So Pure, So Flirtatious - Chapter 587
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Chapter 587: Murder For Money



This person was Yang Ming himself! Never mind the brain nerves, Yang Ming could even see the capillaries clearly. Besides, he could even zoom in on the details!

Yang Ming was now able to control his own special abilities freely. Telescopic vision, x-ray vision, and he could also perform a 360-degree vision scan after closing his eyes.

Of course, Yang Ming didn't make this decision without testing it. Before making this decision, Yang Ming first used his ability to scan the brain structure of other people in the room and found that he could easily see the internal structure. Therefore, he was able to make such an important decision.

It seems that this time if I want to have Zhou Jiajia safe and sound, I have to use my special abilities! However, in this way, the matters about my special abilities will be exposed. At the very least, I can't hide it from Zhong Hanlin!

However, at this time, Yang Ming couldn't just worry over his own personal gains and losses.If Zhou Jiajia could die for me, then so what if I expose my special abilities for her?

There are things that a gentleman should and shouldn't do. If I still worry too much and be indecisive, that's not what a gentleman should do!So thinking of it, Yang Ming also decided to do it!

The relationship between Zhong Hanlin and godfather, Liu Weishan is deep. If I have informed him well beforehand, he wouldn't harm me at least. But I'm afraid that he would tell others carelessly about my matters, so I'll have to remind him a little.

Zhong Hanlin thought that Yang Ming had something to say to him personally. After all, he also knew that the patient had a close relationship with Yang Ming. Zhong Hanlin nodded. He stood up and said, "Let's go to the small meeting room next door. But time is limited. After all, time is life. Make it a long story short."

In the presence of so many people, Yang Ming didn't say much. He just followed Zhong Hanlin into the small meeting room next door without saying anything.

"Yang Ming, tell me what's on your mind. Uncle Zhong and you aren't outsiders, but you can rest assured that I will do my best." Zhong Hanlin comforted Yang Ming.

"Uncle Zhong, I looked for you... because there is an important thing to tell you, but it matters a lot..." Yang Ming hesitated and said, "Can Uncle Zhong keep it secret for me?"

"Oh? What's the matter?" Zhong Hanlin had some doubts. He didn't understand why Yang Ming had to find him to talk about some important secrets before the surgery. He couldn't help but wonder. "Keeping a secret is fine, but if it isn't particularly urgent, you can say it after the surgery, right? The time is tight now!"

"It's because time is tight that I'll only make it short. Uncle Zhong, if you have any doubts, after the surgery is successful, I will talk it over with you slowly. But now, I hope Uncle Zhong listens to me." Yang Ming said solemnly.

"That's good. You may talk about it." Seeing Yang Ming being so serious, Zhong Hanlin couldn't help but be moved.

"I can see the nerves and capillaries of the human brain." Yang Ming didn't polish his words much, but the words were shocking.

"What?!" Zhong Hanlin was stunned while glancing blankly at Yang Ming. "Nephew Yang, what are you talking about?"

"Uncle Zhong, maybe you don't believe it, but I can see it!" Yang Ming glanced at Zhong Hanlin and said, "For example, Uncle Zhong, inside your cashmere sweater, you are wearing a gray-white plaid shirt with a red undershirt inside. The sweat pants are smoke color and the underwear inside is also red..."

"Ah? How do you know this?" Zhong Hanlin was astounded. He said immediately, "Yang Ming, don't you joke with Uncle Zhong. Did your godfather tell you that this year is your uncle's unlucky year?"

"Uncle Zhong, it's this time already. Do you think I am joking with you?" Yang Ming sighed. "Well, since you don't believe it, then I will continue. Your wallet is brown and there are three bank cards, one is China Merchants Bank; the card number is... The other is Industrial and Commercial Bank; its card number is... And another one is Bank of Communications; the card number is... If these are not enough, there are now six thousand three hundred and fifty-two yuan in your wallet. The only fifty-yuan note's serial number is GY... "

"Okay, Okay... No need to say anymore..." Zhong Hanlin had already dropped his mouth open at this moment! His own three bank card numbers, he must have known. Seeing that Yang Ming got all the numbers right, Zhong Hanlin was completely shocked!

