Super Gene - Chapter 2117
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Chapter 2117 Fighting Dragon Eigh 

After having witnessed Evil Eye and Rage Man’s battle, Han Sen was in shock. It was primarily due to the manner in which Evil Eye won the fight. Rage Man’s bolt of power had been a combination of five different elemental energies, and Evil Eye broke it in a way that was hauntingly reminiscent of Super Spank. The strike had eliminated the sequence structure of the opponent’s technique and then gone even further to rebuild it.

“Evil Eye has a power that is extremely similar to the Dongxuan Sutra. He re御 will be a difficult foe to deal with.” Han Sen frowned.

He couldn’t learn too much from the fight, though. Someone like Rage Man couldn’t push Evil Eye hard enough to show what his true capabilities were.

“We’re going to need someone like Lone Bamboo to go up against Evil Eye.” Han Sen perused the list to see if that could happen, but ended up finding an unfortunate factoid. If he and Evil Eye kept winning their fights, Han Sen would encounter Evil Eye before Lone Bamboo would. Han Sen wouldn’t be able to watch Lone Bamboo go up against Evil Eye unless he himself lost to Lone Bamboo.

And before he encountered Lone Bamboo, he’d have to deal with Dragon Eight. He was one of Han Sen’s next opponents.

“This schedule is very bad. Why are all these big baddies being pitted against me?” Han Sen felt his depression rise. He was not afraid of his opponents, but he did not want to put too much effort into winning the competition.

Han Sen looked at another tier’s round of bouts. He saw Xie Qing King doing well with the Earls. But then his heart jumped as he read Xie Qing King’s name.

Xie Qing King had only put the name Xie Qing down. He hadn’t written down his race. Han Sen kept scrolling through the Earl list in worry, but after seeing everyone’s name, he was brought a modicum of relief. Gu Qingcheng hadn’t written down her name, so perhaps she had not participated.

If she had joined, with her race being identified as a human, that would not bode well. There was every chance that the renegade god would want to hunt her down.

Han Sen quickly called Zero. He was afraid their communications might be monitored, and that was why he didn’t contact Planet Eclipse directly. With so much going on right now, he’d forgotten all about this.

Han Sen told Zero about his talk with God’s Retribution. He then asked Zero to get in touch with Gu Qingcheng and the others, to inform them not to mention anything about humans that hailed from the sanctuaries.

Han Sen had said this before, but to be safe, he thought it was best to remind them again.

Zero thought that Xie Qing King was their only companion who had joined the fights. Not many people liked to participate in bouts that didn’t offer many benefits. Only Xie Qing King, who loved a good fight, had joined.

After Han Sen finished a quick fight, he went to watch Xie Qing King’s combat. Xie Qing King’s geno armament let him draw his opponent, so he could stand by and watch the enemy fight its own shadow clone. He did this often, and whenever the enemy was winded or tired, he would swoop in to finish them with a punch. It was quite a shocking performance he kept giving, especially for an Earl.

Han Sen saw Yisha fighting, too. That woman was far too violent, he thought. Her Teeth powers were enough to make the mightiest of Kings run away. She hadn’t yet encountered anyone half-deified, though. But at least ordinary Kings wouldn’t be able to defeat her.

But Han Sen hadn’t managed to see Littleflower, and this boy was the one person he wished to watch more than any other. Littleflower’s legacy-building was an ongoing thing, but perhaps it was because he had yet to fight a strong foe. Perhaps that was the whole reason he had proven unbeatable thus far.

“My next fight is versus Dragon Eight. I hope it won’t cause me too much trouble.” Han Sen wasn’t interested in prolonged fights. He just wanted to get through each engagement as easily as possible.

Han Sen’s fight with Dragon Eight had drawn quite the crowd, though. Not many people had focused on his last few fights, but this time, he was going up against the infamous Dragon Eight. Many races had been investigating Dragon Eight, to gain an advantage in the rankings for themselves or their heirs. Their focus was always on Dragon Eight, of course.

Han Sen drew attention when he entered the fight, and someone realized that he was the same man that had defeated Kahn.

“Who is this human Dollar? He sure doesn’t look feeble.”

“Anyone who could beat Kahn must have some amount of strength. But while that may be true, he cannot be stronger than Dragon Eight.”

“Dragon Eight will win this fight. Let’s see how much trouble Dollar can cause him first, though. If he can at least injure Dragon Eight or reveal much of his true strength, then Dragon Eight will be in danger when fighting Lone Bamboo next.”

“It does not matter. Regardless of who wins, Evil Eye will be first.”

“Our Evil Eye is so strong!”

“Evil Eye is invincible!”

Regardless of a conversation’s subject matter, it eventually drifted to Evil Eye. In that Geno Being Scroll, Evil Eye received more attention than any King.

When Han Sen re-entered the Geno Being Scroll, his opponent was Dragon Eight.

Han Sen looked directly at Dragon Eight. He was like all the other Dragons Han Sen had witnessed before, in that he was extremely strong and exuded a frightening presence. His lifeforce looked like a volcano that was in the midst of an eruption. The Dragons were fearless and confident, and even through their plates of armor, Han Sen could recognize them in an instant.

Han Sen had fought many Dragons by this point, so he knew much about them. Dragon Eight sure seemed different from Dragon Nine, though. He had gold armor that didn’t look too different from the four-faced, eight-armed buddha soul armor. He didn’t hold a Dragon spear, though. Instead, he just stood before Han Sen with his fists.

Both of them wore gold armor. Dragon Eight was three meters tall, whereas Han Sen was two meters tall. And Han Sen did not have muscle like Dragon Eight. His figure was quite slim, by comparison.

And Dragon Eight had those intimidating Dragon wings. It all made Dragon Eight appear much stronger than Han Sen.

“They are both wearing gold armor, but why does Dragon Eight look so elegant, whereas Dollar looks practically disheveled?”

“This is Dragon Eight of the Dragon. They naturally possess that elegant presence. Elites from a smaller place cannot exude the presence of such nobility.”

“Yeah. Now it looks like only one of them is a Noble, and the other is a cheap knock-off.”

“But that Dollar doesn’t look weak. Perhaps he will be able to make Dragon Eight sweat and get us more information.”

“I hope he lasts long enough for us to learn something valuable. When our heirs fight Dragon Eight, it will be far easier for them to win.”

The Dragons and the Demons that watched the fight weren’t happy. They had been watching Dollar for some time, and they knew he was a tough foe.

Especially Dragon Nine and the others. They really worried about Dragon Eight.

They weren’t worried about Dragon Eight not winning, though. They were merely worried over the mysterious Dollar and his unknown capabilities. They did not want to see Dragon Eight get tricked.

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