Chapter 629: Time to return to the academy

By the time Ye Qing Luo finished bandaging him, she helped Di Mo Xuan get dressed and was just about to open her mouth.

When her vision met a sleeping face.

The perfect man, no matter which angle you looked from, he was so good looking which made one want to scream out loudly.

He had unknowingly fallen into a deep sleep.

Even when she slowly shifted her body to lie down beside him, he had not woken up.

Usually he was very alert, so alert that he could even sense a gust of wind.


His injury was just too serious.

Ye Qing Luo pursed her pink lips in heartache as she propped up half of her body, leaning beside him, staring at this face.

The man in sleep had his brows tightly knotted.

Ye Qing Luo couldn’t help but stretch out her hand, gently easing the frown, lighting caressing it.

Perhaps it was because of the softness of her fingertips or perhaps it was because of the gentleness, or maybe because of the familiarity of her scent.

That tightly creased furrowed brows slowly smoothed down.

“Lil Luo’er…” A soft moan was heard from his thin lips.

Following that, her hand was accurately held in the man’s palm.

His fingers drew in tightly as though he was holding the world’s most valuable thing, tightly holding on to it.

Her heart suddenly started beating really fast.

One after another, fiercely pounding ad it felt like her heart was rising up to her throat.

A warm flow began to sweep around her heart slowly.

She clutched the hand in reverse as she slowly laid down planting a kiss on his pale thin lips.


A helpless sigh seeped out between the lips which were planted together.

The next day, Ye Qing Luo woke Di Mo Xuan up.

She rubbed her eyes and the minute she got up, she tore Di Mo Xuan’s clothes apart with the intention to check on his wound and also to help him have a change of medication but was stopped by Di Mo Xuan.

It’s time for her to go to the Academy.

Ye Qing Luo used both carrot and stick methods but wasn’t able to make Di Mo Xuan relent so she could only helplessly make him return to the Imperial Palace to recuperate.

Today she had to return to the Academy and Di Mo Xuan need not worry about her getting injured when she brought her brothers to go on experience training.

After sending Di Mo Xuan who was mounted on Little Nine away with her eyes, Ye Qing Luo returned to the mansion alone.

The youngsters had already changed into their academy uniforms and lined up neatly in the garden.

On seeing Ye Qing Luo, all of them started to tease Ye Qing Luo on the fact that she really didn’t return for an entire night.

But teasing was just teasing because they understood Ye Qing Luo’s moral character very well.

They were very clear that Ye Qing Luo and Di Mo Xuan were totally innocent.

They were also tactful in not asking about the whereabouts of Di Mo Xuan.

Amidst the laughter, everyone’s solemn mood had also lightened up.

The three days of holidays were spent in abundance.

There were ten over youngsters who had successfully promoted to another grade.

Whereas for those who had not been promoted, they obviously sensed the physique of their bodies and overall ability had a great lift.

This was the strength of continuous battle in the face of danger, continuing to upgrade their power.

“Qing Luo.” Qiao Jin walked over with a spatial bag, “Yesterday Xi Jue carried this spatial bag back and inside were full of…”

He retrieved pieces of black sports robes from the bag.

The cherry blossom pattern on the right arm sleeve which resembled a flame was especially obvious.

Weren’t those uniforms the same ones which Blue Dragon Mercenary Group had taken away yesterday?

Xi Jue must have acted upon Ye Qing Luo’s orders to bring those uniforms back.

Why did Ye Qing Luo want those uniforms?

Surely it couldn’t be…..

For them to wash and wear it again?

Not to mention that in the last experience learning, how tattered, ugly and stinky it had become.

Just the fact that the members of the Blue Dragon group had already worn it before, that alone made them not want to wear it!

“Burn it.”

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