Even if the news of the unlucky year was disclosed by Liu Weishan to Yang Ming, then it was impossible for Liu Weishan to know the information about these bank cards! The two old men were not ones who lacked money. It was impossible to lend money to each other, so it was impossible for the other to know the card numbers.In particular, the VIP card account of my Industrial and Commercial Bank has never been publicly disclosed. Never mind Liu Weishan, even my colleagues in the unit don't know.

Moreover, not only were these three cards under his own accounts, but other cards such as Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Postal Savings Bank, and Agricultural Bank of China were also available. He just didn't bring them!

If Yang Ming could tell all the cards in his wallet at once, it was impossible for Zhong Hanlin to not believe that Yang Ming had special abilities!

"You mean... you can see through objects?!" Zhong Hanlin looked incredibly at Yang Ming.

"You can say that." Yang Ming nodded. "However, Uncle Zhong please keep it secret for me."

"Even you don't say this, I know what to do naturally!" Zhong Hanlin nodded with a serious expression. "I am older than you, and I have seen more things in society. This special ability of yours, if it can be used for good will be good for society, but if used badly, it will destroy social order. If the criminals want to force you to do something bad, then it's troublesome!"

Yang Ming didn't think that Zhong Hanlin was so sensible. He pointed out the pros and cons of the powers immediately. He quickly said, "Since Uncle Zhong understands, then I won't say more!"

"However, if you have this ability, it's good. If you tell me the position of the nerves in the brain, the success rate of the operation will be greatly improved. However, there is still a very important problem..." Zhong Hanlin muttered, "I'm an expert in surgery at the Song Jiang City First People's Hospital. Naturally, there will be a lot of doctors watching. Even if they aren't allowed to observe, I will still need several nurses to help, so there will be someone in the surgery room! If you are next to me, it will inevitably expose your ability!"

"Hehe, Uncle Zhong don't have to worry about this." Yang Ming looked out from the direction of the house and said, "In your briefcase, there is a brain science magazine, right? The first issue of this year, the 23rd page is your paper?"

"Oh?" Zhong Hanlin looked at Yang Ming in amazement. "With things that are so far away and the words so tiny, how can you read them clearly?"

Yang Ming smiled and nodded. "Well, yes, this is my ability. No matter how far it is, it's looking from a close distance."

"It's amazing!" Zhong Hanlin nodded and sighed. "I have studied the human brain for so many years. I also know that there are some people in the world who have more active brain activity than normal people. They are so-called people with special abilities. I didn't expect you to be one of them!"

"Uncle Zhong, about other specific things, we can talk in detail after we have finished the operation. Now our most important thing is to prepare for the operation." Yang Ming saw that Zhong Hanlin wanted to continue to ask him about his ability, so he gave a reminder hurriedly.

"That's right. That's right." Zhong Hanlin said with embarrassment and touched his own hair. He said, "Look at me. When I talk about academic questions, I can't stop it. Now the surgery is naturally the most important thing!"

"En, how about this, Uncle Zhong? If you wear a pair of wireless headphones when you're doing the surgery, I will tell you the situation." Yang Ming suggested.

"This is better, so no one will doubt." Zhong Hanlin nodded with a smile. He said, "I am going to prepare. Let's wish us a happy cooperation!"

"Happy cooperation!" Yang Ming said with a smile.

This wireless headset was easy to get from Xia Xue. People in the police system were naturally familiar with this kind of thing. They often used it when performing tasks.

Although Xia Xue wondered why Yang Ming wanted her to find this, Yang Ming said Zhong Hanlin wanted it, so Xia Xue didn't know the purpose. But she didn't ask further, she thought it might be convenient to contact other helpers during the operation.

Handing the receiving end of the wireless headset to Zhong Hanlin, Yang Ming sat in a separate lounge, which was specially arranged by Zhong Hanlin. Xia Xue was very dissatisfied with Yang Ming's disappearance before the surgery, but she couldn't do anything since she couldn't find him.

Sure enough, as Zhong Hanlin expected, not only did the hospital's brain doctors come to observe Zhong Hanlin's surgery, but even the doctors from the nearby hospitals who got the news rushed over. After all, the top expert's surgery in the country couldn't be seen easily. So, everyone wanted to learn something useful.

Zhong Hanlin didn't avoid them. He just reminded others about the precautions when doing the surgery. Then, he went to dress and prepared for surgery.

This was the first time that Yang Ming had used his abilities in areas related to medical treatment. Moreover, every word of his was related to Zhou Jiajia's safety. How could Yang Ming not be nervous?

