Chapter 987 Rare Treasure (2)

The youth’s eyes popped out as he looked at the elixirs that had been stuffed into his arms. His legs went soft when he glanced at them.

Even though he had never seen these elixirs in real life, he had heard of them in legends.

Even the most stupid person could progress through several levels within a few days just by gulping down these elixirs.

Everyone from the Ye Family knew the value of the items that Ye Qingtang had taken out of her space ring. They all widened their eyes in disbelief.

All these items were surpassingly precious. To the Ye Family, every weapon was a top-grade divine weapon that they seldom saw in everyday life.

If even the most ordinary disciple from the Ye Family wielded it in battle, his martial skills would advance swiftly, probably by more than one level.

“Are these… premium yellow-grade weapons?”

The Great Elder looked at Ye Qingtang in shock. In Lin Town, even the half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord of the Long Family only had a superior yellow-grade weapon. He had certainly never owned a premium yellow-grade divine weapon.

However, Ye Qingtang had brought out ten weapons.

“Tang Tang… you…”

Ye Ling gaped at Ye Qingtang. He was momentarily speechless.

Only then did everyone from the Ye Family realize why Ye Qingtang had shown no interest when Dan Yifan had tried to give her his sword…

It was because Ye Qingtang had so many yellow-grade divine weapons!

“Qingtang, where… did you get these treasures?” Ye Ling spoke in a shocked tone after a moment.

Even if Ye Qingtang had only brought out just one item, it would probably incite all the martial arts cultivators in Lin Town to strive for it with all their might.

But before Ye Qingtang could explain, the Third Elder’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly said, “It is rumored that the Xuanling Sect that Eldest Young Lady is in has a mystic realm… Could it be that Eldest Young Lady has passed the test for the mystic realm and entered it to obtain a great destiny?!”

When they heard the Third Elder’s guess, everyone in the Ye Family was suddenly enlightened. It was probably as the Third Elder had said. The destinies in a sect’s mystic realm were said to be incredible. Even black-grade divine weapons existed, much less premium yellow-grade divine weapons!

“Um… something like that.” Ye Qingtang did not protest and simply went along with what the Third Elder had said.

Actually, the Third Elder was not too far off the mark. Ye Qingtang had gotten lucky at the Hundred Level of the Hell of Avicinaraka, where numerous powerful cultivators from sects had been killed or injured. It was almost the same as having obtained a destiny from a sect’s mystic realm.

“No wonder… no wonder the Eldest Young Lady could single-handedly defeat the Duan Family…” The Great Elder looked at Ye Qingtang meaningfully.

Based on Ye Qingtang’s abilities and cultivation as an outer sect disciple, it was simply out of the question for her to defeat the current Duan Family.

However, if Ye Qingtang had entered the sect’s mystic realm and obtained some great destiny and various Dharma treasures, then it was entirely possible for her to single-handedly defeat the Duan Family…

“Ai… Eldest Young Lady, although all these are divine items, the combined strength of the Long Family is just too great… The half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord is near invincible, not to mention the other Martial Qi Level Two and Three cultivators in the Long Family. I’m afraid that if the Long Family catches sight of these treasures, it will lead to the extermination of our Ye Family…” Third Elder sighed while looking at Ye Qingtang.

When they heard the Third Elder’s words, the Great Elder and a few of the senior members of the Ye Family also looked worried.

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