So Pure, So Flirtatious - Chapter 128
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Chapter 128: Whose Wallet Is This After All?

“Is he telling the truth?” The young metro policeman asked Yang Ming.

“Yes, it’s basically true, but I didn’t steal his wallet.” Yang Ming said lightly.

“Then why would he insist that you stole it from him?” The young metro police asked.

“How would I know? I’m not him. But it could be due to his dissatisfaction with my behavior, so he wanted to frame me!” Yang Ming shook his head and said without rush.

“No, it is he who stole my wallet. If not, you can search his body!” The punk shouted.

“I’m sorry, sir. I need to search your body. Please be cooperative!” The elder metro policeman told Yang Ming as he signaled the young metro policeman.

“Okay, no problem. I’m also getting irritated by him. Please quickly make sure that you prove my innocence.” Yang Ming said, “If I don’t have his wallet, please ask him to apologize to me!”

“This…” The elder metro police found this troublesome. It was easy for them to say sorry, but not to ask the punk to apologize. It wasn’t their jurisdiction to do so.

“No problem. If you didn’t steal it, then I will apologize!” The punk said in a hurry.

“Really?” Yang Ming stared at the punk.

“Really. I will even call you my grandpa!” The punk was excited and became conceited.

The young metro police frowned after he heard this. Since the punk was willing to be someone else’s grandson, so be it. Then he started to search Yang Ming’s body.

When he took out the wallet from Yang Ming’s coat pocket, the punk pointed at the wallet happily. “This is my wallet. It’s this one! Police comrade, he is the thief. Quickly arrest him!”

“What’s going on?” The young metro policeman looked at Yang Ming with doubt. He looked at this young man who was calm and didn’t show the anxiety of a suspect. So he didn’t think that Yang Ming stole the punk’s wallet, but unexpectedly he found it in his search.

“This is my wallet. If he claims that it belongs to him, then does it belong to him?” Yang Ming was amused and said, “So can I simply say that other people’s belongings are mine?”

“Do you have any proof to show that you own this wallet?” The metro policeman asked the punk.

“What’s mine is mine. Why didn’t you ask him if he has any evidence?” The punk retorted.

“I’m asking you now. The wallet was on him. If you’re saying that’s yours, of course, you have to prove it!” The young metro police said unhappily.

“Oh. There is 2,348 yuan inside and a Jiulongpo KTV voucher!” The punk said it as if he was familiar with it. He made sure he got this right. He had 2,500 yuan at first. Yesterday, he spent 150 yuan buying clothes. Just now he spent two yuan for the train, so he was left with 2,348 yuan. As for the voucher, he got it from the KTV for free when he went for karaoke a few days ago.

“So, what’s in your wallet?” The young metro policeman was stunned. He never expected the punk to state the correct amount of money and item! He thought that the punk wasn’t lying. After all, it was very easy to check when he opened it up. So he suspected Yang Ming and asked him the same question.

“My wallet has 2,348 yuan and a Jiulongpo KTV voucher!” Yang Ming said lightly.

“You… you copied from me!” The punk was furious. He pointed at Yang Ming and said, “Police comrade, he was saying this because I said it first. Don’t you two believe him!”

“This…” The young metro policeman was stunned. He didn’t know who to trust.

The elder metro policeman was more experienced in this. He waved his hand to the young metro policeman. “Open the wallet first and look at what’s inside.”

The young metro police nodded his head, then he opened the wallet and checked the money inside. After a while, the result was out. He was surprised that there were 2,348 yuan and a Jiulongpo KTV voucher in it!

“What do we do now?” The young metro policeman was in a difficult situation and looked at the elder metro policeman.

“Although you said the same thing, you said it after he mentioned it, so our suspicion on you is still greater!” The elder metro policeman said to Yang Ming.

“Why is it that I’m now the suspect? The wallet is mine. You asked him first, then why am I the suspect now?” Yang Ming frowned and pretended to be annoyed for being framed.

“But he was right about what’s inside.” The young metro policeman said.

“He might have seen that when I took out my money. Right, when I bought the train ticket, I counted the money in the wallet. Maybe he remembered from that?” Yang Ming started to make up some stories, but he wasn’t afraid. He was able to cover up his lie.

“What?” The punk was furious. “This is bulls***! You’re such a liar!”

“Calm down!” The young metro policeman glared at the punk, then he said to Yang Ming, “If it’s like this, the case is getting difficult. You two follow us to the metro station’s guard house. We will continue the investigation over there!”

“Alright…” The punk hesitated and nodded his head. The wallet belonged to him. Why would he be scared?

“But I’m in a rush!” Yang Ming said.

The young metro policeman and elder metro policeman exchanged a look! Suspicious! Normally, the real thief wouldn’t want to be investigated! So they thought Yang Ming was the greater suspect!

“No, you have to go with us to find the truth!” The elder metro policeman said seriously.

“This… right!” Yang Ming acted as though he was suddenly enlightened and said, “I can prove the wallet is mine!”

“En?” The elder metro policeman froze, then he asked, “How do you want to prove it?”

“Inside the wallet, there is a ten yuan paper note. There are some words on it! I got it from the street vendor when I bought a drink. At that time, I wanted to exchange it for another note because there were words on it, but he said nevermind because it was still good to use.” Yang Ming said.

“What?” The elder metro policeman took out a ten yuan. As expected, there was a line of words, so he asked, “What does it say? Just tell me about it.”

“You ask him whether he knows about this,” said Yang Ming pointing at the punk.

“Do you know about this?” The elder metro police asked the punk.

“I… Of course, I know!” The punk acted smart and said, “But I won’t tell you this time. If I say it first, then he will copy from me!”

“Heh, alright then. We will tell the two policemen the words privately. How about it?” Yang Ming said with a smile.

“This…” The punk hesitated. He didn’t know there were words on the note, but how could Yang Ming know about it? Was he bluffing?

“Alright, let’s do it this way!” The elder metro policeman nodded his head, then he pulled Yang Ming to one side and asked, “Could you tell me this time around?”

“The writing says ‘Brother Dabi, I love you!’ I remember it because I think it is disgusting.” Yang Ming explained.

The elder metro policeman nodded his head and walked back.

As for the punk, he didn’t know about the words on the note. Could he say anything constructive? After a while, he could only say that he didn’t remember the words. Who would investigate the words on a note for no reason?

The punk would have had the least suspicion up to now. But, Yang Ming had confidently recited those words, so the two metro policemen had a decision in their minds.

“Right, I still remember the expiration date of that KTV voucher!” Yang Ming pretended to remember something and said, “It’s written: 16th of July!”

The elder metro policeman took out the voucher. This time he didn’t doubt Yang Ming anymore. He returned the wallet to Yang Ming and apologized.

Yang Ming accepted the wallet with a smile. He looked at the punk with “pity” and said, “Grandson, greet your grandpa!”

The punk was entirely dumbfounded this time. How is this possible? It’s impossible. Does the wallet honestly not belong to me? Am I having delusions? No, it’s my wallet! But I don’t even know about my stuff. How did he know?

Yang Ming exited the train. The punk was unlucky. He was brought to the police room in the metro station by the metro police.

After the punk calmed down, he couldn’t help but admit that he peeked at the money in Yang Ming’s wallet. Because Yang Ming had stolen his seat, he wanted to frame him out of hatred.

It was not a big deal too. The punk admitted his fault, and his attitude was agreeable. He was released after being criticized and educated.

However, the punk couldn’t figure it out. This incident today is too abnormal. But, something even more strange happens when he meets Yang Ming for the second time. Of course, that would be later.

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