Qiao Jin didn’t understand why she wanted to do that but he took the spatial bag and turned around, calling for some youngsters to retrieve some wood from the kitchen as he raised a fire in the courtyard directly.

“We gave Blue Dragon Mercenary Group fifty four pieces right.” Ye Qing Luo suddenly opened her mouth as she reminded Qiao Jin, “Before you burn it, do a count to see how many pieces are there.”

These clothes were indeed her who asked Xi Jue to bring back.

Even those uniforms on the corpses at the magic forest, Ye Qing Luo also asked Xi Jue to collect it back.

They should collect back the same number of uniforms that they had issued to Ji Cang Tian.

Based on Ji Cang Tian’s character, after they returned to their own camp, on seeing what a sorry state they were in and on seeing those thirty over members return and the uniforms which they were wearing, he would recall the humiliation that they received in the magic forest.

He would definitely fly into a rage.

He would make all of them take off the clothing and throw it out so that he wouldn’t feel frustrated on seeing it.

Ye Qing Luo would never give them the chance to hurt The World group.

If one piece of uniform was used properly, it might possibly cause a huge adverse effect on The World group.

Ye Qing Luo wanted to cut off all the possibilities.

Qiao Jin seemed to have understood something as he laughed heartily, “You’re so meticulous, burn! Burn all these clothes away!”

On the contrary, for the entire upcoming one month, they will not be able to wear their specialised uniform.

They had plenty of time to order a new batch of uniform and the material, enchantment and gravity belts had to be recreated meticulously once again.

These were previously agreed upon by Yan Xiao Yi and the tailor so the minute one month was up, they just needed to collect it from the tailor.

A moment later, fire was started in the courtyard and pieces of uniform were thrown into the flames.

“A total of fifty four pieces, not more not less.” Qiao Jin burned the clothes while reporting the figures to Ye Qing Luo.

She nodded as her heart which was strung up was finally loosened.

“Starting a fire so early in the courtyard, are you trying to burn this mansion down?” Suddenly an elderly but sonorous voice was heard coming from the end of the courtyard.

Following that an elderly man dressed in a white robe walked over with huge strides.

It looked as though he was casually walking but in a blink of an eye, he had already reached Ye Qing Luo and the others.

An expert!

This was definitely a top expert!

The youngsters all looked straight at this old man, and somehow they seemed to find him a little familiar?

Ye Qing Luo had the same feeling as well.

Frowning, she stared at the old man for quite some time and finally she opened her mouth in uncertainty, “You are…. God Thief?”

The old man’s brows lifted as he touched his white hair with glistening eyes, “After a bath, a haircut and a change of clothes, I’ve become so handsome that you guys can’t recognise me?”

It really was the elderly God Thief!

One must know that when they saved him out of Death God Castle, he was someone who hadn’t bathed in the past ten years… and his body was so dirty that it was filled with fleas and ticks…

With a black face, how was she able to recognise him?

After bringing God Thief to the mansion, Ye Qing Luo’s thoughts had all been on the dark force’s matters and with the other missions on hand, she had totally casted his matter to one side.

She had not imagined that God Thief had tidied himself up.

And not knowing just how much water had he used to make himself become so clean.

“Young lady you’re off to the academy right? Just rest your heart and go, leave the mansion and The World group to me!” God Thief patted his chest.

“…” Ye Qing Luo somehow felt that this old man wasn’t very reliable?

“Don’t think that I’ve stayed in the underground prison for ten years and am unsure about what has happened in the outside world. Just give me one month’s time and I would have no problems!” God Thief saw Ye Qing Luo’s suspicious face as he straightened his chest, speaking with confidence.