At the beginning of the operation, Yang Ming's forehead had already produced tiny sweat droplets. If Mother Zhou was only mentally nervous, Yang Ming was nervous in his whole body and mind!

He couldn't allow himself to make any mistakes, so he needed intense concentration.

In the quiet lounge, Yang Ming held a cup of tea tightly in his hands. He seemed to hear his own breathing. Yes, this was the first time that Yang Ming was being so nervous in his life!

Even during that time in the detention center, or while he was besieged by two assassins, Yang Ming wasn't this nervous! Yang Ming took a sip of tea and tried to calm his mood.

"Uncle Zhong, can you hear me? Nod if you hear it." After Yang Ming breathed a sigh of relief, he whispered.

He saw Zhong Hanlin nodded slightly.It seems that the effect of this pair of wireless headphones is still very good.

The brain nerve is also called the "cranial nerve." A pair of symmetrical nerves extends from the brain. The main nerves are the olfactory nerve, the optic nerve, the oculomotor nerve, the trochlear nerve, the trigeminal nerve, the augmentation nerve, the facial nerve, the auditory nerve, the glossopharyngeal nerve, the vagus nerve, the accessory nerve, and the hypoglossal nerve. The trigeminal nerve is respectively composed of the ocular nerve, the maxillary nerve, and the mandibular nerve.

However, there are still several branches on each main nerve. Now, Zhong Hanlin was afraid of hitting a branch of some of these nerves and some unknown parts. The human brain is very complicated. No top brain specialist could say that he completely understands the human brain!

Yang Ming was able to see the subtle nerves of these branches. In the beginning, Yang Ming's tone was a bit nervous, but gradually, he entered the zone.

As long as Yang Ming told Zhong Hanlin about the approximate location, Zhong Hanlin would be careful. The cooperation of the two people had a very good understanding.

The three hours of tension had finally passed. When the bullet was completely taken out, Yang Ming and Zhong Hanlin were relieved at the same time! Both of their moods were equally excited. They completed the first surgery in history that was combined with special abilities.

Although the surgery was over unknowingly, Yang Ming still had a cold sweat! Touching his back that was soaked, Yang Ming smiled and mocked himself.It turns out that I also have a moment where I'm scared!

When Zhong Hanlin announced that the operation was successfully completed, everyone had an unusually exciting sound.

Mother Zhou was so excited that she had tears. She said that she must thank Zhong Hanlin. Zhong Hanlin smiled and waved his hand, and said that there was no need. "It's my family's business. Why do you thank me? I have a close relationship with my nephew Yang's godfather that's closer than a blood brother. If you have to thank someone, just thank nephew Yang!"

Zhong Hanlin was a master in academics, but he wasn't insensible in daily life. As soon as he came here, he felt that Mother Zhou seemed to be not friendly with Yang Ming. Therefore, he subconsciously believed that Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia were definitely having that kind of couple relationship where Mother Zhou didn't agree. So he wanted to take this opportunity to make a match between Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia.

As for why he thought so, it was entirely because Yang Ming was nervous about Zhou Jiajia. It seemed that it wasn't like the concern of ordinary friends. He didn't know the twists of the whole incident, so it was no wonder that he would think so.

"Ah!" After hearing Zhong Hanlin say that Mother Zhou was stunned. But she immediately began to re-examine the identity of Yang Ming!Yang Ming's family background is really bad, and it's quite awful. His mother is laid-off and father is a worker, and it's even the lifeless factory work!

But, Yang Ming actually has a godfather? It's Liu Weishan?Liu Weishan was also a famous person in China. Although Mother Zhou didn't work in the jewelry industry, she had heard of this name. Obviously, he was an academic expert!

It seems that this Yang Ming isn't that simple! Otherwise, he wouldn't have such a powerful godfather. I should re-examine the background of Yang Ming!

Her daughter was now like this. The bullet was even hit on the forehead. Not to mention it would affect her appearance in the future, the few words from Zhong Hanlin were enough to make Mother Zhou worried!

"The surgery is very successful, but it is hard to say when the patient will wake up! The human brain is the most mysterious place. Sometimes a slight concussion may cause a period of coma, let alone a gunshot wound!"

Zhong Hanlin's words were stunning. During the operation, Mother Zhou also inquired about the position of Zhong Hanlin in the field of brain academia. Now, when she heard Zhong Hanlin say this, her heart suddenly fell into the abyss.

