My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 3602
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“Sorry, I can’t.”

Huo Mian swiftly rejected her.

From that moment onwards, she made up her mind.

No matter who asked her, even if it was Su Yu’s own mother, she won’t help anybody anymore about Su Yu.

Huo Mian thought that she meddled with him too much. Su Yu was an adult, not a child.

He should’ve been the one to decide who he liked and who he wanted to be with, he didn’t need outside intervention.

Huo Mian suddenly felt disgusted by her actions…

She knew that it was hard on Su Yu, but she did it anyway.

She felt very guilty…

“But Huo Mian, I saved you… You’re the kindest person ever, no? You should pay back the favor.”

Zeng Rou might’ve felt inferior and brought out the fact that she saved Huo Mian before.

That completely caught Huo Mian off guard, as she was a little taken aback.

Then, she smiled and calmly said, “Zeng Rou, I am very grateful that you saved me. I will help you within reason. As for whether Su Yu likes you, that’s his business. I cannot help.”

“You… Hearing you say that hurts me.”

“Then… Sorry, I still have a conference to attend. Rest up.”

Huo Mian and Zeng Rou’s talk didn’t go well and Huo Mian left right after.

Half an hour later.

Chen Jie knocked and entered the office.

“Mian, Zeng Rou wants to be discharged.”

“Let her be. Discharge her.”

“Mian, her leg is still in recovery. Didn’t you want to keep her for two more weeks?”

“She can decide for herself. I am a little tired and I can’t be bothered to take care of that much.”

Huo Mian’s mindset changed today.

She seemed to have realized something.

It was that for the past few years, she used the fact that Su Yu liked her to introduce women to him, even though it was hard for him.

She still did it anyway despite him not liking it.

Su Yu never let her down and always showed up.

That made Huo Mian blame herself more.

“Mian, are you okay?”

Chen Jie saw her with her head hung low. Huo Mian was rarely this pessimistic.

“Jie, am I going stupid from the pregnancy? I’m meddling in too many peoples’ business.”

“No, you’re just like you were before.”

“But I feel like my actions hurt my friend,” Huo Mian lowered her head and stared at her pen.

She couldn’t even write one word.

“Mian, are you tired? If you are, you should take a break.”

Seeing her mood swing, Chen Jie tried to comfort her.

“Mhm, I’m fine. Go do your work.”

That day, when she got off work, she was notified that Zeng Rou never checked out.

However, she got into contact with Director Wu and requested a different doctor.

Huo Mian knew she was mad.

However, she couldn’t sell out Su Yu just because Zeng Rou was angry.

After work, Huo Mian walked out and was just about to get onto the car.

She heard a car beep behind her.

She raised her head and saw Qin Chu’s car parked behind the family car.

Mr. Qin was driving an orange-yellow Ferrari. He almost never drove high-profile cars like this.

“Hey there, would you mind if I give you a ride?” Qin Chu joked.

“Hey there handsome, can you drive me for the rest of my life?” Huo Mian flirted back.

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