He had been protecting Miss Tang after he came to know her secret, but he never mentioned how much he had done for Miss Tang! This guy merely fetched her schoolbag for her. How dare he be so boastful! He is really… shameless! He is the most shameless of the shameless!

Little Five shrugged casually at Little Six as if saying “Hey, no one stops you. You can do that too!” Little Six almost rushed up and hit him!

Qiao Liang took a look at Little Six and frowned. Were Little Six and Little Five fighting for Tang Xi’s favor? Seeing Little Five smiling fawningly at Tang Xi, he frowned and said coldly, “Are you happy?”

Little Five took a look at Qiao Liang in puzzle and his eyes were full of confusion. “Um?” He thought Qiao Liang was asking him whether he was happy because he helped Qiao Liang get Tang Xi to sleep in Qiao Liang’s home, so he happily nodded. “Yes!”

Qiao Liang’s cold face immediately darkened. He said coldly, “Go to Africa tomorrow. There is a case to be dealt with. I’m busy with the Qiao’s affairs, so I can’t go there. Go there in my place.” Although his tone was flat, Little Five suddenly felt a chill on his spine…

What did he do wrong?!

“Haha…” Little Six couldn’t help laughing out loud when he saw Little Six’s confused look. Yes, you know how to kiss Boss’ ass, but so what? You will only offend Boss instead of gaining his favor if you don’t know what he is thinking of. Happy? You’re happy to make Boss jealous? This punishment just serves you right!

Little Five gave a questioning look to Little Six as if asking him why Boss did this to him. Little Six proudly raised his chin without looking at Little Five. Fortunately, he had been accompanying Miss Tang and knew on which occasions Boss would be jealous, so he knows why Boss suddenly got angry. Otherwise, he might have been kicked to Africa as well.

Qiao Liang looked at Little Six’s smug face and frowned. “You seem to be happy too?”

“Young Master, I’m happy because Miss Xiao will accompany you tonight.” Little Six chuckled, and looked back at Qiao Liang as he said, “Then I will pick you up tomorrow morning. Please take a good rest. With Miss Xiao accompanying you, you can finally have a good sleep.”

Qiao Liang’s face finally softened a bit. Little Five stared at Little Six in hatred. This shameless b*stard! He said what he had wanted to say! How dare he still continue smiling at him? He wanted to say these words just now! Why did Young Master throw him to Africa, whereas this j*rk was fine??

Tang Xi looked at them, and shook her head with a smile. She then put her head on Qiao Liang’s shoulder and whispered, “Don’t be so jealous.”

Poor Little Five. He must still be wondering what he did wrong. Why was he suddenly being kicked over to Africa.

Qiao Liang took Tang Xi’s hand, smiled and asked her to sleep.

Tang Xi seldom stayed up late. She had been tired these days, so she soon fell asleep. The next morning, Qiao Liang was still sleeping when she woke up. She was just about to get up, when Qiao Liang suddenly hugged her and said hoarsely, “It’s still early. Sleep a little longer. I’ll have Little Six send you to school.”

“I’m hungry.” Tang Xi said with a smile.

She didn’t eat anything at the state banquet, not even her favorite crayfish. And then she fell asleep on the airplane and didn’t eat anything. She woke up starving this morning.

Qiao Liang took a deep breath and opened his eyes only to see Tang Xi staring at him with imploring eyes. He rubbed between his brows, and kissed her between the eyebrows as he said, “Freshen yourself up. I will make you breakfast. Go to school after having breakfast, okay?”

Tang Xi felt warm in her heart. She nodded with a smile and got up to freshen herself up only to find she was still in the clothes she wore last night. She raised her eyebrows and looked back at Qiao Liang. The latter leaned on the bed, looked at her and asked her, “Do you feel sorry that we didn’t do anything last night?”

Tang Xi pursed her lips. Qiao Liang got up, put his arm around her waist and kissed her on the lips. He then put his forehead against hers and felt her breath, whispering, “Maybe I was too tired last night. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed. Sorry I didn’t satisfy you.”

“Mr. Qiao, it’s right that you didn’t do anything last night. If you did anything, it would mean that you were luring a high school student, which is illegal.” Tang Xi looked up and kissed Qiao Liang on his lips. Then she turned to go to the bathroom. Qiao Liang smiled and shook his head. This girl really knew how to turn him on.

Tang Xi found she didn’t have the clothes to change into after she washed herself up. She walked out of the bathroom in chagrin only to find a school uniform neatly placed on the bed. Her eyes brightened and she went over to put on the school uniform and then went downstairs. Qiao Liang, leaning against the kitchen table and carrying a glass of milk, looked at Tang Xi coming downstairs in the school uniform, and said with a smile, ” I would have felt guilty if I hadn’t known your actual age. How can I have a crush on a high school student?”

Tang Xi smiled, ran up to him and blinked at him. “Then shall I try tempting you? And then call the police…”

“Want to try?” Qiao Liang put the milk aside, put his arm around her waist, and his voice became hoarse. “I’m afraid I’d rather spend a few months in prison.”

Tang Xi gave Qiao Liang an annoyed look, broke free of his hand and said, “You pervert.” Then she gave a sly smile. “But I’m afraid my body is not strong enough to satisfy you.”

Then she took a bite of a sandwich, swallowed it and took a sip of milk before she looked at Qiao Liang, asking, “What’s your schedule today?”

Qiao Liang told her about his schedule.

Tang xi nodded, “It sounds that you’ll be busy today. I will go back to my company after school, and discuss with Chu Ling about the Fashion Week. It will start on Thursday, so we have to get ready early. Our show will be held on Sunday, so we need to reach Paris on Friday.”

Qiao Liang grunted. “I’ll pick you up at night and take you home.”

“No, I will take the two-hour break at noon to go home. And I will go to see Aunt Qiao after school. I may work overtime in the evening, so don’t come to pick me up.”

Qiao Liang frowned when he heard “work overtime”. He asked, “Will you work overtime with Chu Ling?”

Tang Xi nodded. “Yes. ” She would work overtime in the company, so of course she would stay with Chu Ling.

Wait, Tang Xi suddenly realize something, and looked up at someone. As she expected, she saw his eyes had a gleam of jealousy. She smiled, walked over to take Qiao Liang’s hand and asked, “Mr. Qiao, don’t tell me you are jealous again!”

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