Spare Me, Great Lord! - Chapter 1141
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Chapter 1141: Found It

There were no ordinary civilians left in Luo City. When the space pathway opened up, the civilians had been evacuated. Luo City was now a massive fortress. It had only one function. It would be used in the battle with the Luniverse.

But even if the owner of the house had left, according to their records, as long as they knew who had lived here, and obtained accurate information about them, they would be able to use information networks all around the country to find them.

It was not guaranteed that they would be able to find her, but there was a high possibility.

Chen Zuan called Zhong Yutang. Lu Shu walked up to the house. The door was tightly locked, but even then, it was as weak as paper to a Rank Six practitioner let alone for Lu Shu.

Lu Shu broke the lock with one hand and walked in. The inside of the house was very messy. The washing machine, television, and refrigerator were from a brand that had been famous for over ten years.

The white furniture had turned yellow. Some were even turning black. Female clothes were strewn on the floor. The two pots of flowers by the window had wilted. There was a bowl on the sofa. The food inside the bowl had turned bad.

There was a decaying atmosphere inside the house. It was as if the owner of the house was desolate as well.

There was an ashtray on top of a table with some cigarette butts inside.

There were no men’s items inside the house. Thus, a female smoker lived here. Her clothes were big as well. This aligned with Li Dian’s description of the owner.

Perhaps the lady had lived here for over 10 years. No new owner had taken over the place.

Li Dian pointed below the window. “Back then, there was a crib there. A carpenter had constructed it himself. The sickly baby sat there. He did not cry or make a fuss.”

Lu Shu did not interrupt him. He quietly listened. He knew that this was his past.

Li Dian continued. “Back then, I thought that the baby was rather cute. When he grew up, he would definitely be able to achieve grand things, like becoming a Heavenly King…”

Lu Shu looked at Li Dian. “Have you guessed it?”

Li Dian laughed mockingly. “I am not dumb.”

Of course Li Dian had guessed this. If not, why would Lu Shu be so concerned about a lady?! This was the Ninth Heavenly King. He was one of the strongest and most mysterious experts in the world. His fame overseas was almost on par with that of Nie Ting’s.

Why would this kind of person focus on an ordinary lady for no reason?!

Thus, Li Dian obtained some shocking information. Over ten years ago, he had stolen the toy gourd and swaddling cloth of a Heavenly King…

Li Dian wanted to slap himself. Out of all the people he could have stolen from, why him?

Who knew that stealing from a lady would put him in so much trouble!

“But Heavenly King Lu,” Li Dian explained, “I was not trying to curry favor. You also know that the gourd and the swaddling cloth are not normal. After I realized that they were not ordinary items, I secretly felt that your history might be very shocking. The swaddling cloth is able to block sensations. This alone will fetch a high price in the black market. As for the gourd, it is amazing…”

Suddenly, Cheng Qiuqiao said from the bedroom, “Brother Shu, come and take a look.”

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu walked into the bedroom. They discovered a small crib with clothes inside. The owner of this house had used the crib as a clothes rack.

Li Dian excitedly said, “There’s no doubt. This was the crib!”

Then, Lu Xiaoyu raised the crib, causing all the clothes inside the crib to fall out. Then, she kept the crib inside her space ring…

Lu Shu asked, “… why did you take the crib?!”

“Why not? It’s a souvenir,” said Lu Xiaoyu innocently.

At that moment, Chen Zuan walked in with his phone in his hand. “We’ve obtained the information. The owner of the house was Xiang Xiuxi. This house was given out by a factory over 20 years ago. She has always been the owner of the house. There were three previous offenses. All of them involved fights with her neighbors. Now, she has evacuated to Meng City with the rest of the Luo City residents. It’s 30 minutes away by car.”

“Okay.” Lu Shu nodded his head. “Let’s go and find her.”

Li Dian finally heaved a sigh of relief. He asked, “I didn’t trick you, right? I told the truth.”

“Yes. You are rather honest,” said Lu Shu as he nodded his head.

“Then will my sentence be shortened?” Li Dian was slightly excited.

“Relax. I will not go back on my promises.” Lu Shu patted Li Dian’s shoulder.

After they boarded the car, Li Dian suddenly asked, “Heavenly King Lu, what if I could not find her? What would you do?”

“What else can I do? I would make you regret it,” said Lu Shu casually.

Li Dian laughed. “So you were scaring me back there.”

“I didn’t,” said Lu Shu. “I would make you regret it in hell.”

“From Li Dian’s distress, +666!”

When the battle broke out, the residents of Luo City were evacuated. But there were many residents in a city. They could only disperse the residents into various cities. Some were very far apart.

Some sought refuge with their relatives. Rich people would be able to buy new houses in other cities. However, since most people did not have relatives they could go to, or money to buy a house, they could only wait for subsidies and aid.

But houses could not be built so quickly. Meng City was now filled with temporary housing and tents, but it was not as dirty and messy as Lu Shu had expected. On the contrary, it was neat and organized. Each temporary house had a number. The information of its residents were written clearly.

The managers of this area were very cooperative. After all, the Heavenly Network wanted to look for someone. They would definitely work together with them.

Lu Shu slowly walked in. He realized that the spirit of the residents in the temporary houses was quite good. Suddenly, the “chief” of this temporary house shouted, “Xiang Xiuxi, someone is here to look for you.”

Lu Shu did not expect him to shout. He almost jumped in shock!

The next moment, someone else shouted from inside the house. “Why are you shouting? Who is looking for me?!”

Lu Shu saw a burly woman walk out of the temporary house. He finally understood why Li Dian could not feel her bones. No one else would be able to do so…

“Are you Xiang Xiuxi?” Lu Shu went straight to the point.

“Yes, I am Xiang Xiuxi. What are you here for?” Xiang Xiuxi observed Lu Shu. “I have never seen you before.”

She was not foolish. She looked over and saw a group of people behind Lu Shu. Their presence was not normal. They had come with a motive.

The aura of a Practitioner would grow stronger. This was not very useful in terms of cultivation, but once they grew stronger, they would have more confidence. This change in aura exuded outwards.

Lu Shu asked, “Did you raise a child 18 years ago?”

Xiang Xiuxi was dumbfounded. “How did you know?! Are you…”

“Where did you obtain the child?” Lu Shu asked.

“I picked him up.” Xiang Xiuxi’s tone grew weaker.

“Where did you pick him up from?”

“18 years ago, someone was chasing and killing a lady in the middle of the night. Back then, I was going home from my night shift in the factory. The woman ran past me, but I did not think much of it.” Xiang Xiuxi said, “But not long after, I found a box in front of my door. There was a baby inside the box.”

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