Leng Yi Feng said, “Our two sects had always been in a cooperative relationship and we’re different from the other powerhouses’ relationship where they have open and hidden battles! With rare treasures, should we mutually discuss the distribution of it? You wanting to hold it all for yourself, what’s the difference between snatching over it?”

“Indeed, there’s no difference.”

Leng Yi Feng had not imagined that Li Moying would readily admit to it so he was stunned for a moment.

However, immediately following that, Li Moying said icily, “What can you do if I want to snatch?”

What can you do if I want to snatch??

Light fleeting words but it was sonorous.

In an instance, it made Leng Yi Feng’s face totally red as he couldn’t say a single word!

This was a real blue strong practitioner. Under absolute advantage in terms of ability, any attempts on flowery words was useless. Even if he obviously wanted to snatch and to monopolize it, who dared to say a no word?

This was just too arrogant!

But Li Moying indeed had the capital to be arrogant!

At this moment, Leng Yi Feng truly felt that although he was a direct descendant of the Leng family, and was considered as the chosen one but in front of Li Moying he was as small as a grain of sand!

Li Moying said coldly, “Bring along your Green Cloud Sect’s people and scram!”

Leng Yi Feng felt humiliated, especially in front of Huang Yueli who was the person whom he admired and to be slighted by his love rival, it made him extremely unbearable!

But Leng Yi Feng had no other choice but to self-hypnotise himself: No matter how powerful Li Moying was, how wild and arrogant he was, he could only be rampant for this short moment! After their plan succeeded, when Li Moying entered the center region, by then he’d be a dead man! Even his fiancée would be taken in by himself!

After self-hypnotising himself for a moment, Leng Yi Feng finally calmed down as he prepared to bring his men to depart.

Just at this moment, Fang Shaoning popped out by the side as he urged, “Eldest Senior Brother, we… we might not need to leave! We can still discuss this…..”

Leng Yi Feng shook his head, “Forget it, it’s impossible.”

He was the only one in Green Cloud Sect who had crossed hands with Li Moying so many times and he knew that once Li Moying decided on something, it was impossible to change his mind.

However, Fang Shaoning suddenly turned towards Li Moying as he shouted, “Young Sect Master Li, I apologize for the earlier matter that had happened but you cannot chase us away! Because without us, you can forget about entering this cave dwelling!”

Li Moying wasn’t able to reply in time but Huang Yueli had already gave a cold laugh filled with disdain.

“That’s interesting. We can’t enter this cave dwelling but you guys can?”

Fang Shaoning replied, “Miss Bai, I know you’re a certified armament master and you probably have in depth knowledge regarding mechanisms. But it’s not possible that you can’t tell that there’s not only mechanisms around the cave dwelling but also high grade array formation! You need the coordination of an array master before you can enter the cave!”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose, “Array skills? So what about that? Did you think that a mere array can stop me?”

Fang Shaoning’s face suddenly showed a meaningful smile.

“Miss Bai, did you think that you’ve brought along a talented array master along so there’s nothing to fear? Such a pity because you’re wrong! The only person who can decode the array in your Celestial Light Sect is already in our Green Cloud Sect’s team!”

Huang Yueli went into a blank, “What do you mean?”

Fang Shaoning shouted to the back, “Alright, stop hiding, you don’t have anywhere to hide now anyway!”

A figure nudged out from the tree behind shaking with fear and trepidation.

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