Although the bullet is taken out, it is still unknown when my daughter can wake up! What if my daughter doesn't wake up for the rest of her life? In that case, if this Yang Ming really likes Zhou Jiajia, it won't be bad for him to marry Zhou Jiajia...

If Yang Ming knew the current thoughts of Mother Zhou, he would definitely be outraged. But now Yang Ming just wanted to take a break. He was really tired before. He was much more nervous than Zhong Hanlin. Zhong Hanlin had been through many surgeries. He was stable on the operating table. He had better support with Yang Ming's help. It made him clear in his mind to be able to do the surgery steadily. But Yang Ming was different. It was his first time. It would be strange if he wasn't nervous!

But undeniably Mother Zhou's thoughts were not wrong. Most people were selfish after all, especially in the business field. Mother Zhou must first consider her own gains and losses.

Although Zhou Jiajia had finished the operation, she was still in the intensive care unit. It would take some time before the family can visit. However, Yang Ming wasn't subject to this restriction. He could see how Zhou Jiajia was now, no matter how far away he was.

Seeing that Zhou Jiajia's long hair that had been scraped off and covered with gauze, Yang Ming only felt a pain in his heart.How should I face her? What should I do after she wakes up? The promise that I made before, is it...

Yang Ming shook his head and didn't dare to think about it. Now, in Yang Ming's heart, there was a very difficult feeling.Is it gratefulness? Is it sympathy? But is it love?Yang Ming didn't know.

But what Yang Ming knew was that what he owed Zhou Jiajia, he couldn't repay in his lifetime!That isa life. How can I pay it back? She's really a stupid girl... Was it worth it?

Zhou Jiajia likes me, but I don't know.But what made Yang Ming wonder was, when did Zhou Jiajia fall in love with him?

Junior high school?It was apparently possible, but Yang Ming thought that it was unlikely.University? It's even more impossible. There is nothing special between me and her.

Although Yang Ming felt that his popularity among women was good, it was also based on certain special events to capture the girl's heart. Even Yang Ming was narcissistic, he wouldn't think he would be shining like a bad*ss if he just stood there and pretty girls approached him proactively... It was impossible.

If that's the case, why isn't there any girl who liked me during the three years of high school?Therefore, Yang Ming didn't think he had the aura of triumph.

It seems that this mystery can only be explained by Zhou Jiajia once she woke up.Yang Ming massaged his own temple, drank the herbal tea in his hand, and then he got out of the lounge.

At this time, Zhong Hanlin was explaining the experience of the surgery to the doctors. Seeing that Yang Ming came over, Zhong Hanlin nodded to Yang Ming immediately. They looked at each other. Everything happened without saying.

It was Xia Xue, who was very dissatisfied with Yang Ming's disappearance during the operation that asked, "Where have you been?"

"Do you think I'm easy? Just finished a match with you, and then I had to hold Wang Xifan hostage under the threat of so many people. My stamina had seriously run out. I just had Uncle Zhong find a lounge for me to take a rest!" Yang Ming whispered casually.

"Oh! I see." Listening to Yang Ming, Xia Xue no longer pursued Yang Ming's responsibility. After all, what Yang Ming said was true. At that time, Yang Ming could hold Zhou Jiajia who was injured and subdued Wang Xifan, it wasn't easy! Even Xia Xue didn't think she could do that!

It seems that losing to Yang Ming wasn't a coincidence. Yang Ming does have his excellence.Thinking of this, Xia Xue's mentality was also balanced. She was just still holding a grudge for letting Yang Ming hit her *ss!

That is my own "private place." If others know about it, how can I face them?However, after thinking she had intruded into the bathroom and saw Yang Ming taking a shower, these two things evened out. But why did Xia Xue feel like she had suffered more?

Xia Xue also knew that Yang Ming was very tired, but some things must be done even though he was tired. As one of the important parties, Yang Ming must go to the police station with Xia Xue to record his testimony.

Yang Ming also knew that this was a necessary procedure, so he didn't reject it.

"Uncle Zhong, I'm going to the police station with Xia Xue to do some things. You go back to godfather's place first. I will go back later." Yang Ming and Zhong Hanlin greeted each other.

