Supreme Uprising - Chapter 1175
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Chapter 1175: Futile Opportunities

Those watching the crowd felt that victory was certain the moment the giant dragons and mammoths formed in the surrounding sky.

Even Zhen Rulai and the disciples of the Taixu Sect were not confident that Luo Yunyang would emerge victorious. It seemed to them as though it would very likely be hard for him to escape entirely unscathed from this.

While the six-colored arrow was full of power and might, it was unfortunately used against the wrong opponent.

From the looks of it, it did not seem possible for the six-colored arrow to penetrate the golden dragons and giant mammoths that had already surrounded Yuan Venerate Kongjing. There was, however, a very strong possibility that Luo Yunyang’s arrow would be destroyed by these giants.

The golden dragons soared into the sky while the giant mammoths secured the land!

Nothing seemed to change much, but many people realized that the six-colored arrow had disappeared.

There had been no catastrophic collisions, so most people did not even realize how it had disappeared.

“He obviously has a death wish if he’s trying to challenge Senior Brother Kongjing to a battle with his current level of strength!” a disciple from the Dakongfan Sect said snidely.

Of course, the main reason he said so was because he resented Luo Yunyang.

If Luo Yunyang had not sneaked an attack and stolen his Sky Seal Jade Plate, he would have entered the boundless palace for sure.

While he may not experience a transformation like Yuan Venerate Kongjing, he must have certainly experienced a massive increase in strength. The person behind this whole thing was Luo Yunyang.

Yuan Venerate Kongwu frowned. As much as he would have liked to see Luo Yunyang fall after the first blow, he knew that it was not that easy to deal with him.

Luo Yunyang’s standards shouldn’t be far behind, as he had been able to single-handedly deal with all those people before Boundless Sky Palace, which had led to him acquiring a large amount of resources.

Thus, he shouldn’t be entirely helpless against Yuan Venerate Kongjing.

However, Luo Yunyang’s performance here had been very average. So average that it felt unreal.

Yuan Venerate Kongwu had a bad feeling, as he couldn’t believe that this display could really be that average.

Yuan Venerate Kongjing, who had acquired the Great Might Sky Halo sky law, was definitely not going to be defeated by Luo Yunyang.

The majestic golden dragons and giant mammoths circling the skies and the land broke up all the distracting thoughts Yuan Venerate Kongwu had.

How could the powerful Yuan Venerate Kongzheng lose?

The golden dragons and black mammoths continued to encircle the sky, but that was all they did. They did not make an attempt to charge over at Luo Yunyang.

This continued for a while, and there was an increasingly ominous vibe amongst the disciples of the Dakongfan Sect, who were waiting to see Yuan Venerate Kongjing defeat Luo Yunyang.

Suddenly, a noise was heard. It sounded like a shattering glass resounding through the sky.

The source of this noise were the golden dragons, the mammoths, and the Great Might Sky Halo on top of Yuan Venerate Kongzheng’s head!

The dragons and mammoths had been shattered! The Great Might Sky Halo had been destroyed!

Yuan Venerate Kongjing was livid as he glared at Luo Yunyang in disbelief.

Yuan Venerate Kongwu had not seen the black arrow of light, but Yuan Venerate Kongjing had. He had even tried stopping the black arrow with his Great Might Sky Halo as it had approached him.

As far as he recalled, he was sure that Luo Yunyang’s black arrow could not break his Great Might Sky Halo.

While the Great Might Sky Halo might have been damaged, it was still a treasure left behind by a sacred being.

What he had not expected at all was that the black arrow wouldn’t just have the might to break the Great Might Sky Halo, but it could even shatter the Great Might Sky Halo to bits.

The Great Might Sky Halo’s destruction meant that Yuan Venerate Kongjing had lost most of the loot he had acquired from Boundless Sky Palace.

“How… How could you have possibly destroyed the Great Might Sky Halo?” Yuan Venerate Kongjing screamed hysterically.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Yuan Venerate Kongjing, who was going berserk, and chuckled. “You aren’t the only one who acquired opportunities from Boundless Sky Palace. What I have acquired seems to be stronger than what you have!”

Yuan Venerate Kongjing pointed at Luo Yunyang with the intention to say something in retaliation. However, he coughed out blood instead.

The power of Luo Yunyang’s arrow had already rushed into his body with the collapse of his Great Might Sky Halo sky law.

