Everyone’s eyes fell onto that person as the crowd started to gasp.

“Murong Ni…. Isn’t that Murong Ni? Why is she together with Green Cloud Sect’s people?”

“Strange, when did she reach this place, how come we didn’t see her earlier? Was she hiding behind the tree since earlier?”

“Surely it’s not possible right? Murong Ni is the Sect Master’s daughter!”

Hearing the fluctuating discussions, Murong Ni felt her face burning up as she was embarrassed to the max.

She had not imagined that things would have developed to such a state.

Just a few days ago, she had been left behind by Murong Fei and while she was travelling and exploring the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region alone. As her ability was really just too low, she had already met with danger several times within the same day and almost lost her life!

Luckily, Fang Shaoning, who happened to pass by, had saved her.

Fang Shaoning originally didn’t want to bother about this but the desperate Murong Ni boasted that she was South Sky Region’s most incredible array talent. She indicated that she was willing to join their team, to help Green Cloud Sect’s practitioners break through the array formations in the mystic region.

Whereas the younger generation of Green Cloud Sect was indeed lacking a talented array master. That was why Murong Ni was able to smuggle into Fang Shaoning’s team, gaining their protection.

This time, on seeing the strong light from the faraway rare treasure, the entire group of them hurried over and Murong Ni was one of them among them but she had not expected that so many of Celestial Light Sect’s people were here to get hold of the treasure as well. When the disciples from both Sects met, they started fighting for no apparent reason.

Luckily she reacted in time and hid herself otherwise if anyone saw her, she would become Celestial Light Sect’s traitor.

After that, things became more and more intense. So Murong Ni totally didn’t dare to reveal herself.

She originally thought that she could hide until the end and while no one noticed her, she could slip away quietly.

Whoever knew that Fang Shaoning, in order to gain a share of the rare treasure from Li Moying’s hands, he actually sold her off without any hesitation, forcing her to appear in front of everyone.

Murong Ni was now feeling extremely melancholic.

Huang Yueli’s gaze stopped on her face for a short moment and spoke with a non-smiling smile, “Mister Fang, you really feel that…. Murong Ni is able to help decode the array formation outside the cave dwelling? Don’t forget, this array formation is left behind during ancient times and it’s not something that ordinary people can decode.”

Fang Shaoning was brimming with confidence, “Of course, Murong Ni is a third rank Array Master. You Celestial Light people should be clearer on this than me! How rare it is to have a seventeenth year old third rank Array Master, surely I need not say more on this right? If she is unable to decode this array formation, then there would be no more hope for anyone else!”

Huang Yueli gave a cold laugh in her heart as she questioned, “How do you guys want to do it then?”

Fang Shaoning thought that she had conceded and hurriedly added, “Celestial Light Sect’s ability is stronger, no doubt about it but our side is the crucial point to opening the cave dwelling! So the rare treasures in the cave dwelling should be split up into half each for both Sects!”

Huang Yueli had not even responded when the other disciples already started crying out angrily.

“Half? You still want half? Do you know what is called shameless?”

“Young Sect Master’s one finger and he will be able to crush you all to death, you still have the cheek to split the rare treasure?”

“Isn’t that so? You guys really think you’re something?? We’re telling you, forget about it!”

Fang Shaoning didn’t have a change of expression as he said, “This is a matter of benefits so surely Young Sect Master wouldn’t not think clearly right?”

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