Martial God Asura - Chapter 4093
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At the time when the people were feeling skeptical of Chu Feng, the people outside the Starfield Variance Realm were in a complete uproar.

Being outside, they were able to see everything happening in the Purple Star Variance Realm.

What Chu Feng said was correct. The entrance and exit to the Purple Star Variance Realm had been shut.

At the beginning, they were confused as to why the entrance was shut. They thought that it was done by the Purple Star Hall.

It was only after hearing Chu Feng’s explanation that they realized that the entrance was shut because of the change that had occurred in the Purple Star Variance Realm.

They were once again conquered by Chu Feng’s performance.

His observation abilities were most definitely not something ordinary Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists could accomplish.

“That Chu Feng is simply too terrifying. Ignoring his battle power, that observational ability of his is simply something that I’ve never witnessed or heard of before.”

“Could this be the abilities of a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist with rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation?”

The people outside were crying out in alarm nonstop.

That said, Chu Feng was completely unaware of the praises from the people outside.

Even if he knew of the praises, he wouldn’t bother to pay attention to them.

Chu Feng did not have the energy to concern himself with that sort of thing.

Since he had realized the dangers of the Purple Star Variance Realm, he was naturally pondering how to resolve this dangerous situation they were in.

Else, not only would the others die, but even he would also die.


Loud rumbles sounded. Countless bolts of lightning appeared in the white clouds.

The lightning gathered together and formed a sea of lightning that surged and roared in the clouds.

The lightning bolts were enormously large. They were like giant dragons ripping through the clouds.

The lightning was emitting oppressive might. Every one of them possessed destructive powers.

One thing worthy of mentioning was the fact that all the lightning was white. Although it was very mighty, it did not seem terrifying. Instead, it appeared especially dazzling and sacred as its light flickered in the sky.

It was as if the lightning, although mighty, would not cause harm to anyone should no one provoke it.

That said, the lightning was very dangerous.

Once the lightning appeared, the people inside the Purple Star Variance Realm all turned their eyes to Chu Feng. More or less, looks of shame appeared in their eyes.

As matters stood, they had no choice but to believe in his claims.

He was correct, this place was very dangerous.

It was so dangerous that they might even lose their lives here.

The white lightning in the sky served as the best indication.

“Young hero Chu Feng, what should we do now?”

The people that were feeling skeptical toward Chu Feng all turned to seek his help.

Even though he was the youngest person here and should be a junior without any authority to speak, he was the only person who was able to see through everything here, and also the only person with the ability to lead them out of this dangerous place.

As such, even these experts of the older generation, overlords even, were considering Chu Feng as their pillar, their leader.

“Do not act rashly. Most importantly, do not touch the lightning.”

“Touching the lightning will bring forth the lightning tribulation.”

“At that time, we will no longer be able to escape. Unless there’s someone capable of withstanding the tribulation, everyone will die, and the Purple Star Variance Realm will also be destroyed,” said Chu Feng.

“The lightning will strike down at us?”

The crowd became even more scared upon hearing Chu Feng’s warning.

At the same time, they believed his words to be absolutely true, and none of them acted rashly.

“Young friend Chu Feng, is there a way to breach this dangerous formation?” asked Pang Youyang.

“Since this lightning tribulation is a grand formation, there is naturally a way to breach it.”

“Merely, this grand formation is extremely powerful. There are very few gaps I can utilize. I must carefully examine this grand formation in order to find a way to breach it.”

Chu Feng’s eyes were focused on the clouds the entire time he spoke.

The bystanders were unable to tell what was special about his eyes.

But, Chu Feng actually had his Heaven’s Eyes activated the entire time, and was examining the changes in the lightning.

“Well then, everyone, do not act rashly. Let us all listen to young friend Chu Feng’s instructions,” Pang Youyang said with a commanding tone.

Even though the people from the Purple Star Hall would not participate in matters of the Purple Star Variance Realm, this was currently an extraordinary situation where everyone would die should something go wrong.

At this sort of time, Pang Youyang had to bring forth his prestige and might to ensure a leadership role.

The crowd all approved of his words.

In fact, even if he didn’t say anything, no one would act rashly.


Right at this moment, an extremely powerful aura suddenly emerged from the terrifying lightning.

Sensing that aura, the crowd’s Star-guiding Stones actually began to tremble violently.

The crowd all turned their heads upwards. Looks of greed and yearning appeared on their faces.

There was a gathering of extremely powerful natural energies. The natural energies were so powerful that they were able to entice everyone present.

Furthermore, upon closer inspection, the crowd could see a bright body of light in the clouds above their heads.

That body of light was a humanoid-shaped silhouette.

It was that humanoid body of light that was emitting the aura capable of turning the crowd frantic.

“Could it be, that’s the legendary treasure?”

The same thought came into everyone’s minds.

They all felt that the humanoid body of light was the treasure concealed in the Purple Star Variance Realm.

At the same time as they exclaimed in admiration, their eyes also shone with light.

Had it been before, even if the legendary treasure appeared in the Purple Star Variance Realm, it would have nothing to do with them.

However, things were different now.

The Purple Star Hall had informed them that they were allowed to keep everything they obtained here before they entered. This included even that legendary treasure.

Because of that, every one of them had a chance to obtain that legendary treasure.


Suddenly, a change occurred within the lightning.

The lightning bolts crisscrossed one another and formed eight large characters in the clouds.

‘He Who Is Capable Shall Obtain The Ancient Era’s Divine Artifact!’

Due to the lightning being ever-changing, the positions of those eight large characters were moving nonstop.

But, no matter how they moved, they were still illuminating that humanoid body of light.

The lightning was actually leading the crowd to obtain that cultivation treasure.

“After all these years, you’ve finally appeared.”

“The will of heaven. This is truly the will of heaven.”

Seeing the change in the sky, the Purple Star Hall’s Supreme Elder Pang Youyang became frantic.

“Senior, you must not think about forcibly retrieving that treasure.”

“That treasure is protected by the lightning. If you are to approach it, you will trigger the lightning tribulation.”

“Not only will you die, but we will also die,” Chu Feng warned.

“The path of martial cultivation is a path against the way of heaven.”

“Which step that we take is not a step between life and death?”

“Today, such a precious treasure is before us. How could one possibly cower before it?”

After saying those words, Pang Youyang’s body shifted. He flew straight for the lightning.


Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously upon seeing this.

He was unable to stop Pang Youyang.

Since he could not stop Pang Youyang, that meant that he would not be able to prevent the tribulation lightning from striking down.


Right after Pang Youyang approached the lightning cloud, a bolt of lightning struck down.

The white lightning was like a giant white dragon. Before that lightning, Pang Youyang’s human body appeared very small and insignificant, like an ant.

Seeing the incoming lightning, Pang Youyang tried to dodge.

But the lightning was faster than him. With a loud ‘boom,’ the lightning struck Pang Youyang.

Before the lightning disappeared, Pang Youyang’s body appeared before the crowd.

Merely, the current Pang Youyang was falling from the sky like a loose kite.

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