While it was not enough to kill him, Yuan Venerate Kongjing had lost most of his cultivation base!

“Mr. Yunyang, I will represent the Dakongfan Sect and concede this time,” Yuan Venerate Kongwu said as he rushed forward to support the already-collapsing Yuan Venerate Kongjing.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Yuan Venerate Kongjing. He was about to reply when a surge of force began to envelop them.

This force dispelled Luo Yunyang’s thoughts of killing Yuan Venerate Kongjing. Killing Yuan Venerate Kongjing and the rest would entail a great amount of risk, so Luo Yunyang would have to ponder this hard.

Boundless Taixu was about to send the rest of them out of this space. Thus, he simply didn’t have any time to get a hold of Yuan Venerate Kongking and the others and do anything to them.

“In that case, please remember what you just said!” Luo Yunyang replied as his body was warped out of Boundless Taixu by that force.

It was hard even for someone of Luo Yunyang’s level to withstand this force. In a moment, he realized that he had reappeared in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm.

One-armed Xun Taishen eyed Luo Yunyang suspiciously as he appeared.

Luo Yunyang looked ridiculously strong!

He had not even been that strong back when he had entered Boundless Taixu. He had initially thought of Yunyang as a good-for-nothing wastrel who only relied on his father for everything.

Zhen Rulai and the others arrived as well shortly, but their expressions surprised Xun Taishen. Zhen Rulai and the nine other core disciples who had entered Boundless Taixu were now respectfully standing behind Luo Yunyang.

These actions represented the attitude the strongest core disciples of the Taixu Sect had toward Luo Yunyang.

Why were Zhen Rulai and the rest treating Luo Yunyang like this? Was Luo Yunyang actually that exceptional?

As Xun Taishen pondered this, he noticed Shaofanzhu rushing toward a disciple from the Dakongfan Sect who was collapsing. The disciple he was rushing toward was Yuan Venerate Kongjing.

The Taixu Sect knew Yuan Venerate Kongjing as the strongest martialist of the younger generation of the Dakongfan Sect. He could even be considered equal to Zhen Rulai.

Had this genius been defeated by Zhen Rulai? If that was truly the case, then the Taixu Sect would definitely have an advantage when it came to nurturing disciples in the future.

While Xun Taishen wondered, Shaofanzhu’s gaze turned to Luo Yunyang.

“Who would have thought that you’d be able to destroy the Great Dragon Mammoth with just an arrow!” Shaofanzhu said, sounding full of contempt.

“Are you aware of the implications of your arrow shot?”

Luo Yunyang did not reply. Instead, he turned to Xun Taishen. While he might not lose to Shaofanzhu, it would be foolish of him to engage in battle when someone as skilled as Xun Taishen was protecting him.

As expected, Xun Taishen had already taken a step forward and leaped toward Luo Yunyang

“Shaofanzhu, I think that we should properly exchange pointers!”

Shaofanzhu’s expression darkened. While he was not afraid of Xun Taishen, he did not feel capable of beating him in battle.

“Brother Xun, I am not trying to avenge Kongjing. According to the rules established between the two sects, the result of any battle that takes place in Boundless Taixu should be decided based on the merits of each fighter.”

“Luo Yunyang defeated Yuan Venerate Kongjing because he was stronger!”

“The reason I am seeking out Luo Yunyang is to ask if it was him who nearly attacked me with the Six-Dragon Sun Striking Bow some time ago!” Shaofanzhu said.

It was embarrassing for Shaofanzhu that he had cowered in fear so much back then that he had been unable to retaliate. Staring at Luo Yunyang reminded him of the same incident that had happened to him in the past.

He had previously thought he had felt this way upon finding out that Yunyang was the son of Luo Jiutian.

However, he had been gravely mistaken!

The fear and trepidation he experienced had been brought about by Luo Yunyang himself!

“It is not important whether it was him or not. What is important is that he is now my honorable disciple! If you were hoping to find someone to duel with, be my guest.” Xun Taishen interrupted him without even waiting for Luo Yunyang to speak.

Shaofanzhu hesitated for a moment before heading back with Yuan Venerate Kongjing and the rest.

Luo Yunyang looked on as Shaofanzhu departed. He was ready to thank Xun Taishen when he felt a force drawing him out.

This force wasn’t very strong but it surprised him. The suctioning force came from the Human Race’s Divine Ancestor, who was summoning him!

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