Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 1834
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Just when Lu Zhengqun didn’t know what to do, the essence spirit said “it’s very easy, attack him now and if you injure him you will know if he spirit controls the chaos tree. If the chaos tree isn’t spirit controlled and is on him then he probably really has chaos world.”

Hearing this, Lu Zhengqun was almost shaking with excitement. People on the side thought Lu Zhengqun was shaking with fury. Indeed, which heaven lord wouldn’t be furious if their heaven lord estate was wiped out.

“Luo, I want to see where you get your confidence…” Lu Zhengqun punched out.

Lu Zhengqun seemed scholarly but his punch was like the most ferocious immortal spirit beast. In that instant, all the lethal force in the hall was gathered. Some nearby immortal king’s face changed and retreated. Lu Zhengqun’s punch was far beyond ordinary immortal kings.

Ye Mo was shocked, Lu Zhengqun was far stronger than ordinary immortal kings but Ye Mo’s face was calm while punching out and saying “I have much more confidence than a fake gentleman immortal king like you.”

Ye Mo’s punch instantly swept up a dominating immortal essence force, it didn’t have any lethal force whirlpool. On the surface, it seemed Ye Mo’s punch was far weaker than Lu Zhengqun’s punch.

Ye Mo was helpless, he didn’t dare to use void. Many people here might’ve seen him use void before. If he used it, they could probably guess who he was.

Ye Mo didn’t use his full power, he only used 40%. Lu Zhengqun’s power was far stronger than his expectation. Ye Mo didn’t want Lu Zhengqun to be scared. If Lu Zhengqun was weak then he would kick him into a level one room and when the tower opens, he could still instant kill Lu Zhengqun.

Now that Lu Zhengqun’s power was far stronger, Ye Mo changed his mind. If Lu Zhengqun felt he couldn’t beat him, then after exiting the tower, he would run immediately.


Lu Zhengqun’s terrifying killing intent clashed with Ye Mo’s immortal essence force. Space ripples formed in the hall. The powerful fist winds swept out, almost everyone had to use immortal essence to stop it. a small portion of people’s immortal essence barrier was torn open and received minor injuries.

But against these two super powers, no one dared to say anything.

Those two immortal kings from the grand heaven domain who wanted trouble with Ye Mo also had their immortal essence barrier broken.

They weren’t injured but their faces changed. Ye Mo didn’t even fight them, just his fist wind immortal essence wave was enough to shatter their immortal essence barrier. One could imagine that if they really went to start trouble with Ye Mo, things wouldn’t be so easy.

Lu Zhengqun’s face was red, he was shocked, he didn’t expect Ye Mo was this terrifying. That punch was evenly matched with him. Luckily, he came back in time. If Ye Mo had more time to cultivate, how could he be a match for him.

With this, Lu Zhengqun had even more killing intent. He wouldn’t choose to keep fighting here but after leaving the tower, he would immediately kill Ye Mo and take everything. Although Ye Mo was far beyond his expectation, he wasn’t worried as only he knew he hid some power.

Ye Mo was a little shocked, Lu Zhengqun was far stronger than he expected. Only now did he take Lu Zhengqun more seriously. It seemed that Lu Zhengqun had the capability to back up his heaven lord status.

After the clahs, Lu Zhengqun didn’t keep attacking nor did Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew that Lu Zhengqun wasn’t going to let him go. Thinking about this, Ye Mo walked up to Lu feng and took out a storage ring telling her “there’s some cultivation resources inside. If I can’t go back to the sect for now, give the pills and things inside as a reward when you see fit.”

Lu Feng accepted this without hesitation.

Seeing the two just clash once and stopped fighting, everyone felt bored. At this moment, a golden stairway suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall. There was no end to the stairs.

All the immortal kings here knew that the tower was officially open, the stairs led to level two. The earlier one went the better.

Lu Feng knew that she didn’t need to worry about Ye Mo so she ran up the stairs. In the blink of an eye, only Lu Zhengqun and Ye Mo remained.

“You’re the person who took my chaos tree right? You took my chaos tree, wiped out my heaven lord estate, I came back just for you, I’ll treat you well.” Lu Zhengqun said calmly.

Ye Mo was confused why Lu Zhengqun’s tone was this calm but he would definitely not admit such thing.

“Idiot, I don’t know what you’re talking about. you dare to harm Luo Yue cultivators, then don’t blame me.” Then, Ye Mo walked up the golden stairs.

Seeing this, Lu Zhengqun asked “Kai Mi qian bei, would it be him?”

“It’s definitely him, otherwise, would he go wipe out the heaven lord estate for a few cultivation realm cultivators? Only someone who must kill you would do this. This person isn’t as impulsive as he acted. When he fought with you, he probably hid some power.” The essence spirit said.

Lu Zhengqun sneered “I only used 60% power just then, even if he hides his power, he would’ve used 70% in that fight. I really hope I can fight with him. I just hope he doesn’t disappoint me. This person ruined qian bei’s huge plans, if I don’t disintegrate him, how can I be satisfied?”

Lu Zhengqun didn’t chase up too. He thought exactly what Ye Mo thought, he was planning to force Ye Mo into a room at level one but Ye Mo’s power changed his mind. He didn’t want to scare Ye Mo off.

After Ye Mo walked on the golden stairs, he felt an extremely strange pressure. It was strange because it wasn’t just spirit sense and immortal essence pressure but also a mental pressure and bodily pressure. It also tested one’s mind state

These stairs tested every aspect of an immortal king’s power. If you were weak you couldn’t reach the next level.

The pressure at level two was nothing to Ye Mo but from this, he could tell that the pressure later one would be getting larger and larger.

Ye Mo rapidly entered level two after resisting the pressure.

Level two was similar to level one, in the middle was a faint golden stairway. There were also nine rooms here but unlike the first floor, the rooms were actually filled.

Some immortal kings probably knew they weren’t strong and they couldn’t find a room up there so they might as well stay at level two. Ye Mo didn’t, he went up to level three immediately.

Then level four, level five… when Ye Mo reached the tenth stairs, he saw people fighting over rooms.

But the immortal kings fighting here aren’t very strong. If they lost they could only go to a higher level. if one couldn’t survive on the stairs they would be sent back to level one.

When Ye Mo appeared at the 30th floor, there were five people fighting for one room. Ye Mo didn’t see Lu Feng on the way.

As he went higher, he felt even greater pressure especially spirit sense. If one couldn’t withstand it, their sea of consciousness would be heavily injured.