Qiao Liang glanced at her, took the milk in her hand to put it on the table and gave her the sandwich she had just taken a bite of. “Come on. Eat it. Otherwise you’ll be late.”

Tang Xi took out her cell phone, took a look at the time and widened her eyes. She hurriedly took a mouthful of milk, took the sandwich and ran towards the door. “I’ll eat it on the way. Bye.”

Qiao Liang looked at her, grabbed her arm and took her school bag. “I’ll see you into the car. Drink up the milk.”

Tang Xi had no choice but to go back to drink up the milk. Qiao Liang was particularly serious about her health. It seemed that he really hoped she could get well as soon as possible. Although she was a bit shy when she thought of his ultimate purpose, she still felt warm in her heart.

Tang Xi drank up the milk, and looked back only to see Qiao Liang was holding a thermos cup. She blinked and looked at Qiao Liang, and the latter took her hand. “There is milk in it. Drink it on the way.”

“I just…”

“I know, but this is for you to drink on the way.”

Tang Xi blinked and complained in her heart. I’ve drunk a cup of milk! I may have car sickness if I drink too much milk!

However, she took a look at Qiao Liang and didn’t have the courage to speak her thoughts out loud. She just silently followed him out.

Little Six had been waiting in front of the car. Seeing the two of them come out, he immediately opened the car door for her as he reported to Qiao Liang, “Little Five has taken the earliest flight and gone to South Africa. You can have a conference call with him in five hours.”

Qiao Liang grunted, and threw Tang Xi’s schoolbag to Little Six. The latter caught it, put it in the passenger seat and bowed to Tang Xi. Tang Xi was startled by his motion. “Little Six, why did you… bow to me? I’m just going to school!”

Little Six smiled and gave her the most gentlemanly smile as he explained, “You are a warrior now. I joined Long Xiao in order not to take the college entrance exam.”

Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang. Did Qiao Liang create Long Xiao in order not to take the college entrance exam?

Qiao Liang seemed to have guessed what Tang Xi wanted to ask. He smiled and rubbed Tang Xi’s hair. “Do you forget that we were classmates in high school?”

Tang Xi immediately remembered. Yes! They were classmates in the Empire High School, during which she fell for him and confessed her love to him… Thinking that they had known each other for so long and that she had witnessed Qiao Liang’s high school life, she gave a sweet smile.

Little Six standing aside was almost desperate. What’s the problem with these two people? Why did they play lovey-dovey at any given time? Was it such a big deal being classmates in high school? He was also living on the same planet with his future wife… alright…?

They all lived on earth! They breathed the same air!

Tang Xi felt a bit embarrassed when she noticed Little Six’s desperate look. She hurriedly got into the car, said goodbye to Qiao Liang and asked Little Six to get in the car. Little Six jumped into the car as fast as he could. However, when he just started the car, Qiao Liang suddenly called out to him. Little Six helplessly rolled down the car window and looked at Qiao Liang. “Young Master, anything else?”

Qiao Liang looked at Little Six with a straight face. “Drive carefully.”

“I know, Young Master. Don’t you believe in my driving skill?” The car sped away.

“It seems that you all fear Qiao Liang.” Tang Xi ate the sandwich as she chatted with Little Six. She had the feeling that Qiao Liang’s subordinates were all afraid of him. It looked like they hoped to stay as far away from Qiao Liang as possible, but at the same time, they liked working for him.

Little Six’s eyes had a gleam of surprise, and then he denied, “Hey, Miss Tang, what are you talking about? Young Master is such a nice person. We all love working for him, and we don’t fear him at all!”

Young Master was very nice when he was not offended, at least nicer than Mr. Nine who liked teasing people and Mr. Seven who was simply a smiling tiger. And it was an honor to work for Young Master. Besides, the work was not very tiring…

Look at the other agents of Long Xiao. They were not agents, but modern day slaves. They traveled around the world and worked as hard as a horse, whereas their jobs were way easier than the agents’. They just needed to show up with Young Master and help the other agents solve the jobs that they couldn’t handle. It was so cool!

Tang Xi looked at Little Six with a faint smile from the rear-view mirror. “Really? What will happen if I tell Qiao Liang you are very nice to me? Will you get a salary rise?”

The smile on Little Six’s face suddenly froze. He swallowed his saliva and smiled awkwardly. “Miss Tang, are you kidding me? It’s not funny. May I tell you something…”

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows, and looked at Little Six with interest. “What do you want to tell me?”

Little Six said seriously. “May I tell you after you eat the sandwich and drink up the milk?”

Tang Xi looked at the food in her hand in surprise and asked in puzzle, “Why?”

“Well, because it’s important.” Little Six said seriously, “If you don’t agree, then I won’t tell you.”

Tang Xi quickly ate the sandwich and drank up the milk. Little Six handed her a tissue and Tang Xi wiped her mouth with it. She then looked at Little Six earnestly, “Now tell me what you want to say.”

Little Six nodded and sighed, saying, “In fact, our Young Master runs his business very successfully, no matter the Qiao’s International Group or Long Xiao, and takes very good care of his mother. He is very committed to love and is famous for the loyalty he shows towards his girlfriend among his friends, but he has a serious problem that you may not know…”

Tang Xi frowned, looked seriously at Little Six and asked, “What is it?”

“That is that our Young Master can be super jealous, and once he becomes jealous…” Little Six sighed and said, “He can be insane.”

So how dare they say any unnecessary words to Tang Xi? Ask Tang Xi to praise them in front of Young Master? That was suicidal!

Tang Xi gaped, blinked, and then tittered. “What will happen to you if Qiao Liang knows what you said about him?”

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