Chapter 627: Forcing herself onto him

Ye Qing Luo’s suddenly ‘thumped’.

She suddenly recalled something as the smile on her lips suddenly disappeared.

She took quick steps towards Di Mo Xuan and stretched out her arm to grab his collar, “You, come with me.”

Indeed, this tug made her obviously sensed that his body suddenly stiffened up.

Although Di Mo Xuan still maintained his smile and gentle gaze.

But…. that slight furrow was caught by Ye Qing Luo clearly.

“You all head back to the mansion to have a good rest first. Tomorrow we will return to the academy.” Ye Qing Luo turned her head towards those snickering youngsters as she was too lazy to explain to him, “I will return later at night, no need to wait for me.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t come back~ we understand!”

“Today is the last day of the holidays, keep Sir Di accompany properly!”

“Tomorrow Qing Luo still had to return to the academy so Sir Di please go easy on her!”

Ye Qing Luo, “…”

What the! She indeed had no way to establish her prestige, these youngsters weren’t afraid of her at all!

“Little Nine!”

Ye Qing Luo shouted and Little Nine’s tail shook. In an instance, the palm sized little fox turned into a huge fox.

Under the ‘understanding’ gazes of those youngsters, Ye Qing Luo’s face had turned as black as coal as she grabbed Di Mo Xuan’s hand, leaping onto Little Nine’s back.

Ye Qing Luo’s destination was that garden where Di Mo Xuan had given her the Death God Castle’s map previously.

The garden was still brightly decorated with hundreds of flowers blooming.

The air had a sweet scent which lingered around their noses.

Standing among the flowers, Di Mo Xuan’s eyes were filled with smiles.

His curvy peach blossom eyes were narrow and bewitching, “Lil Luo’er, we’re back at the same location and still just the two of us. Are you hinting me to….. do the same things as what we did that day?”

His tone was filled with joy.

Pitch black obsidian like pupils slowly grew more intense as the black ink colour started to grow.

Ye Qing Luo had not put on a lady’s lascivious pose just because of Di Mo Xuan’s teasing.

Her eyes were filled with seriousness as she grabbed Di Mo Xuan’s wrist and leaning forward, she pushed him onto the grass.

Ye Qing Luo sat on Di Mo Xuan’s abdomen as her hands started to tear at his shirt.

Di Mo Xuan grabbed hold of her tearing little hands as he placed it by his lips and gave her a kiss, “Lil Luo’er is going to force yourself onto me?”

A nefarious intonation and his narrow eyes revealed a demonic charm, which was extremely enticing.

Ye Qing Luo remained speechless as her expression sank, struggling to pull at his shirt.

“Lil Luo’er.” Di Mo Xuan’s voice suddenly became louder as the strength in his arms increased by a notch, grabbing on to her wrists, “Stop fooling around.”

“What are you hiding?” Ye Qing Luo gave a cold laugh as her beautiful eyes were filled with frost, “Shouldn’t you be happy that I’m forcing myself upon you?”

If it was usual times, Di Mo Xuan would absolutely turn from a guest to a host.

“Indeed, I am very happy.” Di Mo Xuan looked her in the eye, as he spoke seriously, “But Lil Luo’er you’re a lady. A lady’s reputation is very important. I hope that our relationship can deepen one more step on the day of the wedding night.”


Ye Qing Luo’s cold laugh intensified.

Since when had Di Mo Xuan understood what reputation meant?

He had always had it his own way, never considering how others looked at him.

Now he was talking to her about reputation?

“But, I cannot wait any longer.”

Ye Qing Luo’s wrists nimbly turned around and grabbing Di Mo Xuan’s hands, her other hand swiftly opened up his shirt.

A soft moan which cannot be softer was heard deep within Di Mo Xuan’s throat.

The minute she opened up his shift, it revealed a robust and muscular chest.


A blinding red spot on that chest pierced Ye Qing Luo’s eyes.

His chest was wrapped up in thick layers of bandage and had already been soaked by crimson blood.

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