Chapter 628: How could this man be so silly

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re injured?!” Ye Qing Luo stared at that reddened bandage as her trembling fingertip touched it.

Only before she had even touched the bandage, she withdrew her trembling hand.

Di Mo Xuan was injured.

The almighty Overlord was actually injured.

“It’s not a serious injury, no matter.” Di Mo Xuan lightly tugged his lips as he raised his hand to push back Ye Qing Luo’s fallen strands of hair, “Didn’t tell you because I’m afraid that you’d be worried.”

There was so much blood.

How could it possibly be a small injury?

If it was a small injury, it would only take a few pills to cure so how could there be so much blood?

Suddenly Ye Qing Luo thought of something.

That map.

The blood stain on the map…

Ye Qing Luo’s heart suddenly jolted, “Your injury…. was it sustained when you headed to Death God Castle to draw the map for me…”

Right, the blood stain on that map…

Ever since Di Mo Xuan charged into Death God Castle and drove Zhu Wu Xin away from her, she thought she had guessed wrongly that Di Mo Xuan wasn’t injured at all so she didn’t raise any further queries.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that she had detected the change of expression, she probably would not have known even until now!

Frustration and guilt towards Di Mo Xuan instantly arose from the pit of her heart.

She wasn’t a qualified….. lady who could stay beside Di Mo Xuan.

She had never been properly concerned about Di Mo Xuan before…

She only created endless problems for him.

The more she thought, the tighter Ye Qing Luo’s heart became.

A suffocation feeling was stuck at the back of her throat, which made her breathing irregular.

Her nose soured, so sour as though that tears started welling up in her eyes.

“No.” Di Mo Xuan replied without any hesitation, as he saw through the guilt and what Ye Qing Luo was thinking about.

His arm stretched out and brought Ye Qing Luo into his embrace, “Stop imagining wild things, I’m alright.”

His reply was resolute but it also indirectly verified that this injury…. was indeed sustained in Death God Castle.

Because of her, he had gotten injured and because of her, he had been accompanying her by her side with an injury.

Pretending that nothing was wrong with him, only afraid that she would be worried about him.

Ye Qing Luo’s eyes slowly turned red.

This man, how could he be so silly.

“Feeling your heart ache?” Di Mo Xuan’s fingers slowly caressed Ye Qing Luo’s face as his fingertips paused at the canthus of her eye, “If you can’t bear for me to be in pain then give me a kiss and I’ll not feel pain anymore.”

“You…..” At this timing, he could still act like a deadly earnest hooligan!

Ye Qing Luo stared at Di Mo Xuan as she fiercely pushed his hand aside.

Following that she retrieved medicinal pills and bandages from her Profound Phoenix Ring.

“You knew I would be worried and yet you still hid the fact that you’re injured from me!” Ye Qing Luo pursed her pink lips as her eyes were filled with anger, “Now that I found out about it, I’m even more worried alright!”

She removed Di Mo Xuan’s bandage which was soaked in blood and casually threw it aside.

Ye Qing Luo then took a serious look at Di Mo Xuan’s wound on his chest.

It was a wound caused by a sharp object.

The wound wasn’t deep but it was coincidentally very near the heart area.

Luckily Di Mo Xuan managed to evade in time and had not wounded his vitals.

Sharp object…

Ye Qing Luo’s pupils contracted as she was fully certain that Di Mo Xuan’s injury was a result of triggering the traps in Death God Castle while he was charging through the mechanisms.

Which meant….

Such an intricate map with a clear pathway heading towards the Exquisite Tower being drawn so clearly, marked with every single trap distinctly.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that he had tried every single trap, how could his drawing be so meticulous?

Di Mo Xuan’s facial contours became very gentle as the gaze he gave to Ye Qing Luo was filled with tenderness and adoration.

One was bandaging his wound while the other just kept staring at her in tenderness lovingly.

A gentle breeze caused the petals to swirl as though they were dancing.

Petals like dancing butterflies encircled the two.

Like a dream.

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