Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1339
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Splash splash splash.

Sounds of waves were unceasing, the air was filled with a bloody smell, assaulting everyone’s noses.

The two Gu Immortals from Wu clan, Wu Yuan Ju and Rong Hao, were flying in the sky now, looking at the sea of blood below, the former’s expression was solemn while the latter’s was bitter.

“The blood flood has spread an enormous distance, more than ten mountains were flooded, if we do not seal it now, this calamity will cause even greater damage later.” Wu Yuan Ju said solemnly.

Blood tide pit was originally defended by Wu Yi Ran, but after he died, blood tide pit was taken down and the Gu formations inside were destroyed. This caused the blood tide to burst out and flood the surrounding area, causing this huge disaster.

Rong Hao had a worried expression: “It will not be easy for the two of us to create a new Gu formation and seal the blood tide again. If we had another rank six, with three Gu Immortals, we would barely be able to do it.”

These two had rank six cultivation level, it was not difficult to handle this blood tide disaster, but Wu Yong gave them a limited amount of time. Two people were not able to resolve this in a short period of time.

There was no choice, Wu Yong could not deploy more people to handle this troublesome situation.

During Wu Du Xiu’s era, Wu clan rapidly expanded without obstruction, because Wu Du Xiu could suppress the entire situation alone.

Once Wu Du Xiu died, Wu Yong took over, Wu clan only had one rank eight left, even though Wu Yong had great capabilities, Wu clan’s territory was just too big.

Due to Purple Mountain True Monarch’s scheme, the super forces could not control their desires, Wu clan was faced with obstacles created by many of the super forces.

Wu Yong stayed in their headquarters and was maintaining the situation and deciding on who to send.

But this time, Wu Yi Ran had died, with him gone, a huge gap formed instantly in Wu clan’s defense line.

Sending out Wu Yuan Ju and Rong Hao was already Wu clan’s limit.

“Give it our all, even if we exceed the time limit, we have already tried our best.” Wu Yuan Ju sighed, starting to act.

Rong Hao cooperated.

He was not a Wu clansman, he was an external supreme elder recruited by Wu clan.

Southern Border’s clans were very unwelcoming to outsiders, it was not easy for Wu clan to break tradition and recruit an external Gu Immortal into Wu clan.

Under the two Gu Immortals’ methods, the blood tide continued to push backwards, the blood tide pit was like a huge monstrous mouth, devouring the blood outside.

The situation was under control.

It was getting better.

Wu Yuan Ju sighed: “After suppressing this blood tide and rebuilding the Gu formation, Rong Hao, you will have to take over the position of guarding this place. I hope you can be careful, the situation is quite tense now.”

Rong Hao nodded:”I understand. I heard that this blood tide pit was not naturally formed, it was created by Blood Sea Ancestor on purpose?”

Wu Yuan Ju nodded: “Blood Sea Ancestor left behind seven true inheritances, this is one of the seven true inheritances that he had meticulously arranged. It was not eye-catching earlier, similar to normal pits, but when a Gu Master from Shang clan entered, he obtained a Blood Sea true inheritance, obtaining blood handprint Gu. This person is Shang clan’s previous clan leader, Shang Yan Fei, he had died on Yi Tian Mountain.”

After Shang Yan Fei took away the Blood Sea true inheritance, blood tides started to appear in this pit unceasingly.

Wu Du Xiu sent Gu Immortals here and made this part of Wu clan’s territory.

Due to Wu clan’s management, blood tide pit quickly became a blood path resource point. Wu clan was developing blood path, this resource point made great contributions.

“You two sure are happy.” At this time, Rong Hao heard a voice in his mind.

“Who?!” Rong Hao was shocked.

He wanted to use his methods to defend himself, but he could not move at all.

He quickly looked over at Wu Yuan Ju to seek help, but he was soon met with despair, as Wu Yuan Ju was also immobilized, in the same state as him.

A small figure had appeared on Rong Hao’s shoulder.

He was the size of a thumb, he had wings on his back, resembling dragonfly wings, his purple hair was very eye catching.

It was none other than rank eight wisdom path Gu Immortal Purple Mountain True Monarch!

“Miniman Gu Immortal?” Wu Yuan Ju was shocked, but he quickly calmed down, Purple Mountain True Monarch’s aura was concealed, he did not expose his rank eight aura.

Rong Hao quickly added: “As a variant human, you must know that humans are the rulers of the world. No matter who instigated you, I hope that you will not act rashly. Because we are not only human Gu Immortals, we are also members of Wu clan. Wu clan is the number one righteous path force in Southern Border, if you kill us, the consequences will be severe.”

“We have no grudges between us. We of Wu clan would not bully people, if you have any requests, we can help you with them, we can become friends.” Wu Yuan Ju continued.

He had great chemistry with Rong Hao, both threatening and urging at the same time.

But before he finished his words, he started to stutter as his gaze turned hollow.

