Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 1471
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Chapter 1471: 1471

Chapter 1471 - The Rune and the Rules

Meanwhile, at the Land of the Deceased Gods . . .

"What are you all waiting for? Hurry up and enter the Martial God Door!"

The voice of the God Beast Forbidden Ground's master echoed in the minds of Xiao Yunjue and the other beasts, "Although Qin Nan has entered the battlefield, his death is inevitable—do your best and hunt him down, that is all!"

"Remember, no matter how powerful Qin Nan's cultivation was, there's no way he can achieve the Martial God Realm . If you stumble into him, take him down . . . "

"People of the Jade-Lake Sacred Ground, listen up . . . "

Apart from a few factions, the authorities of every faction collected their thoughts and gave out their orders .

Since they started hunting in the past, they had been siding with the South-Heaven Gate, God Ranking, and Monarch Ranking . As such, they had to kill Qin Nan at all costs .

Otherwise, if Qin Nan rose abruptly, he would surely get his revenge from each one of them .  

That being said, they were willing to give the orders mainly because they had received lots of benefits . They too believed that the South-Heaven Gate and the others would stop Qin Nan from succeeding .


Xiao Yunjue, Wan Fenghun, Jiang Kongzhou, the genius Martial Monarchs, and the ancient Martial Monarchs who had been hibernating for thousands of years immediately calmed their thoughts and entered the Martial God Door .

"Qin Nan, you must achieve the Martial God Realm successfully!"

The ancient existences and the rogue cultivators gradually calmed down and clenched their fists .

On top of that, the news about everything that had happened spread to the half-God region and the Middle Continent like a storm, catching every cultivator's attention .

The battle was right on the verge of taking place .

Meanwhile, inside the Martial God Door . . .

The Seven Luminaries Flying Sword arrived at a unique place after entering through the door .

The place was covered in a white glow, with countless kinds of forces lingering in the air . In the distance stood a thick golden crystalline barrier .

The battlefield of the God Horoscope Contest was a confined space . The Martial God Door was the only way in .  

After Qin Nan and his crew barged into the place forcibly, they found themselves in front of the crystalline wall .  

If they managed to break a hole through the barrier, they would be able to enter the battlefield .

"We are not listed on the God Ranking, so this is as far as we can go . We'll be targeted by the battlefield if we go any further . The rest is up to you . "

The Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries, Martial Serendipity Pavilion, and the master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain glanced at Qin Nan and the others before returning to the sword . It quickly vanished into thin air and headed to a mysterious place .

They had other important things to attend to .


At that instant, forces of the rules of cultivation rose suddenly from all directions and surrounded Qin Nan and his crew like a giant web .

"The Spirit of the God Ranking is making its move . "

The Dragon Emperor, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, and the rest of the Martial Monarchs wore stern expressions .

Since they were Martial Monarchs and were listed on the God Ranking, they were qualified to participate in the God Horoscope Contest .

"That old guy still hasn't given up!"

Sima Kong and Longhu were startled . They subconsciously stood behind Qin Nan .  

"Let's head inside now . "

Qin Nan's left eye was engulfed in a blue-golden flame . He immediately swung the Heaven-Shattering Saber and shattered the barrier constructed from the rules of cultivation .  

Although the rules of cultivation were rather formidable, the Spirit of the God Ranking's Spirit only had control over a small portion, thus the force it could utilize was not as overwhelming .

"Qin Nan, don't you dare enter the battlefield!"

The icy voice of the God Ranking appeared above them .

The forces of the rules of cultivation grew stronger and transformed into towering ancient trees that were rooted around the place with colorful flowers blossoming on them and emitted sacred glows .

"Sky-Desolating Saber Art!"

Qin Nan immediately realized the extraordinariness of the flowers . He sprang forward and slashed the flowers into pieces .

"It's a trap!"

Qin Nan unleashed wisps of Destruction Will that encapsulating the others without hesitation .

The flowers were only a bait .

The real danger lay in the light dots .

"It's too late!"

The Spirit of the God Ranking said coldly . Countless light dots immediately gathered and turned into an invisible seal that entered Qin Nan's body at a shocking pace .


Qin Nan's figure shuddered .

At that instant, it was as if he had turned into the entire God Horoscope Contest's enemy . He was greatly suppressed and his body suddenly felt extremely heavy .  

The Spirit of the God Ranking was aware of Qin Nan's extraordinary strength, and on top of that, he also possessed the Heaven-Shattering Saber . As such, the South-Heaven Gate, Monarch Ranking, and God Ranking had modified the rules, so anyone with the surname Qin would be denied the Tribulation .

As such, even though they could not hurt Qin Nan, they could control the entire battlefield to reject him .

If Qin Nan had trouble entering the battlefield, they could use other methods to expel him .

"Alliance Leader!"

Many Martial Monarchs and Martial Progenitors were startled .

"I'm fine . Seniors, you two should lead them into the battlefield first . "

Qin Nan swiftly transmitted his thoughts .

"But . . . "

The Dragon Emperor and Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast wanted to say something .

"Don't worry about me, I can resolve it myself . If you two stay any longer, you'll be targeted by the Spirit of the God Ranking too . "

Qin Nan wore a stern expression .

The blue-golden rune in his body had no problem handling the seal .

However, if Dragon Emperor and the others fell victim to the seal too, he did not have the confidence to overcome the seal for them .

"Got it!"

The Dragon Emperor and Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast led the crowd and proceeded forward .

As Qin Nan thought, the Spirit of the God Ranking did not utilize the rules of cultivation to target the others . They continued to focus on suppressing him .

"Activate the rune!"

Qin Nan activated the blue-golden seal while making his move .

The rune inside Qin Nan's body began to shudder as if it was being burned . It slowly broke into pieces .


Qin Nan was startled all of a sudden .

For some reason, he just experienced a strange feeling, as if someone was summoning the rune deep inside the glow .

"This place is the outskirt of the God Horoscope Contest's battlefield . Apart from the crystalline barrier, there shouldn't be anything nearby . . . "

Qin Nan murmured when he recalled something .

When he had participated in the Monarch Horoscope Contest, he had wanted to use the Heaven-Shattering Saber to destroy a few palaces, yet the Monarch Envoy had immediately stopped him .

The Monarch Envoy had surprisingly given him benefits just to convince him to stop destroying the palaces . . .

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