Perfect World - Chapter 1889
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Chapter 1889 - Heading Out

The glorious Immortal Domain guests were kicked out just like that, swept out of the entrance, yet there was nothing they could do. The five individuals’ faces were green and white.

They were supposed to return to Immortal Domain just like that? But there were people who ‘reminded’ them they had to invite Huang. If they couldn’t even do this, they would look extremely helpless.

In their eyes, this world’s spiritual essence was dried up, incredibly poverty-stricken. As long as they just emphasized that they could bring Huang into Immortal Domain a bit, he would definitely follow them.

However now, it was a completely different affair. The other party’s reaction was too calm and indifferent, not that concerned at all.

“Were we used by others, treated as tools?” One of them said with an ashen expression.

That Huang seemed to know something, not all that interested in entering Immortal Domain. It was completely different from what they imagined. In their opinion, if the creatures of this world heard them out, they would definitely be overjoyed.

It was to the extent where they believed that in order to enter Immortal Domain, the heaven warping talents of this realm would bow down, beg to follow them.

“Let’s wait. I refuse to believe he is unaffected. Let’s see just how long he wants to make things difficult for!” One of them said.

However, after several days passed, they panicked. Shi Hao didn’t pay them any attention, ridiculously calm, showing no intention of leaving.

These five great experts had no choice but to pay him another visit. This time, they lowered their stance, requesting seriously, not daring to show any more arrogance. Their words were extremely careful, asking Shi Hao to enter Immortal Domain.

“I will think about it for a bit. You all can leave first.” Shi Hao replied coldly, directly raising his cup and sending the guests out.

The five were forcefully asked to leave. They wanted to become hostile, yet didn’t dare. They didn’t stay behind, leaving Imperial Court’s giant palace with ugly expressions.

“If they were going to be like this now, why did they act like that before? It’s not like my master has to go.” The crimson dragon sneered.

The white-robed youngster and purple-haired youngster’s expressions were ugly. They wanted to take action, but they instead released light sighs. They couldn’t even win against Huang’s incarnation, if they truly acted wantonly, they might just be killed.

In the following two days, they became nervous, extremely worried. Time was becoming more and more pressing, but they still didn’t see Huang make any movements.

“We must ask you to report, we wish to meet Huang.”

They came again. This time, their stance was even lower, pleading with Zhu Lin at the entrance of the giant palace, having her report in their place.

“Don’t you all feel that Immortal Domain is set up on high, that outsiders can’t even touch that invitation card? Why are you so determined to have me ask big bro to set out now?” Zhu Lin sneered. He clearly told them that Shi Hao was currently comprehending the dao, that he didn’t have time to meet them.

The five of them began to panic. They wanted to cry, yet no tears came out.

Immortal Domain presented this type of opportunity, yet they had to take the initiative to plead someone else?

They clearly understood just how much the supreme beings of this realm wanted to enter Immortal Domain, yet they didn’t even have the chance to do so.

Huang really was different. The chance was right before him, yet he was completely unmoved, not willing to even respond to them!

Everything was completely flipped. They visited several times, asking Shi Hao to give them a response, inviting him to please enter Immortal Domain. This was already like ‘three humble visits to a thatched cottage’, doing their best to say nice things.

“Fairy, this is a Seven Apertures Exquisite Pill, after ingesting it, it will improve one’s spiritual senses, a precious divine pill even in Immortal Domain, please accept it.” Someone said quietly, quietly slipping this to Zhu Lin.

“That’s all?” Zhu Lin shot them a look of disdain, feeling like it was too little.

The five individuals were speechless. What was going on? They came to the lower realms to deliver an invitation, yet in the end, they had to beg like this. They even had to hand over a divine pill, yet it instead drew this person’s disgust. This really left them feeling too sullen.

In the past, this realm’s creatures should be the ones giving them great gifts!

It wasn’t Zhu Lin being greedy, but rather Shi Hao who secretly warned that if she could make the five of them bleed, then she should do it to the fullest extent.

“I have another one here, this divine pill is too rare, really not that many.”

“Wu, I have a Golden Body Pill, after eating it, it can make the body sturdier, have a chance of achieving the Vajra Unbreaking Body.” Another person said.

They really were bleeding greatly, because time was pressing. If they couldn’t bring Huang with them, then there really wouldn’t be any more time.

“I have to share with the others, this really isn’t all that much.” Zhu Lin made things more difficult.

These individuals almost became hostile. They could also be considered Mortal Dao experts in Immortal Domain, talented individuals, yet in the end, they were this sullen here, their stances just too low.

“Endure!” They secretly swallowed this back down.

In the end, these people pinched their nose, handing over all of the rare divine pills they had on them. Their faces were dark, not willing to pay Zhu Lin any more attention.

“My master said that you all go back first and then come back after two days. He needs to consider things for a bit.” The crimson dragon walked over, informing them.

