Spirit Realm - Chapter 1750
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Generally, any Abyss Devil that was born on an Abyss level of heat and fire would inherit a bit of Flame Devil Race bloodline.

Vitas was from the Extreme Flame Abyss, and the Extreme Flame Abyss was the Abyss level where Flame Devils were gathered, so his Flame Devil Race bloodline was dense.

As a denizen of Extreme Flame Abyss, he had of course heard of the legend of the King of Flame Devils…

When he stared at the burning meteor in the sky and felt the changes in his bloodline, he immediately recognized it for what it was.

“Life crystal of the Flame Devil King!”

Vitas sucked in a deep breath before he launched into an excited, incoherent explanation, “The Flame Devil King is the Abyss Master before Castor and the pride of all Flame Devils! If he hadn’t suffered a fiendish rebound during his cultivation, Castor would never have replaced him as the new Abyss Master! Even to this day, the Flame Devils are the noblest clan in the entire Abyss! Heavens... to think that master was able to find the life crystal of the Flame Devil King! The King of Flame Devils and Flaming Sun Purgatory… was it all fated from the start?”

“An Abyss Master who was even stronger than Castor?” Jiang An exclaimed in shock.

“He was that powerful?” Tong Yan was equally stunned.

Before they were summoned to Flaming Sun Purgatory, all of them had lived in the Frost Desolation Abyss for a prolonged period of time. Since Dawson and Qin Lie shared a good relationship, they frequently interacted with the Abyss Devils of the Frost Desolation Abyss.

That was why everyone present had heard of Castor’s strength.

The Abyss Master was the master of all Abyss Devils and Abyss levels. They were someone who had transcended rank ten and entered the ultimate realm.

Castor’s title represented the pinnacle of the Abyss Devils. An Abyss Master was the pride of all Abyss Devils.

However, the King of Flame Devils was the strongest before Castor came to be, and right now his life crystal was floating above their heads.

Everyone started staring at the burning meteor in the sky after hearing Vitas’s explanation.

“That’s the life crystal of the King of Flame Devils? No wonder…” Tong Yan muttered to herself.

She had always known that the burning meteor was the source of the Vermillion Bird Realm’s fire. It was also why the Flame Emperor was able to reach the late stage Genesis Realm.

However, she never knew that the burning meteor was the former Abyss Master’s life crystal until now.

“It is not my fate to accept,” she sighed to herself.

If she had broken through to rank ten bloodline sooner and become the strongest Vermillion Bird there was, then maybe she could’ve entered the heart of the volcano much earlier and learned the secrets of the King of Flame Devilsfor herself.

Had that been the case, she might’ve become the owner of the life crystal before Qin Lie.


The burning meteor suspended in the sky continued to absorb abyss devil energy into itself and releasing heat and light like the sun.

Purple lightning crawled all over Qin Lie’s thousand-meter body while the man himself roared incoherently.


Qin Lie’s bones crackled crisply to everyone’s ears, and they soon discovered that the former was growing again.

“He’s really starting to evolve into a Great Lord of the Abyss now!” Jiang An yelled.

A rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss was normally several thousand meters tall. When they stood up, they were as tall as mountains.

Jiang An had seen Dawson and Russell’s true bodies before at the Frost Desolation Abyss, so he was aware how ridiculously big a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss could get.

“Rumble! Rumble!”

The footsteps of the gigantic god corpses appeared from every direction. The divine light they gave off dyed the water around them bronze.

“The eight god corpses!”

Miao Fengtian immediately noticed that the giants moving their way imposingly were the god corpses who caused much commotion back at the Land of Chaos.

Back then, all the god corpses were headless.

They were also only a couple hundred meters tall.

But now, not only were their heads attached, they were at least a thousand meters tall.

“The Undying Titans!” Surprised again, Vitas probed them for a bit before saying, “They’re all going to transform to rank ten!”

“Titans?” Jiang An asked.

“They are part of the Titan Race that was eliminated by the God Race. A long time ago, they were a race even stronger than the Winged Race, Bone Race and the Star Moon Race. They were known as the Undying Titans,” Vitas said seriously. “Every Titan is a natural warrior, and a rank ten Titan is as strong as a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss. These eight Titans have master’s soul imprint in them, so they’re probably his war generals. I can feel them waiting for master to complete his transformation. Master will then aid them all to enter rank ten.”

“They’re as strong as the Abyss Devils?” Tong Yan exclaimed in shock.

Vitas nodded and said, “When they reach rank ten bloodline and become rank ten Titan warriors, it’ll be like Flaming Sun Purgatory gaining the strength of eight Great Lords of the Abyss!”

“When master becomes a Devil Monarch, and Flaming Sun Purgatory officially joins the Eight Purgatories, other Abyss Devils may try to challenge him.”

“But if he is supported by these eight Titans, then no one will dare challenge his authority without careful consideration.”

Jiang An sounded surprised as he asked, “Master will face challengers from other Abyss levels after he becomes a Devil Monarch?”

“That’s right,” Vitas explained in a serious tone. “When the Origin World transformed into the Flaming Sun Abyss, he had to fight challengers of the same rank. I was one of those Abyss Devils… Unfortunately for me, I lost.”

“If any Abyss Devil at the same bloodline rank as master had defeated him, they would obtain the Flaming Sun Abyss’ approval and replace master as the new creator.”

“Similarly, master has to face other Great Lords of the Abyss when he reaches rank ten and becomes the Devil Monarch of Flaming Sun Purgatory. They are free to try and kill master, devour his heart and become the new master of Flaming Sun Purgatory.”

“Bloody massacre and eternal conflict have always been the cruel and unchanging laws of the Abyss.”

“No matter how strong an Abyss Devil is, they must obey the laws of the Abyss if they’re inside.”

Vitas smiled cruelly at the group and said, “I was worried that master’s safety at first. It will be dangerous for him to fight other Great Lords of the Abyss right after he reaches rank ten.”

He looked at the eight god corpses and continued, “But these eight Titans are as strong as eight Great Lords of the Abyss. I’m sure no one will be stupid enough to challenge master while they exist.”

“You’re overthinking this,” Tong Yan said with a smile. “The god corpses aren’t even the strongest forces Qin Lie has.”

“Even if they haven’t broken through to rank ten, I doubt anyone foolish enough to challenge Qin Lie will be able to escape unless they were a Devil Monarch themselves.”

Tong Yan looked in one direction, at nothing in particular. She could sense the fire spirit somewhere along that direction.

“Master has something stronger than these eight Titans?” Vitas asked in puzzlement.

Vitas didn’t know about the Spirits of Void and Chaos. He didn’t know that they had attached themselves to Flaming Sun Purgatory and created six unique worlds.

“Mn. They’re even scarier than the Titans you speak of,” Tong Yan said.

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