"Yang Ming, probably, both of us have to go back late. I can't leave on my side either! These doctors are asking for some knowledge from me. They want me to stay here for dinner!" Zhong Hanlin smiled bitterly.

"That's fine. Let's keep in contact by phone!" Liu Weishan gave Yang Ming's phone number to Zhong Hanlin before he boarded the plane. Of course, Zhong Hanlin also gave Yang Ming his phone number.

Zhong Hanlin nodded and continued to discuss academic issues with the doctors.

"What about the gun?" Going into the car, Xia Xue looked at Yang Ming and asked.

"What gun?" Yang Ming asked while knowing about it.

"The gun that shot Zhou Jiajia. The gun in the hands of Wang Xifan!" Xia Xue snorted. "Don't tell me that you didn't see it. It's a big crime to hide guns. Take it out quickly!"

"Damn. The gun that you're talking about, how would I know where it went?" Yang Ming said indifferently.

"Yang Ming, I can tell you this. Don't have wishful thinking. Captain Chen just called me. The gun wasn't found at the scene!" Xia Xue threatened.

Yang Ming shrugged and spread his hands and said, "There were so many people. Who knows who took it? If you don't believe me, you can search. Why do you always doubt me? What happened at that time? Can I still pay attention to the gun's whereabouts?"

"Fine. I believe you!" Xia Xue also knew that the situation was confusing at the time. Yang Ming had a very small chance of getting the gun, but now he had to go to the police station. If the gun was on Yang Ming, he had no place to hide it.

However, what did Yang Ming do? He was an assassin. The best thing to do as an assassin was to hide the gun. An assassin could hide the gun in many places without being discovered!

Just before, Yang Ming had already hidden the gun in a bathroom of the hospital. Except for Yang Ming, it was hard to find it if no one was searching.

What was the reason Yang Ming kept the pistol privately? First, it's because the pistol was smuggled. There was no record so it was convenient to use it to do things. Once the current case was finished, the bullet from the head of Zhou Jiajia would be sealed as evidence. It was difficult to check the traces of the ballistics again. Another point was that he was going to assign the gun to Hou Zhenhan to let them practice. Even if they didn't use it, they could take it out and scare people. They could act bad*ss when negotiating with people.

Because the people in the police station who recorded Yang Ming's testimony were all under Chen Fei, and Xia Xue was explaining by the side together, it was not difficult for Yang Ming.

Moreover, just a short while ago, Wang Xifan had already completely pleaded guilty. Therefore, Yang Ming's testimony wasn't very meaningful. Wang Xifan knew that he had no chance to get out this time, so he was also keeping an attitude that he was going to die.

Although people with a discerning eye could see that Yang Ming had made a great contribution to this matter, Yang Ming didn't mean to take any credit. Besides, he had requested it to be treated in low-profile so that his parents wouldn't know.

In this way, Xia Xue had to take this credit even if she didn't want it! If Yang Ming didn't want to take the credit, then someone must take it, right? At that time, only Xia Xue was on the scene, so Xia Xue couldn't push it!

Arresting a smuggling boss, that was absolutely shocking news! Not to mention how he was arrested, and no matter how tortuous the middle process, there must always be a hero in a big case, and Xia Xue became the hero who crushed the smuggler!

She had no choice. Even if someone wanted to take this credit, they couldn't take it! Since then, not only had Xia Xue received the award from the municipal government, but she was also awarded the third-class merit by the provincial government and the title of the Police Superintendent, Class II. However, because she was too young, her duty wasn't promoted.

But thinking about it, it would definitely not be a problem if she was promoted again in the future. In particular, Xia Xue was a young and beautiful female police officer, which coincided with the positive image of TV publicity. So, for a time, on the TV and newspapers on the streets were all news of Xia Xue.

When Yang Ming came out of the police station, he suddenly received a call from Bao Sanli.

"Hello? What's the matter?" Yang Ming wondered.I just got the gun and wanted to find him. How did this guy find me first?

"Brother Yang, Guo Jianchao is here. He wants to see you in the Nightless Club." Bao Sanli's attitude towards Yang Ming was respectful because he also knew that Yang Ming's identity was different at this moment. Yang Ming represented Mr. Y, who was his big boss now!

"Guo Jianchao?" Yang Ming was stunned. "What does he want?"

"I don't know, but he said that he has important things to see you about." Bao Sanli said.