“Two more days?!” The white-robed youngster’s eyes immediately widened when he heard this.

“There is only one day at most, please make a decision quickly!” The purple-haired youngster also began to panic.

If they knew it was like this, they really wouldn’t have acted tough with Huang. In the end, they suffered so much, begging him instead.

Shi Hao left the higher realms, heading into Yin Yang Crucifix Earth, heading to where the restricted region lord was.

He raised the same topic, telling the restricted region lord that Immortal Domain’s people were here, bringing him an invitation, switching from arrogance to deference, inviting him to enter Immortal Domain.

A long time ago, he told these things to the restricted region lord, because this was an ancient authoritative figure he could comfortably ask for guidance. Perhaps he might have some good suggestions.

In the past, the restricted region lord said that he can consider heading out.

“I’ll make a trip with you.” Today, the restricted region lord answered like this.

Shi Hao was shocked. This actually alarmed the restricted region lord into personally heading out. What did he wish to do?

The restricted region lord only had half of a snow-white skull remaining, did he still have his past might? He was actually going to accompany Shi Hao into Immortal Domain! He definitely wanted to accomplish some things.

“Merely to visit memory lane, see if I can settle some karma.”

When he heard this, Shi Hao was horrified. This type of existence was high up above in the past, unmatched in his generation. The karma he wished to settle was definitely astonishing.

“Apart from me, they also want to go, this way, it’ll be a bit more comfortable.” The white cloths purer than snow, complexion like jade restricted region lord said, pointing to the side.

There was a small altar that was less than three feet tall there. On it were three living things, respectively the crystal skull, golden arm and bleeding eyeball.

“You all want to go too?” Shi Hao was shocked.

“We don’t feel at ease, so we’ll escort you.” The crystal skull said, divine flames jumping within the eye sockets.

Shi Hao’s mind jumped. He definitely didn’t believe these three were going to protect him. They likely wanted to settle some karma too.

This type of existence was each more dangerous than the next. The great eras they touched upon were unimaginable. If they really had enemies, then it was too terrifying.

“Relax, nothing will happen.” The crystal skull said.

It had a point, at their level, they definitely wouldn’t do foolish things like throwing their lives away, they definitely had something to rely on.

Only, Shi Hao couldn’t understand it. They were already ruined, only some bones and other things left over. Could they still struggle against their past ‘old friends’?

Of course, the other possibility was that there were people in Immortal Domain who owed them favors, that it was now time to collect the debt.

“It’ll be fine as long as you have that incense stick. Store it well, don’t let others see it!” The restricted region lord said.

Shi Hao’s mind shook, knowing what he was talking about.

In the past, when the other side invaded, Shi Hao previously faced the enemy at Great Scarlet Sky Border with Great Elder Meng Tianzheng, accidentally entering a primal chaos small world.

In that place, there was a woman and an ancient coffin. She formed a restricted region, clearly stating that from then on, that realm would no longer participate in the world’s struggles.

It was rumored that she came from Immortal Domain, that she was previously an exceptional figure!

Before Meng TIanzheng and Shi Hao were asked to leave the restricted region, she previously gifted out an item, an incense stick that was less than a foot long. It had previously been lit, but it had long been extinguished.

There were some words engraved on it, two of them Immortal Ancient characters, the others he didn’t recognize. They most likely belonged to an especially powerful species.

The words he did recognize were: world eradication!

Centuries later, Shi Hao had previously brought up this matter with the restricted region lord, consulting him about this incense stick to dispel his doubts.

Back then, the restricted region lord’s expression became serious, not saying anything for a long time. In the end, he told Shi Hao he had to store it well. This incense was extremely terrifying, related to many things.

This time, the restricted region lord mentioned it again, naturally leaving Shi Hao shaken.

“When this incense stick is lit, there will be tremendous karma that will take place! As long as you properly store this incense stick, it will be the best thing to rely on in Immortal Domain, everyone needs to reconsider before reaching out their claws.” The restricted region lord said.

“How do I use it?” Shi Hao asked.

“If you find anyone unsightly, just light it before their face. Those old but not dead fellas’ old faces might just directly pale from fright!” The restricted region lord chuckled.

That day, Shi Hao brought the four old monsters with him into the higher realm’s Imperial Court. This time, he was rather agreeable, not wasting time, deciding to enter Immortal Domain with those five individuals.

The five individuals were about to go crazy. They discovered that Huang really wasn’t joking around, not just faking it, but really not treating them like anything big, not rushed at all.

They really wanted to shout out ‘ancestor, we were wrong, let’s hurry and leave’!

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. You all can go back, cultivate properly.” Shi Hao said. He had Yun Xi fix her beautiful hair, and then warned Mu Qing and the others.

An immortal gate opened. Shi Hao went on his way, following the five into Immortal Domain!

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