Chapter 858 The Old Generals Who Could Stop a Child from Crying

As such, in the end, despite rushing over and drenching most of her clothing, Qiao Zijin could only return home empty-handed.

Just as Qiao Zijin left, news that she came had reached Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng had longed guessed that Qiao Zijin was the kind of person that would refuse to give up. In normal times, she could not bear to see Qiao Nan do well. When Qiao Nan was really doing well and she could rely on her to benefit from it, Qiao Zijin would definitely not let this chance slip.

Hence, Qiao Zijin was someone that Zhai Sheng paid ‘special care’ to.

If other people had come today, the guard might have to enter the house and check with them. However, once he heard that it was Qiao Zijin, the biological sister of one of the couple, the security guard held Qiao Zijin back firmly without a word.

Zhai Sheng was certain that since they were in the quad and given Qiao Zijin’s age, she would want to save some face. Hence, she would not do those shameless things that Ding Jiayi would do.

The engagement that he had been pining for was finally happening. How could Zhai Sheng let a small fry like Qiao Zijin ruin it?

“Thank you, thank you.”

As one of the hosts from the Zhai family, Zhai Hua had been busy walking in and out of the venue. She was busier than Zhai Sheng, the one who was getting engaged.

Zhai Hua was already so tied up, yet someone had to add on to her troubles.

“Hello? Haven’t I told you that my family is

very busy today? It’s not convenient for you to come.” As soon as she picked up Wei De’s phone call, Zhai Hua could feel a headache. “I’ve said this countless times. If my family accepts you, you will certainly have a place here today. But the problem is that they have not. If I let you come now… Are you trying to anger my mom or my family’s old master?”

“But I’m your boyfriend. Haven’t we been dating for many years? You can’t possibly hide me away all the time, right?” Wei De was anxious. Those who were going to the Zhai family today were mostly prominent figures with brains and status. There would be old chiefs. If not, they would also be former comrades of Old Master Zhai, who held atypical statuses.

In fact, until today, Wei De still held the dream of returning to the army as a soldier and being promoted to regiment commander thereafter.


When Wei De was a child, his family situation was not good and they could not afford to enroll him in college studies. Wei De was also very passionate about being a soldier. Hence, he joined the army immediately after he quit school.

The Zhai family did not see anything good about him. It could only mean that the Zhai family was not the lucky star that could tell and acknowledge that he was a prodigy.

The Zhai family was not his lucky star but others might be.

As long as there was a chance, he still wished to return to the army and continue to be a soldier. He did not want to do business. He had to completely listen to a few youngsters’ bidding and could not make his own decisions at all.

Wei De was completely a layman in doing business. Besides, this kind of knowledge could not be picked up all at once.

Fortunately, Zhai Hua’s childhood friend was very good to Zhai Hua. They had never plotted against Wei De. Whenever they let Wei De be involved in a business, it was guaranteed that Wei De would make a little money.

This was actually the same situation and logic whereby Wei De wanted to be a soldier in Zhai Sheng’s team so that he could follow him and pick up military achievements behind Zhai Sheng.

Someone else would do the work and Wei De just needed to pick up the fruits of the labor.

The only difference was that military achievements were what he truly desired. Now, other people were bringing him along to pick up the money. Wei De actually shunned the value of money as this was not what he wanted most.

“You know how to feel anxious now. What have you been doing previously? When I say no, it means no!” Zhai Hua was fuming with anger. “Wasn’t everything fine during my previous phone conversation with you when I was in the camp? You said that you wanted to perform well and worked hard to receive my family’s affirmation. Just a few days have passed and you have forgotten what you have said. You have not shown any results but you want to take a shortcut again?”

“…” Wei De refused to admit. “When did I think of taking a shortcut? I value our relationship and see Regiment Commander Zhai as my brother-in-law. Since my brother-in-law is getting engaged, of course I have to appear to give my blessings.”

“Since I’m so important to you, why don’t you care whether I feel happy or not? If you really want to come, fine, I won’t stop you. But I don’t have a way to let you come in. If you are capable, you can come in yourself!” Zhai Hua slammed the phone with a loud bang.

Zhai Hua was not stupid. Earlier, Wei De insisted that he wanted to fetch the old master. Today, he kicked up a fuss and insisted that he wanted to attend the banquet. How could he be coming just because of the Zhai family and her? He wanted to come because of the uncles and granduncles sitting on the few tables outside.

Precisely, as she was well aware of this, Zhai Hua felt more reluctant.

It was no wonder that her parents did not take a liking to Wei De. Even the old master was not satisfied with Wei De when he first heard about Wei De’s matter. He was too impatient on material gains.

In particular, when Wei De said that he saw Zhai Sheng as his brother-in-law, Zhai Hua nearly retorted him by asking him whether Zhai Sheng was willing to treat him the same way.



By saying that, Wei De was praising himself blatantly.

After hanging up the phone, Zhai Hua hid her anger and went out again to entertain the guests who came to give their blessings.

“Congratulations, Old Zhai. In the blink of an eye, you even have a granddaughter-in-law now. This little child is really not bad-looking.”

“She is already engaged. What little child?! Old Master Zhai felt sore. These few old friends were really bad company.

Zhai Sheng was not young anymore. It was not considered early to be married, let alone engaged. They even purposely addressed his granddaughter-in-law as a little child. It would only make his grandson seemed old. Old Master Zhai felt very disappointed.

“Hahaha, alright. Old Deng, you have been bickering with Old Zhai for life. Haven’t you had enough? It’s such a joyous occasion today. Don’t anger Old Zhai. Look at how good-looking the young lady is. If you scare her away, you can forget about drinking that cup of tea in your hands.”

Someone became the mediator.

“Don’t mind them. These former comrades of the old master are used to joking with one another in this way.” Zhai Sheng had been keeping Qiao Nan company by her side, in case Qiao Nan felt nervous.

Nevertheless, undoubtedly, Qiao Nan performed quite well. Facing the gazes of these ‘big bosses’, Qiao Nan did not avert her gaze. Instead, she looked at them in the eye graciously.

While her bright and starry eyes were blinking, her long and black eyelashes were like a pair of tiny wings. A peachy blush could be seen through that fair-skinned face of hers. Complimenting this was the red wedding dress. She looked so pretty.

Such a good-looking child was staring at them. As ‘big bosses’ who were already in their old age, how would they not like it?

Most importantly, Qiao Nan was all smiles to whoever she looked at. Some of the ‘big bosses’ had very dark and tanned faces. This was because they had fought on the battlefields before during wartime. All of them had one thing in common: they exuded a much stronger feel of a murderous aura than a typical soldier.

When a crying child heard that they were coming, the child would be so scared that they would stop crying. ‘They’ referred to these old generals.

Any young and tender children who saw these tough and burly elders would cry or run away. This was notwithstanding their own grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When one was carrying these little ones and playing with them, the old generals dared not go near them. The little ones would cry as soon as they approached.

For young, smiley, and good-looking youngsters such as Qiao Nan, even if they were able to refrain from crying when they saw the old generals, their gaze would be evasive and they would turn miserably pale. At the sight of this, the old generals would already feel bad, let alone be in a good mood.

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