The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 1074
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The silver devil flames were even darker now. The raise in soul remembrance caused Chu Mu’s power to raise as well. Half devil Chu Mu himself was already not far from low class dominator rank. This raise in soul remembrance caused him to become three ranks higher than normal pseudo dominator ranks.

If Yi Jun’s demon hid far away, Chu Mu may not have been able to attack it. However, this thing stood right in front of him, which was no different from looking for death.


Vines and branches started knotting together behind Chu Mu. The plants were already wrapped in the entire Wanxiang Altar. The countless structures of palaces were now covered in plant mountains reaching the skies with blue deadly flowers hanging off the side.

The defector young woman was only ten meters away from Chu Mu. Her cold eyes blinked with a purple blue glow!

Everywhere, the deadly flowers opened up like the reaper’s gaze. Deep within the flower grew a deep blue glow of energy!


All the death flowers released a blue energy pulse. The blue energy burst through the space and all went towards Chu Mu. These rings of blue rippled outwards like the ocean. At the same time, this energy was filled with destructive force. The entire bridge disintegrated into countless pieces and fell from the skies.

All the energy intersected where Chu Mu was. Chu Mu glanced at the Emperor Concubine just ten meters away, and glanced using his other pupils at the blue pulses that went towards him from behind.

Chu Mu coldly laughed, the devil flames on his body suddenly becoming powerful. His body also quickly disintegrated under the devil flames.

Behind Emperor Concubine Chu Xi’s appeared silently burning with devil flames. From within the flames showed an evil face slowly appear. Soon following, the silver body and slender arms came.

In the devil flames, Chu Mu extended his hand. The palm was directly faced towards Chu Xi’s neck!

At this moment, the technique defector young girl cast was flying straight towards her, while behind her, the silver half devil’s palm was gathering a restless energy!

Spatial Burst!

The space within the palm suddenly distorted and exploded!

The energy was enough to destroy a body of flesh completely. After the shrill sound, Chu Mu saw the defector young girl’s body blast into countless pieces because of the spatial explosion.

However, blood didn’t spill outwards. Her body’s fragments slowly disappeared with flickers of light.

Chu Mu lifted her head to find the defector young girl appearing at the top of the Wanxiang altar, covered in plants.

“A fake one.” Chu Mu humphed. Clearly, this woman also had a technique to instantly switch spots.

With the defector young woman gone, all the energy pulses from the flowers of death again attacked Chu Mu. This time, he couldn’t cast displacement specter in time anymore.

Chu Mu’s right hand that cast spatial burst didn’t retract. Suddenly flipping his palm, a spatial whirl appeared in his palm, spinning rhythmically!

Wind cave!

The space became a whirlpool that ended within Chu Mu’s balm. The thousands of energies became streams of power that poured into Chu Mu’s hand.

Absorbing all the energy into another space, Chu Mu tightened his grasp, letting slivers of black energy slowly leak out from his fingers.


The blue energy was made black and was imbued with a dark corrosive power.

The layers of black energy flipped around and shot towards Wanxiang Altar’s tangle of plants!


Wanxiang altar started shaking. The top part of the plants were disintegrated, leaving a large part bare.

Chu Mu flew into the air. With a slight wave of his hand, Chu Mu summoned nine silver devil flame dragons into existence!

These dragons were a few thousand meters long. When they travelled around Wanxiang altar, lighting up the air around Wanxiang altar!

The dragons flew through imposingly, spreading devil flames everywhere. Immediately, the skies of Wanxiang altar became a magnificent sea of flames!

The clouds were below while the sea of flames were above, creating a duo layer of darkness and flames. Between the cloud and flame sea was the highest point of Wanxiang altar. Emperor Concubine stared at the flames and her expression turned grave.   

The plants that surrounded the entire Wanxiang altar was Emperor Concubine’s territory. It was something she could control easily and release destructive energy,

Similarly, Chu Mu had a devil flame sea territory. This territory’s power was far superior to defector young girl Chu Xi’s plant mountain!

What caused defector young girl to furrow her brows was, Chu Mu’s devil flames were fire type, and could directly burn her soul. Though she already gave her plants fire resistance, the flames were never powerful because of their burning power; they were powerful because of their damage to the soul.

Soul attacks couldn’t be blocked by water type. This meant she likely would get her soul wounded, just like last time.

Just as she was considering the pros and cons, she suddenly noticed the silver devil man ride the massive flaming dragon downwards, pushing towards her!

Emperor Concubine Chu Xi glanced at Chu Mu. He was still fighting like in Xiangrong City, like an absolute maniac.

A hint of violence rising in her heart, defector young girl used her mind to control her plants beneath her feet.

The blue death flower suddenly blossomed with petals. The petals fell all around, leaving sharp routes behind them and becoming a storm of flower blades!!

The moment the petal storm appeared, all the clouds were completely dissipated. The devil flame dragon that Chu Mu rode was cut into countless pieces and became harmless sparks.

However, this didn’t matter to Chu Mu. Chu Mu’s body sprouted with even more powerful devil flames. 

Devil flames raised up with even more power than before. It was as if the sun fell into the mortal realm. Even the high Wanxiang altar seemed tiny under this devil flame sun!


Devil flame aura battered Lian Yan and Wu Kuang. Seeing the two disastrous techniques fall, their faces were stiff.

Any amount of Tai Mountain Giants could get killed by these techniques!

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