"Well, ask him to wait. I am coming now." Yang Ming agreed after a moment of thinking.I looked for Guo Jianchao alone a while ago and asked him to help collect some evidence from Wang Xifan. Can it be that he has collected this?

No matter what he wants to do, I still have to go to Bao Sanli's anyway. As the direct boss of Bao Sanli, how can my brother not have a gun? Even the boss of the Four Snakes Gang had a gun. Bao Sanli is also the boss of a city. He's more bad*ss than Brother Snake!

But using a smuggled gun wasn't a long-term plan. Yang Ming planned to ask Xia Xue and Chen Fei in a few days to see if he could apply for a license for Bao Sanli's security company.

Yang Ming went back to the hospital and took out the pre-hidden gun, then he went straight in the direction of the Nightless Club.

When Yang Ming arrived, Bao Sanli had already greeted him in front of the door, which made Yang Ming dumbfounded. He had told Bao Sanli not to reveal his identity before. This guy actually did it so obviously!

But thinking that Bao Sanli was a careless person, and he was the type with a one-track mind who was so genuinely in awe of Yang Ming, it was quite difficult for him not to come out to greet Yang Ming.

However, Bao Sanli's respectful attitude made Guo Jianchao feel a little bit amazed.What is the identity of Yang Ming? The boss of Song Jiang City actually welcomes him in person?

Originally, Guo Jianchao just thought that Yang Ming was very powerful. He was only a friend of Bao Sanli. He helped Yang Ming to collect Wang Xifan's materials was also because of giving face to Bao Sanli and the video. But now he had to re-examine the power of Yang Ming!

And my own plan, should I also change the cooperation partner?During this period of changing boss in Song Jiang City's Underworld, Guo Jianchao also heard a little bit. Nowadays Bao Sanli wasn't the same as before. The originally a small boss, now his identity was Song Jiang's boss.

But what about Yang Ming's identity? Is he even more powerful than the Song Jiang's boss?Guo Jianchao's position as a vice president at the age of 30 showed that his brain was very useful. He wasn't a fool, so he had thought of a series of questions instantly.

He knew about Sun Jie's identity. Sun Jie's father, Sun Hongjun, was the boss behind Donghai. Although the boss on the surface was Tian Dajin, the master of the Tian Family, Guo Jianchao secretly discovered that it was the Sun Family who really controlled Donghai! This also strengthened his belief in pursuing Sun Jie!

Yang Ming, a seemingly unaccomplished little punk, was the boyfriend of Sun Jie. When he recalled Bao Sanli's attitude, the true identity of Yang Ming was naturally revealed!

Is Yang Ming also the son of the boss of Song Jiang? Bao Sanli, this boss on the surface, can he be similar to Tian Dajin working for another?Thinking of this, Guo Jianchao's face was involuntarily twitching.Motherf*cker, my life is really blessed. I fought with Yang Ming for a woman. I just got f*cked by a gay a few times. I didn't lose my life. It was really a blessing!

Thinking of this, the conflict with the little waitress before, the follow-up from Bao Sanli, and Yang Ming reaching out to help, it wasn't a coincidence, but it was arranged in advance!

But so what if he figured it out? Guo Jianchao couldn't say it. He was still young. He didn't want to die in a dubious way!

In fact, Guo Jianchao guessed Yang Ming's identity in just a few minutes. His mind was rather quick-witted! This guy was undeniably a talented person.

"Brother Yang!" Guo Jianchao understood the identity of Yang Ming. He was afraid of Yang Ming immediately. He approached politely and greeted Yang Ming.

"En." Yang Ming didn't know why Guo Jianchao was so enthusiastic. When Yang Ming looked for him to collect evidence last time, although this guy agreed without saying anything, he was obviously not as enthusiastic as he was now!

"Why are you looking for me?" Yang Ming asked faintly.

"Brother Yang, the last time you asked me to collect evidence of President Wang...Ah, no, the evidence of Wang Xifan. I have collected some, but it isn't very deadly..." Guo Jianchao said carefully.

"Let's go in first before we talk." Yang Ming frowned. Now that the evidence wasn't needed, Wang Xifan's death sentence had basically become a foregone conclusion. There should be no suspense.

The three people looked for a small meeting room. Bao Sanli opened the door, but he didn't dare to go in first. He said to Yang Ming, "Brother Yang, please."

Yang Ming smiled and said, "Brother Bao, what are you doing? You have let this become strange. I'm not used to it."