Rong Hao was shocked, he blurted out: “Wisdom path Gu Immortal?!”

At this point, he also became incoherent.

Purple Mountain True Monarch’s wisdom path methods interfered with Wu Yuan Ju’s and Rong Hao’s thoughts, they could not even think and speak now, they were completely defenseless.

When Gu Immortals manipulate Gu worms, thoughts were needed, their body actions also needed thoughts to act.

Purple Mountain True Monarch directly interfered with their thoughts, controlling them from this aspect, these two rank six Gu Immortals had no way of resisting him.

Easily controlling the situation, Purple Mountain True Monarch looked at the blood tide pit and smiled.

Next, his rank eight aura burst out, in the blink of an eye, it engulfed the surroundings.

The blood tide below his feet became calmer.

After some time, Purple Mountain True Monarch opened his mouth, letting out a breath.

His breath floated into the blood tide pit, it was not eye catching, quickly devoured by the rushing blood tide, vanishing.

At this point, Purple Mountain True Monarch turned around, looking afar and saying: “Your turn.”

Light in seven colors appeared as a voice said in a trembling tone: “You are a rank eight great expert! With your strength, you can move unhindered in Southern Border, why must you find trouble with a minor character like me?”

“I have my own plans. You have to pay for what you owe. When you inherited Seven Illusions true inheritance, you should have expected this day.” Purple Mountain True Monarch said.

“But the inheritors before me have never received any orders. Why me?” The mysterious Gu Immortal covered in rainbow lights said in a reluctant tone.

Purple Mountain True Monarch sighed, looking at Heavenly Court: “Maybe this is your fate. Alright, use Qiao Zhi Cai’s method to kill this person.”

Wu Yuan Ju and Rong Hao were still dazed, unable to move.

Purple Mountain True Monarch captured these two alive, but he still wanted the mysterious Gu Immortal to kill them.

The mysterious Gu Immortal did not dare to disobey Purple Mountain True Monarch, he used his profound light, as it transformed and landed on these two Wu clan Gu Immortals, destroying their souls, and even their bodies turning into wooden statues.

Purple Mountain True Monarch released control on them, as these two statues fell into the blood tide.

“Let’s go.” Purple Mountain True Monarch said plainly.

How could the mysterious Gu Immortal defy Purple Mountain True Monarch? Even if he was not a rank eight great expert, with just the information path alliance agreement in the true inheritance, it could restrict the mysterious Gu Immortal.

Both of them left as quickly as they came.

Of course, Purple Mountain True Monarch did not forget to clean up his traces in the battlefield.

A moment later, intense winds blew in the air, countless clouds were scattered, clear skies could be seen everywhere.

A grand and vast rank eight aura enveloped the area.

Wu Yong’s expression was of rage, his eyes were slightly red as he descended.

Who was it?

Who had killed them?!

Wu Yi Ran died earlier, and now, Wu Yuan Ju and Rong Hao were dead. Because of life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu, Wu clan received news almost immediately.

Wu Yong was enraged, he decided to go out himself.

Wu clan lost three Gu Immortals at once, one rank seven and two rank sixes, the losses was tremendous, Wu Yong felt both loss and anger.

He wants to see who it was that could step past this bottom line and anger Wu clan!

But next, after seeing Wu Yuan Ju’s and Rong Hao’s corpses, Wu Yong was stunned.

“Wooden statue murder?” His pupils shrunk to pin size: “Qiao Zhi Cai?”

A moment later, Qiao clan Gu Immortal Qiao Zhi Cai rushed to the scene.

Blood tide pit had been suppressed, the ground was completely covered in blood, and there were also two Wu clan Gu Immortal corpses.

“Qiao clan first supreme elder, what do you have to say?” Wu Yong had a calm expression, his tone was very plain.

But the calmer he was, the more fearful Qiao Zhi Cai was.

He was Qiao clan’s first supreme elder, his signature immortal killer move was wooden statue murder, if any ordinary Gu Immortal was hit by this, their souls would crumble and disperse, they would lose their life, their bodies would turn into wood, and the remaining life force could be used to grow trees.

Ignoring the cold sweat on his forehead, Qiao Zhi Cai explained: “Lord Wu Yong, please listen, I did not do this, someone is trying to frame me. Qiao clan and Wu clan have a long relationship, we are closely related…”

Before Qiao Zhi Cai finished his words, Wu Yong interrupted him.

His eyes were shining, he stared at Qiao Zhi Cai: “Of course I am willing to trust you. Qiao clan and Wu clan, we have marriage connections, we are in an alliance, how can our relationship be ruined by this?”

Qiao Zhi Cai let out a breath of air, bowing deeply: “Lord Wu Yong is wise!”

Wu Yong continued: “If someone is trying to frame you, this is way too obvious. Who is it? What motives do they have? What plans do they have next? This is what I am concerned about. Wait a while, I have already invited Tie clan Gu Immortal Tie Mian Shen!”

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