boundary monument is here means that this land once had the most powerful organism in the world. If it awakens, let alone new moon ground, the entire He Territory will sink into the ocean!”

Princess Jin Rou nodded. Such an organism is no longer something a small realm could deal with.

“Speaking of which, when is the next solar eclipse? Don’t tell me it’s just in the next year or two.” Chu Mu asked.

“I’ll have to calculate it based off the star and sun paths. I’ll give you an estimate.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“I saw some memories in heaven boundary monument. The owner of this soul core seemed to have put something in a very special place in the ocean. The thing seems to be used against the ancient dragon person.” Chu Mu said.

“Then let’s try our best to find it.” Princess Jin Rou said.

Chu Mu nodded and his thoughts started wandering.

On the other side of the ocean, he still had a soul pet wandering as a nomad…...

“Shouldn’t it be time that it comes back?” Chu Mu thought to himself.

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