"Ah... Brother Yang... I..." Bao Sanli also scratched his head. He didn't have too many thoughts. He was straightforward. He only knew that Yang Ming was now more powerful than he, so he was showing his respect subconsciously.

"Forget it..." Yang Ming looked at Bao Sanli's embarrassed appearance and waved his hand. "In the future, don't do this in front of the outsiders. Luckily today only Jianchao is here. Otherwise, if others knew about it, I can't even go to school as usual!"

"Yes, yes, Brother Yang!" Hearing Yang Ming said so, Bao Sanli only reacted that Guo Jianchao wasn't his people.If this guy speaks to others, isn't that bad?

Before this Bao Sanli felt that Guo Jianchao was also doing things for Yang Ming, so he didn't care about Guo Jianchao. He took Guo Jianchao out to wait for Yang Ming. But now, who knew if this person was able to keep secret?

Thinking of this, his eyes showed an intention to murder. He said, "Brother Yang... why not..."

Guo Jianchao couldn't help but shiver.Mom, are they going to kill me?

In fact, Guo Jianchao was overthinking. Even people in the underworld wouldn't simply kill people, but Guo Jianchao was influenced by the Hong Kong and Taiwan movies. He thought that the people of Underworld didn't value people's life. How could he be not afraid? His legs suddenly went limp and he almost sat on the ground. "Brother Yang, I didn't see anything... No, I'm working for you. Even now I'm loyal to you. You don't kill unless I'm not useful anymore… You're so handsome, have an extraordinary vibe, strategizing, successful in an instant, condescending, an irresistible force, the only one in the world, the only one on the ground... I'm already kneeling at your feet. I decided to pledge allegiance to you..."

Yang Ming resisted smiling. This guy knew to change his allegiance according to circumstances. Although Wang Xifan was screwed up, the Wang Group didn't fall. Yang Ming also knew that the matter of Wang Xifan wasn't involved in the Wang Group. When Wang Zhitao inherited the Wang Group, maybe this kid would harm him, too. So, it would be better to leave a person in the Wang Group and find a chance to get rid of this kid.

However, for people like Guo Jianchao, there must be an absolute shocking power, otherwise, this guy would change his allegiance according to the circumstances. Although Yang Ming still had his video as a threat, it was difficult to prevent him from betrayal in front of other powerful forces.

Thinking of this, Yang Ming moved his mind. He threw the pistol in front of Bao Sanli. He said, "This is for you."

However, Guo Jianchao almost died out of fear.Why did Yang Ming take out a pistol? Is he asking Bao Sanli to kill me?Guo Jianchao slipped to the ground this time. He stared blankly at Yang Ming, "Brother Yang... I really sincerely swear allegiance to you. I will be your little soldier in the future. Your follower. I will do whatever you say. If I change my mind, I'll die miserably. Rocket in my butt hole..."

"Alright..." Yang Ming said, "Your mouth... Don't worry. The gun isn't for killing you. Don't do this in the future. You work for me in the future. I won't treat you badly. I don't want my men to be cowards."

"Yes, Brother Yang was invincible, forthright. You will definitely not kill your most royal soldier!" Guo Jianchao continued to flatter, "I'm only weak because of Brother Yang's invincible aura. Is there anyone as powerful as Brother Yang..."

"Well, you remember what you said today. If I want to kill you, it's actually very easy." Yang Ming waved his hand and said, "If you want to die, we don't need any rocket. A pen is enough!" Yang Ming picked up a ballpoint pen on the table, pointed at the peephole on the door and said, "Look there."

Saying, the ballpoint pen flew out of Yang Ming's hand and pierced through the peephole! Obviously, it had penetrated the door.

More than four meters away, a plastic ballpoint pen can penetrate the glass of peephole. How powerful were his strength and accuracy? Not only was Guo Jianchao dumbfounded, but Bao Sanli also dropped his mouth open!

The only thought of the two people was that Brother Yang was really ruthless. The previous phrases were very appropriate for him!

Guo Jianchao took a gulp of cold air.Never mind the rocket in my *sshole, even I can't stand against this ballpoint pen!

"Wang Xifan is finished; the evidence is useless." Yang Ming waved his hand. "If I guess it correctly, the person who inherits the company should be Wang Zhitao."

