Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 1476
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Chapter 1476: 1476

Chapter 1476 - Conquering the Mountains to Acquire the Treasure

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"The first godly mountain belongs to our Martial Principle Sect!"

Zhuang Cidao unleashed a terrifying monarch glow as he led the other Martial Monarchs of the Martial Principle Sect to one of the godly mountains and declared its ownership .

"This godly mountain belongs to our Jade-Lake Sacred Ground!"

"The Dead Spirit Tribe has selected the third godly mountain . Anyone who dares to try and take it should not blame me for showing no mercy!"

"This . . . "

The people from different factions of the Canglan Continent yelled to claim possession of the mountains . They were threatening the others so that they would give up on competing for the mountains .

Normally, the others would be intimidated by their factions, yet since they were here on the battlefield, many people still insisted on competing with them .

Achieving the Martial Monarch Realm would make a person an authority of the Canglan Continent .

Achieving the Martial God Realm would make a person a powerhouse of the entire continent .

No one would easily give up on such a great opportunity .

"The eighth godly mountain belongs to the God Beast Forbidden Ground . We'll kill anyone who dares to come close!" Xiao Yunjue and the rest of the Monarch Beasts transformed into their actual forms and roared .

"Who do you think you are? Show me what you’ve got!"

Following an icy voice, Tang Qingshan's hair drifted in the wind as he raised his black saber and charged toward the Martial Monarchs with an outstanding murderous intent .

"The Princess wants to see what you’ve got too!"

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Princess Miao Miao's figure was encapsulated by a mystical glow . Her aura was comparable to the peak Martial Monarch Realm due to the effect of some forbidden art .

In addition to that, the ancient Martial Monarchs behind her were able to utilize the forces of the sacred trees and mystical herbs on the godly mountains .

"You . . . "

Xiao Yunjue's expression became dark . He never thought two great factions would target him when the battle had just begun . Apart from them, Gong Yang who was leading a number of Martial Monarchs were staring at his people murderously too .

Were they targeting him just because he had been talking bad about Qin Nan at the dojos?


Countless thunderous voices sounded . The entire ancient battlefield began to tremble as the Martial Monarchs fought with one another .

In the history of the Canglan Continent, a battle of such an incredible scale would only happen during the God Horoscope Contests, apart from some epic battles in the past .

"Isn't the scale of the battle . . . a bit too terrifying? Big Sister, should we sneak away when we have the chance?" 

Inside a ravine, two Heavenly Fortune Hounds with snow-white fur and eyes like beans poked their heads out to watch the fights .

"It took us great effort to come out from the Heavenly Fortune Tribe . How could we leave now? If you talk nonsense again, I guess I'll be cooking some stew tomorrow . "  

A pink skeleton said coldly .

"We're not running away . "

The two hounds shivered in fear, not daring to say another word . If they did not wake up in time, they would really be turned into stew .

In another ravine on the other side of the battlefield, the Dragon Emperor and the others were concealing their presence with a special method . They were watching the fights from afar while waiting for Qin Nan .

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A mysterious icy figure was waiting too .

Time gradually passed . The fights between the Martial Monarchs gradually escalated, as more legendary artifacts, talismans, and formations were added to the battle .

A Martial Monarch would die a horrible death almost every hundred breaths .


Meanwhile, a shocking blast took place deep inside every godly mountain, as enormous figures made of countless rocks with crimson-red glows rose from the mountains .

On top of that, the mystical flowers and sacred trees woke up from their deep sleep too, each unleashing sacred rays in all directions .

The mountain spirits were awakened by the epic battle .

"Those who trespass into the godly mountains . . . shall die!"

One of the mountain gods snapped coldly . It locked its gaze on the Martial Monarchs and threw its fist at them . The overwhelming fist intent split further into more than a hundred streams that stacked on top of one another .

The mystical herbs and sacred trees extended their branches and attacked the cultivators with a variety of saber arts, spear arts, sword arts, etc .

"God-Marveling Fist?"

"Art of Splitting Flower Swords?"

"Where did it learn that art from?"

Many astounded voices exclaimed . The Martial Monarchs immediately realized they had underestimated the mountain spirits, the mystical flowers, and the sacred trees .

The Monarch Arts they executed were quite outstanding . Some were even powerful, ancient God Arts .

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On top of that, they had fully mastered the Monarch Arts and God Arts . They were able to utilize the full potential of the attacks .

"Let's team up to kill the mountain spirits, the mystical herbs, and the sacred trees first before competing for the God Talismans!"

The Patriarchs quickly reacted and transmitted their thoughts to team up with other factions .

"You . . . "

Xiao Yunjue simply had the urge to vomit blood .

Princess Miao Miao and Tang Qingshan had no intention of stopping their attacks . In fact, their attacks had grown even fiercer .

Princess Miao Miao and the Martial Monarchs with her were the transfigurations of mystical herbs to begin with . The mystical herbs and sacred trees did not attack them . As a result, Xiao Yunjie's people were being flanked from both sides .

"Why isn't Sheng Tianjing making his move yet?"

While attacking, Zhuang Cidao and Su Qingning looked at Sheng Tianjing who was a few hundred li away .

The three had been rivals for many years . They were extremely familiar with one another . Staying low was definitely not Sheng Tianjing's usual approach .

"Se . . . seniors, Qin Nan still hasn't shown up yet . Should we keep waiting or seize control of the godly mountains?"

Sheng Tianjing took a deep breath and forced the words out of his mouth .

He had been told to obey the geniuses who had come from the Nine Heavens . However, he had no choice but to lower his status even after he was humiliated by them .

"Boring, how boring, apart from a few, these Martial Monarchs are just a bunch of idiots . "

One of the geniuses spoke disdainfully .

He completely ignored Sheng Tianjing's question .

"You're right, the cultivators of the Canglan Continent are too weak . They aren't even worthy to be my servant in the Nine Heavens . "

Another genius added scornfully .

"Forget it, we're here already . Let's get on with it . "

Their leader said calmly, "However, we're only wasting our time here waiting for that Qin Nan . Let's engage, time to teach these scum the definition of true power . "

"That sounds more like it . "

The others nodded . Wisps of terrifying aura burst out from their bodies as the ground below their feet was torn apart, creating huge cracks .

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