Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 1609
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Chapter 1609 - The Winner Takes All

"What's going on? How did he even resist it?"

The faces of both Master Wuding and the Heaven Immortal Realm experts were filled with disbelief.

Ding Tianqi's attack was clearly not ordinary, even a third-layer Heaven God would have trouble resisting it.

Besides, Qin Nan's cultivation was only in the peak Heaven God Realm.

"How did your injuries recover instantly?"

Ding Tianqi found it hard to believe what he saw.

He was the one fighting Qin Nan in the duel, thus he was well aware of the situation.

It was obvious that Qin Nan's flesh had suffered serious injuries. Even the most incredible immortal pill could not heal the injuries within an instant.

"Sky-Stride Blow!"

Qin Nan did not respond. He quickly vanished before descending from the sky like a deity and slashing at Ding Tianqi with an aura as deep as an abyss.

"So what if you have recovered? I don't believe you can recover twice!"

Ding Tianqi yelled as he summoned countless hammers spreading across the place.

Even though Qin Nan's saber intent was quite powerful, it was still too weak compared to the hammers. The saber intent was simply shattered within an instant.

Besides, the hammers continued to press forward at Qin Nan.

"Forbidden Taboo Flesh!"

In the nick of time, Qin Nan's aura rose rapidly.

If his flesh was six times weaker than Ding Tianqi before, it was only three times weaker now.

"His strength has doubled?"

Master Wuding, the Immortal Heaven Realm experts, and the crowd never expected it.

An Immortal Art capable of doubling a cultivator's strength was as rare as the hair of a phoenix. It was extremely rare to be able to find one.

"Could it be..."

Gao Yuanxian and Zhao Lijian's hearts sank.

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao's face turned pale.

He knew Qin Nan was able to double his strength, but he never thought Qin Nan was able to recover within an instant.

And now, seven hundred breaths had already passed, does this mean Qin Nan was really able to hold on for a thousand breaths?

"Qin Nan, I didn't think you will have such an impressive trick! If you can really last for a thousand breaths, not only will I not destroy your dantian, I'll give you the saber too!"

Ding Tianqi's eyes flickered with an immortal glow.

His blood was boiling like water.

Even though his mental was not complete because of the damage inflicted to his soul, he still loved to fight.

The stronger Qin Nan's capabilities and cultivation were, the more excited he would be.

"Sky-Shaking Hammer!"

Ding Tianqi uttered a roar, signaling his clones to execute a great attack simultaneously. It felt like an ancient army was charging at Qin Nan imperiously.

'Destruction Battle Flesh!"

Qin Nan's battle intent was strong like never before. He was simply using all he had.


The immortal barrier began to shudder.

The fight between Qin Nan and Ding Tianqi had escalated significantly.

Some cultivators who were standing quite far away could feel the impact, and were greatly astounded.

In addition to them, even the Heaven Immortals were totally attracted by the duel.

Time gradually passed. During the eight hundredth, nine hundredth breaths, even though Qin Nan was in a disadvantageous position, his battle intent kept on growing.

Even Ding Tianqi could not do anything to him.

"Only fifty breaths left!"

Qiu Hong rose to his feet nervously.

Xu Xianzhi's eyes too were flickering with astonishment.

"Ding Tianqi, you have to defeat him!"

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao, Gao Yuanxian, and the others grabbed their fists.

"Daluo World Jade, Wuji Immortal Quake Emperor!"

Inside the immortal barrier, Ding Tianqi's aura rose rapidly as he performed a hand seal. Following it, his clones all combined into a ray of light merging with his hammers.

A terrifying aura immediately surged across the place.

Even the rift nearby was contorted.


It was as if everything nearby had been frozen.

An ancient door had opened, from which a magnificent figure walked out and looked down at Qin Nan before swinging the hammers in his hand at Qin Nan.

The killing blow was nothing like those that were executed before. It was formless, and was aiming at Qin Nan's spirit.

If Qin Nan was unable to resist it, his soul would suffer serious injuries. He would surely lose the duel.


The hammers soon came down and landed on Qin Nan.

The great force surged into all directions like a tornado.

Those with a weaker cultivation among the crowd felt a sudden pain from their mind as if they too were caught within the impact.

"How is it? Did he defeat Qin Nan?"

Little Peng Emperor, Gao Yuanxian, and Zhao Lijian blurted out. They quickly executed their eye-technique to observe the duel.

They were familiar with how strong the attack was.

However, after what they had witnessed so far, they no longer dared to assume the outcome of the duel. They would only be convinced of the outcome when they saw it with their eyes.

In addition to them, Qiu Hong, Xu Xianzhi, and many of the Heaven Immortal Realm experts were the same too.

The Heaven Immortals were surprisingly quite intrigued by the duel, thus they were eager to learn the outcome of it.

"That felt incredible! I haven't fought such a great battle in a long time. I will give you lots of herbs for you to treat your wounds, and when your cultivation is as strong as mine, I'll challenge you to a duel again..."

Ding Tianqi said confidently.

He was incredibly confident that Qin Nan would surely lose after he executed the attack.

However, before he could finish, a human figure slowly appeared from the dust.

"It seems like I've won the duel."

Qin Nan's blood hair drifted to the wind as he spoke calmly.

The attack he just received did no harm to him at all.

Even though Ding Tianqi's god force was a lot stronger than his, considering how strong his soul and Divine Sense were, even an Earth Immortal would not have any chance to hurt him.

It was one of his greatest advantages.

" are you unharmed?"

Ding Tianqi's eyes widened. He could not believe his eyes at all.

"Qin Nan...won?"

The Heaven Immortals, the crowd of cultivators, Wan Xiao, and the others were utterly dumbfounded.

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