"Brother Yang, I came here this time for this matter!" Guo Jianchao quickly flattered, "While I was collecting evidence from Wang Xifan, I got such a document from the safe in his office."

"What document?" Yang Ming asked with a frown.

"Equity Transfer Book!" Guo Jianchao smiled and said, "Wang Xifan's equity transfer! There was Wang Xifan's signature!" Guo Jianchao handed Yang Ming a portfolio.

"Equity transfer book? What equity? Wang's group?" Yang Ming asked while his heart was moved.

"Yes, it's the Wang's Group!" Guo Jianchao said with a smile, "Hehe, in order to collect the evidence for Wang Xifan, I found someone to crack the fingerprint safe in Wang Xifan's office and took the document from it!"

"Oh?" Yang Ming opened the portfolio. He asked while looking at it, "This document should be transferred to Wang Zhitao. Isn't it useless if we get it?"

"No, no! This authorization letter is blank!" Guo Jianchao waved his hand and said, "Brother Yang, look!"

"Ah?" Yang Ming flipped over to the party B section on the letter of authorization. It was blank. He was shocked, "Why is it like this?"

"Hehe, at that time, Wang Xifan couldn't decide whether to transfer the equity in his hands to Wang Zhitao or his own wife at the end. So after the contract was drafted, it was left with a blank there. After I discovered it, I forged a copy. The fake contract was put into the safe. Perhaps, the fake contract was now in the hands of Wang Zhitao?Hehe!" Guo Jianchao smiled sinisterly.

"That is, through this document, it is possible for us to take over the Wang's Group?" A crazy idea suddenly appeared in Yang Ming's mind!

If the roots are not removed during weeding, the weeds will grow again when it's Spring. Sometimes I need to be cruel as a human. If the group is left to Wang Zhitao, this guy may still be thinking about harming me!

"Yes! This is feasible!" Guo Jianchao nodded. "If Wang Xifan didn't realize it and gave the fake authorization to Wang Zhitao, then we have the feasibility of operation!"

"Why didn't you do it yourself? That's the assets of hundreds of millions!" Yang Ming glanced at Guo Jianchao deeply.

"Brother Yang, I'm not lying to you. It's impossible to not have that idea when I got the contract. But I also know that I'm just a vice president. If there's no one backing me up, it's hard for me to operate this thing. But if there is a formidable force in Song Jiang that supports me, it's very possible to take over the Wang Group!" Guo Jianchao said.

"Hehe, I understand. In fact, today you weren't looking for me. Before this, you wanted to find Bao Sanli, and you wanted to cooperate with him to do this kind of thing. It's best to do this kind of thing with the help from the underworld, and the others won't dare to say anything either!" Yang Ming immediately understood Guo Jianchao's intention. "Am I right?"

"I don't dare to deceive Brother Yang! You are right. Indeed, I thought so, but now, how can I qualify for cooperation with Brother Yang? I'm just a soldier of yours. Think of this as my gift to you!" Guo Jianchao said truthfully.

Yang Ming nodded and was very satisfied with Guo Jianchao's answer. "Well, you and Bao Sanli research about the operability of this thing. Jianchao, your business is the shopping mall. You should know more about these rules than me. About the specific needs of how to operate, how to cooperate, I'll let Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan fully support you! If this matter is really successful, then you are my statesman with achievement. I will never treat you unfairly. The shares that we get, half of it will be yours!"

Yang Ming also knew that if he wants a horse to run fast, he must feed him enough food. He must not be too harsh on his own people. If there were enough benefits, only then would someone die for you! Moreover, the Wang Group was simply a windfall for Yang Ming. So what's wrong in giving part of it to others? As long as Wang Zhitao didn't get it, it's fine!

"I can't take half of it. So, Brother Yang, I know that you are good to me. Just one-third is enough!" Guo Jianchao said with trepidation.

"Okay, as you wish." When Yang Ming saw that Guo Jianchao wasn't the kind of insatiable person, he was slightly gratified.

"Don't worry, Brother Yang. I will try my best to do this." Guo Jianchao immediately expressed his loyalty.

"My identity, you can know it, but you can't say it out." Yang Ming said faintly, "The less people know; the less they will be suspicious."

Guo Jianchao was shocked in his heart. Originally, he wanted to inquire about the identity of Yang Ming from Bao Sanli after Yang Ming left, but at that moment he immediately dismissed the idea and dared not to think again...

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